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Place Names Beginning with G

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
Gabsnout Glenluce
Gairnbrock Kirkcolm
Gaiss Kirkcowan
Gaiss New Luce
Gaiss B. New Luce
Galdanach, N. Stoneykirk
Galdanach, O. Stoneykirk
Galdanoch Kirkcolm
Galdenoch Glenluce
Galdenoch Leswalt
Galdenoch Stoneykirk
Galdenoch Castle in ruins Leswalt
Galdenoch High Stoneykirk
Galdenoch Low Stoneykirk
Galdenoch Mill Leswalt
Galdenoch, Kraigdow of New Luce
Galdenoch, Mill of New Luce
Galdenoch, N. New Luce
Galdenoch, O. New Luce
Galenoch, Little Leswalt
Galldanoch Glenluce
Galloway House Sorbie
Gallowhill Inch
Gallowhill Leswalt
Gallowhill Penninghame
Gallows Whithorn
Gamekeeper's House Mochrum
Ganarie Glasserton
Ganoch, Little Inch
Ganoch, Mekle Glen Luce
Garachtrie Kirkmaiden
Garachty Kirkmaiden
Garchereuch Penninghame
Garcherie Leswalt
Garcherow Mochrum
Garchery Penninghame
Garchew Penninghame
Garchin Mochrum
Garchlerie Mochrum
Garchrew Mochrum
Garchrew Penninghame
Garchrie Leswalt
Garchu Penninghame
Gardiner House Mochrum
Garerie Glasserton
Garery Glasserton
Gargarie Kirkcowan
Gargaries Mochrum
Gargarry Kirkcowan
Gargary Kirkcowan
Gargrie Mochrum
Gargry Mochrum
Garheugh Mochrum
Garlarge Minnigaff
Garlichawise Kirkcolm
Garlieston Sorbie
Garlieston Bay Sorbie
Garne Point Stoneykirk
Garnellen L. New Luce
Garrarie Glasserton
Garrerie Glasserton
Garrhrew Mochrum
Garrie Stoneykirk
Garrochtree High Kirkmaiden
Garrochtree Low Kirkmaiden
Garrochtrie Kirkmaiden
Garrvellan Glenluce
Garry Stoneykirk
Garss Glenluce
Garthland Stoneykirk
Garthland Castle Stoneykirk
Garthleary Inch
Garthlerie Inch
Garuacchy Penninghame
Garuellan Glen Luce
Garuellan Port Kirkcolm
Garuellen New Luce
Garvilland Glenluce
Garwachie Penninghame
Gass Glenluce
Gass Kirkcowan
Gasse Kirkcowan
Gasshead Glenluce
Gate End Stoneykirk
Gaur, L. Mochrum
Gawin, Cars Penninghame
Gayfield Leswalt
Gennoch Glenluce
Gennoch House Glenluce
Genoch Glenluce
Genoch Inch
Genoch Little Inch
Genoch, Little Glen Luce
Genoche Glenluce
Georgarie Mochrum
George Inch
George Street Stranraer
Gerlis Minnigaff
Gerwachay Penninghame
Gibson's Close Stranraer
Gill, Loch or Blaklock Inch
Gillespie Glenluce
Gillholes Kirkinner
Gilmalxie Croft Kirkinner
Girvillan New Luce
Glaick & Knock Leswalt
Glaicke & Knock Leswalt
Glaik Leswalt
Glaik Stoneykirk
Glaik Park Stoneykirk
Glake Stoneykirk
Glalsock Fell Penninghame
Glasnick Penninghame
Glasnick, O. Penninghame
Glasnik, Nether Penninghame
Glasnock Penninghame
Glasnock, Low Penninghame
Glasnock; Patk Heron Penninghame
Glass Glenluce
Glasserton Banks Glasserton
Glasserton Gardens Glasserton
Glasserton Henhouses Glasserton
Glasserton Hill Glasserton
Glasserton House Glasserton
Glasserton Mains Glasserton
Glasserton School Glasserton
Glasserton Stables Glasserton
Glassoch Penninghame
Glassoch Lochs Penninghame
Glassock Penninghame
Glasstoun Glasserton
Glaston Glasserton
Glebe Leswalt
Glen Inch
Glen Amor Minnigaff
Glen Chamber Glenluce
Glen Mailoh Minnigaff
Glen Park Kirkcolm
Glen Querry Glenluce
Glen Street Stranraer
Glen Yerraw Minnigaff
Glenairn Glenluce
Glenbarranach Penninghame
Glenboney Inch
Glenburnie Glenluce
Glencairn New Luce
Glencard Minnigaff
Glenchalmer Glenluce
Glenchamber New Luce
Glenchappell Penninghame
Glengeordie Glenluce
Glenghyir Kirkcolm
Glengruboh Minnigaff
Glenguhan Glen Luce
Glenguitur Leswalt
Glengyer, High Kirkcolm
Glengyer, Low Kirkcolm
Glengyr Kirkcolm
Glengyre Kirkcolm
Glenhaple Penninghame
Glenhappell Inch
Glenhapple Inch
Glenhead Leswalt
Glenhead Minnigaff
Glenheid Minnigaff
Glenhie Stoneykirk
Glenhilkern Glenluce
Glenhilkern & Darnimore Glenluce
Glenhill Whithorn
Glenhoule Glenluce
Glenhowil Glen Luce
Glenhowl Glenluce
Gleniron Glenluce
Glenjary Glen Luce
Glenjorie Glenluce
Glenjorrie Glenluce
Glenjowary Glen Luce
Glenketten New Luce
Glenkirten New Luce
Glenkitten Glenluce
Glenlie Stoneykirk
Glenling Mochrum
Glenlogie Penninghame
Glenlucchack Penninghame
Glenluce Glen Luce
Glenluchak Penninghame
Glenluggy Stoneykirk
Glenlukcock Penninghame
Glenlus Abbey Glen Luce
Glenluz K. Glen Luce
Glenlyng, Nether Mochrum
Glennhapple Penninghame
Glenrassie Penninghame
Glenrazey Penninghame
Glenrazie Penninghame
Glenrazie Fell Penninghame
Glenridder Penninghame
Glenruther Penninghame
Glenruthu Penninghame
Glenshaloh Minnigaff
Glenshamber Glenluce
Glenside Kirkcolm
Glenstockadale Leswalt
Glenstockdale, Head of Leswalt
Glenstockdale, Nether Leswalt
Glenstockdale, Upper Leswalt
Glenstocketell Leswalt
Glenstokkadel N. Leswalt
Glenstokkadell O. Leswalt
Glenterr Inch
Glenterrow Inch
Glentibouys Mochrum
Glentirru Inch
Glentribbloch Stoneykirk
Glentribbloch, N. Stoneykirk
Glentriploch Mochrum
Glentriplock Mochrum
Glentriplock, North Mochrum
Glentriplock, South Mochrum
Glentrybloc Mochrum
Glentuirck Penninghame
Glentuirck Wigtown
Glenturk Wigtown
Glenturk Muir Wigtown
Glenturk Muirhead Wigtown
Glenturke Wigtown
Glenvernoch Penninghame
Glenvernoch Fell Penninghame
Glenvernock Penninghame
Glenvogie Penninghame
Glenwhan Glenluce
Glenwhilly Glenluce
Glenwhylly New Luce
Glerchapil Inch
Gleyschambrach Glen Luce
Gleys-chambrach New Luce
Glitten Glenluce
Glougston Kirkcowan
Gobdow B. Penninghame
Gorbals Penninghame
Gouk Hill Leswalt
Graige Glenluce
Graignarget, Little Mochrum
Graigoch Glenluce
Grailaw Port Patrick
Grainge Penninghame
Grainge on Cree Penninghame
Grangarry Hill Kirkcowan
Grange Inch
Grange Penninghame
Grange Gate Penninghame
Grange Gordon's Land Kirkinner
Grange of Bladenoch Penninghame
Grange of Bladenoch Penninghame
Grange of Cree Penninghame
Grange, Smithy Penninghame
Gray Hill Glenluce
Greane Kirkmaiden
Gredock Minnigaff
Greech Sorbie
Green House Mochrum
Greenan Kirkmaiden
Greenfield Leswalt
Greenvale Street Stranraer
Greinane Glasserton
Grenan Glasserton
Grenan Glen Luce
Grenan Kirkmaiden
Grenan Stoneykirk
Grenan Craigs Kirkmaiden
Grenane Glasserton
Grenedaindyn B. Stoneykirk
Grenen Glasserton
Grennan Glasserton
Grennan Glenluce
Grennan Kirkmaiden
Grennans Glasserton
Grennans Glen Luce
Grennen Glenluce
Grews Penninghame
Griech Mill Sorbie
Grinen, N. Kirkmaiden
Grinen, O. (Over ?) Kirkmaiden
Groman Glenluce
Gulline's Croft Kirkinner
Gulvennan Kirkcowan
Gulvennan Hill Kirkcowan
Gunungmow Leswalt
Gurchrew Leswalt