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Welcome to "A Grandchild's Heritage © "
The objective is to develop lines to all ancestors of our grandchildren.

Anyone with photos or information to contribute is urged to contact the author.
Family members are encouraged to add any "memoirs" they may wish to write.
A CD-ROM with all of these webpages is available.
Because of the scope of this project, you may from time to time run across broken links.
Please inform the author so they can be corrected.
If you have information to supplement or correct anything I have on these pages,
please email it to me here.
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Throughout these pages, our grandchildren
Marc-Daniel, Catherine, Ryan, Vanessa, Éric, Joël, Élise-Anne, Mathieu & Rebecca
and their direct ancestors are highlighted in orange.

Family Line Surnames
Biographical, Genealogical & Historical Notes

Please note that much of the contents are not the result of my original research, but rather a compilation of information from various sources and other researchers. This is meant to be a central database and not intended to be a primary source.

Much of my recent research has been online. As many websites are quite ephemeral, I have taken the liberty of reproducing parts of a few of them to make the information available to you. I include a link to the original SOURCE. At times I have added links to or otherwise augmented the page or cut some of the unrelated material to make the data more relavent.

If anywhere on these pages I have inadvertently infringed on anyone's copyrighted material, please notify me so that I can correct the problem. I am making no commercial use of this material. This is merely an intellectual exercise. I am not a genealogist but just a hobbyist.

Family members or others wishing a CD of these webpages will only be asked to reimberse my costs for a blank CD + postage. I reserve the right to the name, "A Grandchild's Heritage © " & to my format/style of presentation of this material but of course the info/data contained on these pages is in the public domain.

Coats of Arms at the top of some pages are only decorative. Even though they are assigned to the family name, they are not intended to imply lineage as, strictly speaking, only the first sons of first sons of the recipient are permitted to bear their ancestors arms. Occasionally, individual coats of arms are shown. These are, so far as I can ascertain, historically accurate. Thanks to the various artists who make these crests available online. The only one I created is the "Barbé" coat of arms.

Navigation about the site through hyperlinks is colour coded.
Linking a person between the two pages where the name occurs, links are orange.
Linking to an internal page with extra information, either historical or biographical, links are green.
Linking to an external page with extra information, either historical, biographical or genealogical, links are blue.
Links to source lists are shown at the bottom of many pages, with symbols in red [rt1] throughout the text referring to these sources.
A LINK to an online source is given under an ancestor's name.

Symbols & short forms used in these pages:

(Older pages will have the second short form.)

¤ - bn - b - born/naissance
ß - bap - baptism/baptême
§ - m - marriage/mariage
† - d - deceased/décès
Ð - in - bur - interred/inhumée - buried
c - circa/about/vers i.e. ß c1376 = baptised about 1376
< - before/avant; i.e. ¤ <1037 = born before 1037
> - after; i.e. † >1495 = died after 1495
>< - between i.e. § 1256><1289 = married between 1256 & 1289
res - residence/where a person is known to have lived
€ - occ - occupation/livelihood
fl - flourished/living at that time/mentioned in contemporary documents
% - aka/also known as - other source gives different name
NN - Latin "Nomen Nescio" - 'name not known'
~ - no ancestry found/the end of the line
/ - used to separate info from two different sources i.e. b c1125/1127 - one source said c1125, another 1127
* - just a mark/note to myself that I have performed a certain research task

Graphics are used throughout these pages to draw attention to certain individuals.

Magna Charta
Magna Charta Surety
Roman Official
Roman Official -
Prefect, Proconsul, etc.

Family Line Surnames

Index of Names
Names are arranged by first (Christian, given) name, then surname (if one exists).
Titles such as "Sir", "Count", etc are ignored.
Small add in words such as 'of', 'de', 'von', etc. are ignored.
Words like 'ingen', 'ferch' & 'bind' meaning "daughter of";
like 'ap', & 'ibn' meaning "son of", along with the father's name that follows as well as
names with the Spanish suffix "ez" meaning "child of" are also ignored.
'Fitz' & 'Mac' meaning son or grandson of, that have become part of a surname, are used when alphabetizing.

Therefore an entry such as "Sir William Count of Perigord" is alphabetized as though it were 'William Perigord".

When all other factors are the same entries are listed by date.
William De Beauchamp b c1105
William De Beauchamp b c1130
William De Beauchamp b c1210
William De Beauchamp b 1237

The index is slowly coming along. I'm working my way back through the Dark Ages at present. Only family lines with this index line at the bottom have been indexed.


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