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Place Names Beginning with U, W, & Z

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
Ughtrimaken Portpatrick
Ulbreck Whithorn
Up. Kilfillan Glen Luce
Upper Barr Penninghame
Upper Culdonis Whithorn
Upper Gargaries Mochrum
Upper Glenhaple Penninghame
Upper Glenling Mochrum
Upper Glennhapple Penninghame
Upper Glenstockdale Leswalt
Upper Stockdale Leswalt
Upperfintilloch Penninghame
Urdachy Kirkcowan
Urle Kirkcowan
Urral Kirkcowan
Urrall Kirkcowan
Urrall Hill Kirkcowan
Urrall; Patrick Lourie (?) Kirkcowan
Valleyfield Kirkcolm
Vchiltry Penninghame
Vchiltry, Loch Penninghame
Vicarhill Glenluce
Village of Drumore Kirkmaiden
Village of Kirk of Mochrum Mochrum
Village of Lochans Inch
Vl. of Lock Mackbary Penninghame
Vrrull Kirkcowan
Vrull, Loch of Kirkcowan
Wake Mill Inch
Ward House Portpatrick
Washing house Glasserton
Waterfoot Glenluce
Waterside Glenluce
Waterside Kirkinner
Waterside Penninghame
Waterslap Kirkcolm
Wauk Mill Leswalt
Waukmill Glen Luce
Waukmill Penninghame
Waukmill Sorbie
Waukmill Stoneykirk
Waukmill Wigtown
Waulk Mill Glenluce
Waulk Mill Leswalt
Waulkmill Wigtown
Wayoch, Loch Mochrum
Weirston Kirkcolm
Weirston Leswalt
Weirstoune Leswalt
Well Cottage Kirkinner
Well House Kirkcowan
Wellhouse Kirkcolm
Wendin Leswalt
West Auchlaigh Stoneykirk
West Baldoon Mains Kirkinner
West Balscallock Kirkcolm
West Barr Mochrum
West Bishopton Whithorn
West Cairngean Kirkmaiden
West Challoch Glenluce
West Corswall Kirkcolm
West Dhuloch Kirkcolm
West Dindinnie Leswalt
West Galdenoch Stoneykirk
West Glenstockadale Leswalt
West Glenstocketell Leswalt
West Kirkbride Kirkcolm
West Kirkland Wigtown
West Kirkmabrick Stoneykirk
West Mains of Baldoon Kirkinner
West Midgrip Whithorn
West Moatloch Kirkmaiden
West Mountluck Kirkmaiden
West Muntloch Kirkmaiden
West Row Sorbie
West Row, Garlieston Sorbie
West Tarbet Kirkmaiden
Wester Craichmoore Leswalt
Wester Glenstocketell Leswalt
Westmains Kirkinner
Wet Park Glen Luce
Wh. Cairn New Luce
Whauphill Kirkinner
Wheat Mill Inch
Whillart, Isle o Mochrum
Whirlpool Stoneykirk
White Cairn Kirkcowan
White Cairn Kirkinner
White Cairn Mochrum
White Croock Glenluce
White Dyk Mochrum
White Eldrig Kirkcowan
White Loch Mochrum
Whitecairn Glenluce
Whitecroock Glenluce
Whitecrook Glen Luce
Whitedyke Mochrum
Whitefell (Whitesell) Inch
Whitefield Glenluce
Whitefields of Balcraig Glasserton
Whitehill, Mill of Sorbie
Whitehills Sorbie
Whitehorn Whithorn
Whitehorn, Ille of Whithorn
Whiteleys Inch
Whitepark Inch
Whitesell (Whitefell) Inch
Whithern Whithorn
Whitlayes Inch
Whitleys Inch
Whittorn, Vll of Whithorn
Whyt hills Sorbie
Whytcrook Glenluce
Whyteruk Glen Luce
Whythills Sorbie
Whytloch of Mertown Mochrum
Whytthills Sorbie
Wierston Leswalt
Wierstones Leswalt
Wigton Row Penninghame
Wind Mill Kirkmaiden
Wind Mill Whithorn
Windmill Kirkmaiden
Windy Lane Whithorn
Wine Cellar Sorbie
Winetrees Kirkinner
Wnne Fell of Craig Kirkcowan
Wood Wigtown
Wood Hill Kirkcowan
Wood House of Kirhoble Penninghame
Wood of Achleu Wigtown
Wood of Cree Penninghame
Wood of Dervaird Glenluce
Wood of Durvaird Glen Luce
Wood of Dyrnamay or Park of Mochrum Mochrum
Wood of Longcastell Kirkinner
Woodhill Kirkcowan
Woodside Wigtown
Wyg, M. Whithorn
Wyg, N. Sorbie
Wyg, O. Whithorn
Yarrock, Port Whithorn
Yealtoun Whithorn
Yerran Inch
Yerraw Minnigaff
Yetten Parks Sorbie
Yetton Parks Sorbie
Yettow Sorbie
Yettown Sorbie
Ynch (or Inch) Sorbie
Zetten Parks Sorbie
Zive Wigtown