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A Grandchild's Heritage
Index of Names - B

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Baldwin I 'Bras de Fer' "Iron-Arm" Count of Flanders d 2 JAN 879
Barthelemy Isnard b Provence, France
Sir Bartholomew de Burghersh Lord Burghersh d 3 AUG 1355
Sir Bartholomew de Burghersh K.G., Lord Burghersh d 5 APR 1369
Beatrea de Mainwaring b c1190
Beatrice de Beauchamp b c1107
Beatrice Candavaine of Saint-Pol m <1177
Beatrice of Macon b c974
Beatrice of Montfort l'Amauri of Evereux b c1060
Beatrice de Morvois b c850
Beatrice of Savoy b 1201
Beatrice de Say
Beatrice de Vermandois Aka:Beatrix b c880
Beatrix of L�wen 11th century
Beatrix of Macon b c1160
Beatrix of Monferrat
Beatrix of Savoy d <10 May 1259
Princess Beatrix of Vienna d 16 DEC 1228
Begga of Heristal b <620 Aka: St. Begga
Begue Count of Paris d 816
Beli 1st century Deheubarth Line
Beli 1st century Gwyned Line
Beli Mawr 1st century Celts Line
Beli Mawr 1st century Deheubarth Line
Beli Mawr 1st century Gwyned Line
Belio of Carcassonne fl 812
Benedict Count of Cornouaille b <950
Benjamin Wilcox b 1725
Berengar II King of Italy d 6 AUG 966
Berengaria of Barcelona b c1113
Queen Berengaria of Castile b 1180
Berengaria de Leon b 1198/99
Dona Berenguela Gonzales De Giro b 1186
Bernard King of Italy b c797
Bernard Delpeches dit B�lair 9 December 1687
Bernard Omer B�lair
Bernard de Harcourt b 904
Bernard de Neufmarch� Baron Brecnoch II, Lord of Brecon b 1050
Bernard I Duke of Saxony d 9 FEB 1011
Bernhard II Duke of Saxony d 29 JUN 1059
Berswinde b ABT 0645
Berta b c863
Bertha of Bavaria d aft 2 Jan 966
Bertha De Braose m c1175
Bertha of Burgundy b c967/968
Bertha FitzWalter of Gloucester b c1130
Countess Bertha of Holland b c1054
Bertha of Laon b c730 Aka: Bertrada the Younger
Bertha Roberts
Bertha of Savoy b 21 SEP 1051
Bertrand I Count of Forcalquier d 1249-1250
Bethoc b Bef 1094
Bethoc of Scotland Aka: Beatrix b c984
Beverley Elizabeth Young b 24 Jan
Bile 10th century BC
Billung I b c660
Billung d 26 MAY 967
Bivin Count d' Autun of Italy & Metz b c830
Blanche de Brienne Lady of Loupeland
Blithilda Princess of Cologne
Bodegisel m c562
Bodegisel II d 588
Boleslav see also Vratislav
Boleslav I Duke of Bohemia d 13 FEB 921
Boleslav I the Cruel Duke of Bohemia d 967/15 Jul 972
Boleslaw II the Pious Duke of Bohemia d 7 FEB 999
Bonifacio Marquis of Savona d 1130
Bonifacio II of Saluzzo b c1183
Borzhivoi I> Duke of Bohemia d c895
Boso Count of La Marche d bef.968
Boso Viscount of Tuscany b c885
Boso ICount in Austrasia b c753
Boso I King of Provence d 19 Feb 0887
Boso II Count in Italy b c784
Boso II Viscount de Chastellerault d 1092
Boso III 'the Old' Count of Arles b bef 799
Bourgogne Dame de Fonenay
Bran 'the Blessed' 1st century Deheubarth Line
Bran 'the Blessed' 1st century Gwyned Line
Breogan na hEireann 10th century BC
Bretislav I Duke of Bohemia d 10 JAN 1055
Bridget Dryden b c1563
Bridgett Raleigh
Brion 5th century
Brun of Derlingau
N.N. Brunnell
Bruno Count of Braunschweig d 1010-1016
Brusse Earl of Caithness d 1031
Brychan 5th century
? of Buchau