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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Thomas MANSON3,360 was born on 6 Jul 1874 in Hawkesbury, Prescott County, Ontario, Canada.3,360 He died on 5 Nov 1959 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.3,360 He was buried Unknown in Bethel Cem, Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 He is reference number 25944.

Spouse: Gertrude BOYD. Thomas MANSON and Gertrude BOYD were married on 28 Sep 1904 in Severn Bridge, N. Orillia Township, Ontario, Canada.3,360 Reference Number:500910 Children were: Living MANSON, Living MANSON, Living MANSON, Living MANSON, Living MANSON, G. Keith MANSON.

Boel MANSSON4,5 was born on 28 Nov 1766 in Jufvansmala, Blekinge, Sweden.4,5 She died on 14 Mar 1859 in Sillhovda, Blekinge, Sweden.4,5

Spouse: Thore SVENSSON. Thore SVENSSON and Boel MANSSON were married on 20 Jun 1788.4,5 Children were: Maria THORSSON, Elsa THORSSON, Andreas THORSSON, Andreas THORSSON, Carl THORSSON, Anders THORSSON, Sven THORSSON, Kerstin THORSSON.

Karin MANSSON4,5 was born about 1679 in Of, Vissefjarda, Kalmar, Sweden.4,5 She is reference number PE1617.

Spouse: Gumme JONSSON. Gumme JONSSON and Karin MANSSON were married on 29 Jun 1700 in Visselfjarda, Kalmar, Sweden.4,5 Children were: Per GUMMESSON, Jon GUMMESSON, Johan GUMMESSON, GUMMESSON, GUMMESSON.

Peter MANSSON4,5 was born about 1801.4,5

Spouse: Kerstin THORSSON. Peter MANSSON and Kerstin THORSSON were married on 30 Apr 1826.4,5

Ellen MANSTON.5,93,94,377

Spouse: Robert GASCOIGNE.

Ellen MANSTON.377


Spouse: Living BOYD.

Spouse: William Edward SPARLING. Children were: Living SPARLING, Living SPARLING.

Duke Of Franks Bernard MANTEL7,25,26,28,34,115,133,136,221,299,530,531,642 was born about 718 in Austrasia, France. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] He died about 784. 2 SOUR S085410
4 TEXT Date of Import: Aug 7, 2000REFNXName Prefix:<NPFX> Duke
MPA P. 7,220 PED OF A.H.AYERS Parents: . Parents: King Of The Franks Charles DE MARTEL and Duchess Rotrude TREVES.

Spouse: Queen Of Franks Bertrada DE LAON. Duke Of Franks Bernard MANTEL and Queen Of Franks Bertrada DE LAON were married. Children were: Gondres Or THERRES.

Dreux Walter De MANTES7,70 was born about 990 in Normandy, France. He died on 1 Jul 1035 in Bithynia, Asia Minor. He was buried in Nice, Slpes-Maritimes, France. Parents: .

Spouse: Countess Vexin, Princess Goda GODGIFU. Dreux Walter De MANTES and Countess Vexin, Princess Goda GODGIFU were married in 1025 in , , England. Children were: Adela De VEXIN, Fulk De AMIENS, Ralph De Ewyas NORFOLK.

Living MANUEL.3

Spouse: James Madison RAKES.

Annora MANVERS7,380,381 was born about 1242. She died in 1314. Parents: Lord Of Holme Manvers MICHAEL.

Spouse: Henry DEPIERREPONT. Henry DEPIERREPONT and Annora MANVERS were married. Children were: Robert DEPIERREPONT.

Harriet MANVILLE.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Henry KNOX.

Eliza Bridget MANWARING4,5 was born about 1825.4,5 She is reference number SA160810s1.

Spouse: James Tillman ALLRED. James Tillman ALLRED and Eliza Bridget MANWARING were married on 23 Nov 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.4,5

Margaret MANWARING377 was born in 1460 in Of, Carincham, Cheshire, Eng.377 She was buried Between 1487-1488.377 Parents: Randle MANWARING and Margaret DAVENPORT.

Spouse: Randall GROSVENOR. Randall GROSVENOR and Margaret MANWARING were married in Of Carincham, Cheshire, Eng.377 Children were: Randall GROSVENOR, Margaret GROSVENOR.

Margaret MANWARING4,5 was born about 1830.4,5 She is reference number SA160810s2.

Spouse: James Tillman ALLRED. James Tillman ALLRED and Margaret MANWARING were married on 12 Apr 1856 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah.4,5

Randle MANWARING377 was born about 1435 in Over Peover, Carincham, Cheshire, Eng.377

Spouse: Margaret DAVENPORT. Randle MANWARING and Margaret DAVENPORT were married. Children were: Margaret MANWARING.

Solomon MANWARING2,3 was born about 1770.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 30220.

Spouse: Janet HANNAH. Solomon MANWARING and Janet HANNAH were married. Reference Number:568216

James Booker MANWILL4,5 was born about 1838.4,5 He is reference number MC100409s.

Spouse: Sarah Amanda MC CLELLAN. James Booker MANWILL and Sarah Amanda MC CLELLAN were married on 25 Feb 1863 in Payson, Utah, Utah.4,5

Mary Olivia MANWILL4,5 was born about 1853.4,5 She is reference number HA080203s1.

Spouse: Isaac Burres HATCH. Isaac Burres HATCH and Mary Olivia MANWILL were married on 14 Apr 1873 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5


Spouse: Living DIAZ. Children were: Living MANZANAREZ, Living MANZANAREZ.

Living MANZANAREZ.3 Parents: Living MANZANAREZ and Living DIAZ.

Spouse: Living SALINAS. Children were: Living SALINAS, Living SALINAS.

Living MANZANAREZ.3 Parents: Living MANZANAREZ and Living DIAZ.

Living MANZARI.3

Spouse: Living SHOCK. Children were: Living MANZARI.

Living MANZARI.3 Parents: Living MANZARI and Living SHOCK.

Living MAPLE.3

Spouse: Living HUFFMAN.

Bessie MAPLEBECK.404

Spouse: Jr. Thomas PALMER.


Spouse: Charles PALMER.

Donald Earl Of MAR3,206 was born in 1243 in Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.3,206 He died after 25 Jul 1297.3,206 He is reference number 65318. Parents: Earl Of Mar WILLIAM and Elizabeth COMYN.

Spouse: Elen Verch LLEWELYN. Donald Earl Of MAR and Elen Verch LLEWELYN were married about 1269 in Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.3,206 Reference Number:1096872

Isabel ( Matilda ) Of MAR5,128 was born about 1278 in Castle Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.5,128 She died about 1320.5,128 She is reference number 1925. Parents: Earl Of MACDONALD and Princess Of North Wales HELEN.

Spouse: Robert I The King BRUCE. Robert I The King BRUCE and Isabel ( Matilda ) Of MAR were married in 1295.5 Reference Number:2152 Children were: Princess Marjory BRUCE, David II BRUCE, Robert Of Liddesdale BRUCE, Matilda BRUCE, Neil Of Carrick Sir BRUCE, John BRUCE, Elizabeth BRUCE, Walter Of Odistoun BRUCE, Christiana Of Carrick BRUCE, Margaret BRUCE, David King Of Scotland BRUCE.

Nes De Leuchars Count Of MAR377 was born about 1107 in < Of, Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland >.377

Children were: Countess Of Mar Orabella DE LEUCHARS.

Berthold Of Bavaria MAR DE BAVARIA7,20,21 died on 16 Aug 980.20 1 _FA1
2 PLAC Acceded: 941.
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Imp ort: 14 Mar 1999
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Import: 16 Mar 199 9
2 SOUR S261374
3 NOTE Penman "Here be Dragons" p. 285, makes him brother to Gwenllian verch Rhys who m Ednyfed Fychan. But, Online db (Univ. of Hull?) I had him son of Gwenwynwyn of Powys.
2 SOUR S468232
3 PAGE line 132A pp 116 -117
4 TEXT living in 1031


Some sources sa y Count of Babenburg died 15 Sep 980. Parents: \Duke Of Bavaria\ ARNULF and Judith DE FRIULI.

Guglielmo MAR DE CEVA II7,20,82 was born about 1180 in Saluzzo-Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy.20 He died in 1219.20 Parents: .

Spouse: Daughter DE SALUZZO. Guglielmo MAR DE CEVA II and Daughter DE SALUZZO were married. Children were: Giorgio Di Ceva MAR DE CEVA CAVE.

Giorgio Di Ceva MAR DE CEVA CAVE7,20,82,258,268 died in 1268.20 Parents: Guglielmo MAR DE CEVA II and Daughter DE SALUZZO.

Spouse: Elisa DE ESTE. Children were: Leugia DE CEVA.

Brunon II Von Brunswick MAR DE SAXONY7,20,21,32,46,47,48,304 was born in 960 in Of Derlingo, Westfriesland.20,50,304 He died in 1006.20,50,304 1 BIRT
2 DATE 960
2 PLAC Germany
2 SOUR S007587
4 TEXT Date of Import: 21 Feb 1999
1 _FA1
2 PLAC Count of Brunswick.
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Import: 14 Mar 1999
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Import: 16 Mar 1999
2 SOUR S261374
1 _FA2
2 PLAC Marquis of West Friesland.
2 SOUR S011617
3 PAGE chart 1188
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Import: 14 Mar 1999
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Import: 16 Mar 1999
2 SOUR S261374Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: Ct De Brunswick\ Brunon I Of Brunswick and Hildeswinde DE CROATIE. Parents: .

Spouse: Gisele DSS OF SWABIA. Brunon II Von Brunswick MAR DE SAXONY and Gisele DSS OF SWABIA were married. Children were: Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick.

Ekbert MAR DE STADE.46,47,48

Children were: Gertrude VON EGISHEIM.

Adalbert Of Tuscany MAR DE TUSCANY.20,21

Children were: Princess Of Italy Gisela Di FRIULI.

Anna MARARETHA3,413 was born about 1700.3,413 She died WFT Est 1731-1794.3,413 She is reference number 92814.

Spouse: Kilian DOERR. Kilian DOERR and Anna MARARETHA were married WFT Est 1731-1766.3,413 Reference Number:1468427 Children were: Anna Maria DOERR.

Mary Ellen MARBLE5,94,126,127 died on 16 Apr 1928 in Binghamton, NY.5,94,126,127 She was born in Sanitaria Springs, NY.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 13462.

Spouse: John TRUESDELL. John TRUESDELL and Mary Ellen MARBLE were married in 1874.5,94,126,127 Reference Number:93456 Children were: George TRUESDELL, Alice TRUESDELL, William Stephen TRUESDELL.

George MARBURGER.138

Spouse: Ida M BARNHART.

Hannah MARBURGER3,413 was born about 1890.3,413 She died WFT Est 1921-1984.3,413 She is reference number 94092.

Spouse: Paul BAKER. Paul BAKER and Hannah MARBURGER were married WFT Est 1921-1956.3,413 Reference Number:1499251


Spouse: ANNE.

Ann MARBURY1,7,491 was born on 20 Jul 1591 in Alford Parish, Lincolnshire, England.714 She died on 20 Aug 1643 in Killed In Indian Raid, Hell Gate, Rohde Island. From the Ancestory of George W Bush (President) by William Addams Reitwiesner, comes the following interesting data.......

The famed and noted Mrs Anne Mar bury Hutchinson, emigrant, reformer, heretic, and founder of Rhode Island is d ircetly descendant from several English Monarchs and elsewhere. The most recent Monarch Mrs Hutchinson is descendant from is King Edward III of England.

Ann e was born in Alford, England, in 1591. Annes father was a deacon at Cambridge. Being educated at home, she read many of her fathers books on theology and rel igion. Much of her later independance and willingness to speak out was due to h er fathers example. Annes father spoke out earnestly about his convictions that many ordained ministers in the Church of England were unfit to guide peoples s ouls and was put in jail for one year due to his act of defiance. Anne admired her father for his defiance of traditional church principals. Her child hood w as a definite factor in the development of the strong, self-assured women she g rew up to be.

At the age of 21 she married Will Hutchinson and they eventual ly had 15 children. In 1634 the family moved to America were women at the timew ere completely repressed and disregarded for intellectual value by the churchan d people of Massachusetts. It was the accepted belief that intelligence and und erstanding was given to men, not women. Women were considered weak and were not allowed to contribute to society or speak in church. Anne started a womens clu b in the Massachusetts bay Colony and she was arrested and brought to trial bec ause it was said her meetings were disorderly. She defended herself very well w ith her knowledge of scripture to support her positions but was banished at a l ater trial. She moved to Rhode Island a remote unexplored part of America but s oon after her banishment, Anne and all but one of her family were killed in an Indian massacre on Rhode Island. The leaders of Massachusetts felt no remorse o ver their role in the deaths of those Hutchinson Family. On the contary theywer e pleased that god had exposed the sinner and that the massacre that took place was appropriatte.

Anne is buried at the Burial Mound, Hutchinson Farm, near Westchester, (present New York) there are many famous statues dedicated tothis brave lady in and arounf New York.

Anne is said to have been killed by an I ndian. Parents: Francis MARBURY and Bridget DRYDEN.

Spouse: William HUTCHINSON. William HUTCHINSON and Ann MARBURY were married on 8 Sep 1612 in St. Martin Vintry, Londom, Middlesex, Eng. Children were: Edward HUTCHINSON, Susanna HUTCHINSON, Richard HUTCHINSON, Faith HUTCHINSON, Bridget HUTCHINSON, Francis HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, William HUTCHINSON, Samuel HUTCHINSON, Anne HUTCHINSON, Mary HUTCHINSON, Katherine HUTCHINSON.

Francis MARBURY1,7 was born about 1561. Parents: .

Spouse: Bridget DRYDEN. Francis MARBURY and Bridget DRYDEN were married. Children were: Ann MARBURY.

Brenda Joyce MARBUT.19

Spouse: Monty Franklin HALL. Children were: Lisa Dianne HALL, Charolette HALL, Vicki Lynn HALL, Michael Gregory HALL.

Huybertje MARCELIS3,39 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 4865.

Spouse: Joseph YATES. Joseph YATES and Huybertje MARCELIS were married. Reference Number:93747 Children were: Johanna YATES.

Ulpia MARCELLA.213 Parents: Ulpius Trajanus TITIANUS and Domitia LONGINA.

Spouse: C S Mat PAT. Children were: L Vibius SABINUS.

Delbert Boyd MARCELLUS5,128 was born about 1896.5,128 He died on 17 Sep 1981 in Stuart, Nebraska.5,128 He is reference number 4400.

Spouse: Mary Luella COSNER. Delbert Boyd MARCELLUS and Mary Luella COSNER were married on 22 Aug 1911 in Grand Rapids, Holt Co., Nebraska.5 Reference Number:3172 Children were: Living MARCELLUS.

Living MARCELLUS.5,128 Parents: Delbert Boyd MARCELLUS and Mary Luella COSNER.

Spouse: Living HENDERSON. Children were: Living MARCELLUS, Living MARCELLUS.

Living MARCELLUS.5,128 Parents: Living MARCELLUS and Living HENDERSON.

Living MARCELLUS.5,128 Parents: Living MARCELLUS and Living HENDERSON.

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