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Items fixed or added:

09/23/13 Added photos - Kristi Cuccioli
09/23/13 Added photos - Jesscia Smith and family

09/17/13 Added photos - Ida Frischman (my great,great grandmother!)

09/17/13 Added names - Judith Ann Estrin & Family

09/17/13 Added names - Jack Zarember & Family
09/17/13 Added multiple pictures of Rothstein family
09/16/13 Added photos of Lorraine Postell
09/16/13 Added photos of Karen Cuccioli
09/16/13 Added photo of Ben and Rose Rothstein
09/16/13 Added photo of Fannie Ball

09/16/13 Added photo of Ann Ruffman

09/08/13 Added photo of Barbara Zimmerman's Jr. H.S. Graduation
09/06/13 Added Full Name Index

09/01/13 - Removed hover buttons on all pages due to Java problem.  Replaced it with hot links.
10/26/09 Added names- Barry S. Fried & family

10/21/09 Added names- Nadav, and Yoav Postell

10/20/09 Added narrative - David  Goodstein family
10/16/09 Added names - Daria & Sophie Goodstein

01/12/07 Added photos - Donna Mohn and family

01/12/07 Added photos - April Wilson (Alekna) and family
01/10/07 Added photos - Susan Parks (Serisky) and family
01/10/07 Added photos - Laurie Howie (Serisky) and family
12/31/06 Added photos - Susan Zemachov and family
12/31/06 Added photos - Audrey Zemachov and family
10/31/06 Added photos - Abe & Helen Zemachov
10/24/06 Added names - Annette Robeno's husband & children
10/23/06 Added names - Roberta Friedman's (Kaye) husband
10/21/06 Added photos - Susan Park (Serisky)and family
10/21/06 Added names - Laurie Howie (Serisky) and fam
10/20/06 Added names - Amy Sonnenreich and family
10/18/06 Added names - Leon Lombrozo & family
10/18/06 Added names - Rosalind Dichter (Lombrozo) & family
10/18/06 Added names - Audrey Miller (Zemachov) and family
10/18/06 Added names - Susan Weiser (Zemachov) family
07/23/06 Added photos from Brian's 4th Party
06/27/05 Added photos of Rose Gluberman
06/27/05 Added photos - Helene Sonenburg's Bat Mitzvah
06/27/05 Added photos Sheila and Ira Harris
06/15/05 Added photos of Barbara Zimmerman
06/15/05 Added photos of Emma&Sy Hockman
06/14/05 Added photos of Ball Family 9/63
06/14/05 Added photos of Rothstein Family 9/63
06/14/05 Added photos of Moishe&Rachel Rothstein
05/30/05 Added photos of Alon Yossef and son Gal
05/30/05 Added Gluberman Family Old Wedding Picture
05/30/05 Added Rose&Hymie Family Wedding Picture
05/30/05 Added Seymour Gluberman page
04/20/05 Added Sheila & Ira Harris page
04/20/05 Added photos of Rose Gluberman
04/20/05 Added photos of Sonenberg family
04/19/05 Started to add Hebrew to Lechno page
04/19/05 Fixed multiple errors in Frischman page
02/10/05 Fixed Lechno/Lombrozo Map page and links to it
01/19/05 Added photos of Sharon Stricker's kids
12/16/04 Added photos of Richard Newman/ Park '04
12/16/04 Added photos of Steven Serisky/Holmdel Park '04
12/16/04 Added photos of Carl Cohen family/ Park 04'
12/13/04 Added group photo of Cohen-Serisky-Denzler-Newman
12/7/04 Added group photos of Serisky family
12/6/04 Added photos of Asher Livne
12/6/04 Added photos of Shami & Shaul families (Lechno)
12/3/04 Added photos of Ori & Keren Lechno
12/3/04 Added photos of Asher & Sara Lechno
12/3/04 Added photos of Yitchak & Violet Lechno
12/3/04 Added photos of Sigal & Alon Yossef
11/30/04  Added unknown Lechno/Lombrozo pictures
11/19/04  Added old photo of Frischman & Gluberman
11/12/04 Added photos of Sonia & Ralph Leano
10/27/04 Added photos of Cohen's & Auerbach during Chanukka 2001

10/27/04 Added new photos of Isaac Guy
10/27/04 Added photos of Michael Cohen family 
10/20/04 Added photos of Jerome Sohmer

10/20/04 Added photos of Paula Small
10/18/04 Added photo of Ida Schaeffer Family
10/18/04 Added photo of Schaeffer & Fisher Family
10/18/04 Added photos of Ida Sohmer's family 
10/13/04 Added photos - Scott & Brian at McDonalds

10/13/04 Added photos - Cohen's at the park

10/13/04 Added birth of Rebecca Smoller

10/05/04 Added photos of Sonia & Max Smoller

10/01/04 Added photos of Harry & Sylvia Smoller

10/01/04 Added photos of Michael & Marcia Smoller

10/01/04 Added photos of Sylvia Smoller

09/24/04 Added photos of Morris and Ida Gluberman

09/24/04 Added photos of Aaron and Mary Gluberman

09/24/04 Added photos of Isaac Guy

09/22/04 Found lost cousin - Joan Schaeffer Rosen

09/20/04 Found lost cousin - Ilene Brandt

09/04/04 Added photos of Carl, Beth, Scott, Brian

08/31/04  Added old photos of Frischman & Gluberman

08/01/04  Added photos of Sid & Esther Cohen

08/01/04 Added photos of Goodstein family

07/08/20  Added photos Sarah & George Cohen
06/20/04 Added photos of Tytell's family

06/10/04 Updated Rothstein Tree pages
06/08/04 Found lost cousin - Susan Goodstein
06/08/04 Found lost cousin - David Goodstein

05/23/04  Added old photo of Ralph and Sonia Leano
05/14/04  Added photos of Emanuella Guy Family
05/14/04  Added photos of Auerbach family
05/14/04  Added photos of Leano family
03/26/04 Added group photo of Auerbach, Cohen & Leano family

03/24/04 Updated memories of Pearl and Leon Merzon
03/12/04 Added photos of Barbara Tytell's family

03/12/04 Added photos of Mike Tytell's family

02/27/04 Updated Sam & Ida Tytell's Tree
02/15/04 Added photos of Issac Guy 
02/15/04 Added 1927 family photo of Riva & Asher Lechno
02/15/04 Added photos of Arnold Auerbach

02/15/04 Added photos of Joseph & Maxine Leano
02/10/04 Added Memories of Pearl and Leon Merzon
02/03/04 Found lost cousin - Rochelle Robkin

01/31/04 Found lost cousins - Mark & Jennifer Sonnenreich
01/26/04 Found lost cousin - Andrew Doran
01//12/04 Found lost cousin - Michael Tytell
12/10/03 Added Index pages to most family pages
12/04/03 Found lost cousins - Charles & Tracy Rosenbach
10/27/03 Included all names on Frischman Index page
10/10/03 Updated Carl and Beth Cohen page w/ pictures
10/10/03 Updated website with Carl's new email address    
10/10/03 Updated Carl and Beth Cohen page w/ pictures
03/05/03  Added Frischman Index page

03/05/03  Found lost cousins - Marcia and Michael Smoller
02/03  Added new Smoller names to Frischman tree
02/24/03  Updated and fixes Frischman pages    
02/19/03  Updated Lombrozo tree

02/04/03 Jeiphy Kushel Page (Sonia Leano's Sister)
01/27/03 Added text history to the Lombrozo old family photo

01/27/03 Updated Lombrozo old family photo
01/24/03 Gerschburg Index

01/24/03 Multiple Gerschburg Pictures and pages    
01/21/03 Hia Kushel Page (Sonia Leano's Mother)
01/16/03 Sam Lombrozo Page                         
01/16/03 Morris Lombrozo Page                           
01/16/03 Perl Lombrozo Page                             
01/16/03 Joe Lombrozo Page                           
01/12/03 Added Lombrozo Index page
01/10/03 Added Yehuda & Miriam Page

01/10/03 Added Mary & Jack Kajai Page
01/06/03 Added Lombrozo Tree
11/14/02 -Added Lombrozo Timeline

11/13/02 -Added Lechno Timeline

10/20/02 -Added Gerschburg Timeline

10/10/02 -Added vintage pictures of the Smollers, Schaeffers and others.
09/18/02 -Added pictures of Harry Schaeffer and Gladys Shaerffer.
09/18/02 -Added pictures of Grisha and Esther Frishman.
09/18/02 -Added pictures of Sadie and Sam Schaeffer.  Fixed spelling and other errors in the Sadie and Sam tree.
09/10/02 -Added pictures of Stephanie Denzler and corrected spelling errors for the Denzler family.
09/10/02 -Added vintage picture of Sid and Esther Cohen
09/10/02 -Added pictures of Carl & Beth Cohen and Michael & Michelle Cohen with kids.
09/10/02 -Added picture of Selma, Richard and Brittany Newman.
09/10/02 -Added picture of Susan and Cory Serisky.
09/10/02 -Added pictures of Lorraine Postell and Seth & Ling Postell.
08/22/02- Added pictures from Audrey and Jonathon Schaeffer's wedding.  Most of them are in the Frischman family line. 
08/25/02- Added some vintage pictures to the Schaeffers
08/21/02- Added pictures of Brian and Scott Cohen
07/20/02- Brian Andrew Cohen was born to Carl and Beth Cohen.  His name was added to all trees.
07/17/02- Omer was born to Emmi and Ido Guy.  His name was added to the Lechno pages.
07/10/02 - Received email from Stuart Newman and Selma Newman for correction of Dylan Newman
07/10/02 - Received information  from guest book from Maxine Leano for correction of Matthew Leano.
07/10/02 - Received email from Dona Mohn for correction of  John Alexna and to add 2nd husband James Mohn.
07/10/02 - Received from NYC vitals records a copy of Mary Glubermans death certificate and on it states her mothers name as "Chai Rachael Hoffman".  Ralph Schaeffer states that her name is Ida or Chie Rachael Hoffman.
07/04/02 - Distributed Website address.


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