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Mary Ann Peddy born 1820, daughter of William & Nancy SESSOM PEDDY married in Heard Co GA, Littleton DANIEL, born Nov 8 1808 in NC.   Littleton Daniel was the son of Littleton Daniel born 1758.
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  DANIEL Immigrant

Isham DANIEL born 1812 married Katherine Peddy,daughter of William & Nancy Sessom Peddy.   Isham was the son of Littleton Daniel born 1758.   Katherine died after 1880.   Isham died 1889 in Heard Co GA and was buried at Hogansville as per "Heard Co GA, a History" by Eller.  Their Children: (1) Julie Daniel born 1841 (2) Andrew Jackson Daniel born Oct 17 1842 (3) Sophronia Daniel born 1847 (4) T. Cumi Daniel born 1851 (5) Emma Daniel born 1855 (6) Nancy "Nannie" Daniel born 1860 (7) Martha Ophelia Daniel born 1862 (8) Sallie Daniel born 1866.     All Children born in Heard Co GA.
Isham Daniel   Isham Daniel     Isham Daniel

    Benton William Daniel,born Jan 1 1815 in Chatham Co NC was the son of Littleton Daniel born 1758.   Benton married in Heard Co GA, Eunice PEDDY,daughter of William & Nancy SESSOM PEDDY.
    A son, William C "Bullis" DANIEL, born 1845, went to Texas and lived there until his parents died in TX.   His father, Benton William Daniel died 1897 and his mother, Eunice Peddy Daniel died 1896 in Hill Co TX.   William C then returned to Georgia.     Benton William Peddy was the son of Littleton Daniel born 1758.
Benton DANIEL   Benton Daniel
OBIT & Census of Isham J DANIEL born about 1836
1850 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1850 HEARD Co GA census.  
1860 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1860 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1860 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1860 HEARD Co GA census.  
      1870 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.  more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.   more Isham Daniel 1870 Heard Co.   more 1870 HEARD Co GA census.  
1930 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1930 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1930 HEARD Co GA census.   more 1930 HEARD Co GA census.    

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      Elizabeth Davis wrote her will in October 1846.   It was probated April 21 1848 in Washington Co GA.   Her will provided for her property to go to:
  (1)   Her friend, Richard Warthen in trust for her niece Elizabeth Welch, wife of Allen Welch.
  (2)   Her niece Lucinda Collins, wife of James M Collins
  (3)   Major L Collins   James Peddy
  (4)   Alexander Kneeland & Elizabeth Kneeland, the children of Elizabeth Welch  
  (5)   Elizabeth Kneeland, daughter of William Kneeland
  (6)   To her friend Enoch Gray for benefit of James Peddy, son of her niece Nancy Gray.     (In Washington Co GA Court Records Nov 4 1850 Green Brantley was charged with the tuition, education and guardianship of James Peddy, orphan of Britton Peddy, deceased.)
Green Brantley Info
  (7)   To Richard Warthen in trust for Major L Collins, son of James M Collins
  (8)   In trust for Elizabeth Tanner, daughter of Rukin Tompkins
  (9)   To her nephew Joseph L Moulton, children of Briggs Moulton
(10)   To Elizabeth Leggitt and her children.
(11)   To Nancy Pair and her children
(12)   to the Children of her brother, Wiley Hopson   (two are named, Angelina Stokes & Edward Hopson)
(13)   To Richard Warthen in trust for his daughter Hannah and her children
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Application 11856 for a marriage license August 24 1927 in Champaign Co IL for 21 year old Henry Grant Dawson of Bushnell IL and 23 year old Lucy M Partridge of Cornell IL.
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Viola DEAS born 1894 in Georgia married William Frances PEDDY.   Viola is in the 1935 Shreveport LA census. Viola died 1949.       Information  
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      Lottie DEASON born Feb 14 1910 died Aug 15 1996. She married June 4 1927 in Liberty Co FL, John Albert PEDDIE, born Dec 29 1907 died Aug 28 1986.   (This line of PEDDY changed the spelling about 1870)

      William A DEASON, 52, m, w, head, FL, same house in 1935, operator, saw mill;   Ethel (Peters) Deason, wife, 47, FL;   Wilford Deason, son, 18, FL;   Carlos Deason, son, 14, FL. . . . . . . . 1940 Liberty Co fL census ED 39-2, sheet 9 B, line 43, house 166.   (Ethel PETERS married March 27 1907 in Liberty Co FL, William A DEASON.     Wilford Monroe Deason died July 12 2013 and was buried Pleasant Hill cemetery, Bristol FL.)

      Wilford Monroe Deason of Bristol, FL died July 12 2013, age 91.   He was preceded in death by his parents, William Abram and Julia Ethel (Peters) Deason, a brother Ralph Deason, sisters Lottie Peddie, Elsie Strickland and Lessie Revell.   Survivors include his wife of 70 years, Thelma of Bristol; a son, Michael (Dale) of Bristol; two daughters, Charis Thompson (Jack) of Gainesville, Florida and Shelia Shelton (Lamar) of Altha, Florida; five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, four step-grandchildren; and a brother Carlos Deason (Ivaleen)of Quincy, Florida. Burial in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Bristol FL.

Some Peddy (Peddie) descendants in FLORIDA married DEASON.     See
Florida Info

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Willard Joe Demo first married Lois Amelia Peddy.       Lois Amelia Peddy was born Oct 15 1927 in Jefferson Co TX, daughter of Preston O'Day PEDDY and Gertrude LEICHT PEDDY.
Willard Joe Demo, Sr., 79, entered into God's eternal care at 1:20 a.m. Friday, March 4, 2005, at Hanover Hall Nursing Center, Hanover PA. He was the loving husband of Catherine D. (Greist) Demo for 10 years. Born June 10, 1925, in Eldorado, Kan., he was the son of Winona H. (Hess) Demo of Scott City, Kan., and the late Russell Demo. See Source, Published in the Evening Sun, Hanover, York Co, PA from 3/6/2005 - 3/7/2005.
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DOSS, Dause, Dauss

      Wright SMITH married Margaret DOSS / DAUSS born Nov 4 1815.     Their daughter Nancy Louise Smith (1844-1904) married 2nd, William Henry Harrison WOODRUFF. William Woodruff is a grandson of Tabitha HODGES BARTON.
      John M Smith born March 16 1853 in Henderson Co TN, son of Wright Smith and Marget Doss. John married Mary Roseann Brewer. John died Oct 16 1915 in Chester Co TN, burial Cabo Cemetery.

      R G SMITH born April 13 1857, son of Right Smith and Margarett Doss. He died July 15 1931 in Chester Co, TN, a farmer, married to Mary. Buried Sweet Lips Cemetery.
      Lee Roy Smith born March 25 1859 in TN, son of Wright Smith and Margaret Doss. Lee Married Lillie.   Lee Roy Smith died April 5 1941 Chester Co TN, widowed, buried Sweet Lips Cemetery.
1850 Henderson Co TN Census
Joel DAUSE, 33, m, farmer, TN;   Deborah Dause, 25, f, TN;   Elizabeth Dause, 9, f, TN;   James Dause, 8, m, TN;   John Dause, 6, m, TN;   William Dause, 5, m, TN;   Martha Dause, 2, f, TN;   Wright Dause, 3, m, TN.   1850 Henderson Co, TN census, Dist 5 page 143 B, house 46-46.

John DAUSE, 22, m, farming, TN;   Rebecca Dause, 19, f, TN;   Samuel Dause, 2, m, TN;   John Dause, 3/12, m, TN.   1850 Henderson Co, TN census, Dist 5 page 144, house 48-48.     (At house 50-50 is Tabatha Barton)     This John Doss is a brother to Margaret Doss Smith.

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Joseph M. DRAWHORN, m, w, 37, GA, GA, GA, farmer;   Sarah W. DRAWHORN, Wife, f, w, 28, GA, GA, GA;   Bulah F. DRAWHORN, dau 5, GA;   Adaline DRAWHORN, dau, w, 3, GA;   William H. DRAWHORN, son, 1, GA;   Mary A. PEDDY, Mother in Law, Widow, F, W 50 GA, GA , GA, at home. . . . . 1880 Bibb Co GA census, EED 10, sheet 14 B, page 83 B, Warrior Dist.

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1850 HENDERSON County, Henderson TN census, page 206 or 411, taken Nov 16 1850.   starting line 19
Stancel DUCK, 55, m, farmer, 750, NC;   Clara ey duck, 48, f, NC;   William Duck, 22, m, farmer, TN;   Chrischaney Duck, 21, f, tN;   Sarah A Duck, 19, f, TN;   Charity Duck, 15, f, TN;   Jonathan Duck, 12, m, TN;   Joseph Duck, 6 f, TN.
line 27 1850 Henderson Co continued
J. S. (John S) DUCK. 41, , farmer, 500, NC;   elizabeth Duck, 38, f, NC;   Jessie H Duck, 18, m, farmer, TN;   Winney Duck, 17, f, TN;   Burrell Duck, 15, m, TN;   Avy Duck, 12, f, TN;   Zylpha Duck, 10, f, TN;   Martha Duck, 8, f, TN;   Sarah E Duck, 5, f, TN;   Wiley Duck, 3, m, TN.
    at line 37 is Chrischaney EASON, 39, NC & family.

      Francis EASON, m, w, 37, TN, NC, NC, Cl Officer;   Sarah E Eason, f, w, 35, wife, TN, NC, TN, house wife;   John A Eason, m, w, son, 14, TN, works on farm;   Jephtha W Eason, 12, son, TN, works on farm;   Martha A Eason, f, w, 5, dau, TN;   Chrischaney DUCK Eason, Mother, w, f, 69, works in house, NC, NC, NC; house 204-211, Wiley DUCK, w, m, 33, brother in law, farmer, TN. . . . . . . 1880 HENDERSON Co, TN census, ED 63, page 23 / 430, 13 CD, house 203 - 220, taken June 18 1880.

      Wiley B DUCK, head, 52, Feb 1848, TN, NC, NC, farmer;   Madaline Duck, wife, 42, Feb 1858, TN, TN, AL, married 18 years, 3 children 1 living;   Sarah J Duck, dau, 10, Feb 1890, TN, at school;   Alice JOHNSTON, cousin, 22, Jan 1878, TN, TN, TN. . . . . . . . . 1900 CHESTER Co TN, Ed 10, sheet 10 B, line 93, house 169.
DUCK to Vassye/Vassie J Eason
Also see EASON in Allied Families - E
Jonathan DUCK (See: JONOTHAN DUCK FAMILY From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978), pp. 314-316.)
  Jonathan DUCK
Jonathan DUCK in FELLOWSHIP Cemetery   or   FELLOWSHIP Cemetery Henderson Co TN (Near Scotts Hill TN).

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Ocie O PEDDY, born July 3 1890 married Dec 16 1909 in Shelby Co TX James Willie DUKE. Ocie died Jan 12 1973. Ocie O Peddy Duke is the daughter of John Thomas Peddy, 1866 and S. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Batz.
DUKE   Ocie Peddy Duke   Restland Cemetery

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Annie Theo PEDDY was born Nov 13 1887 in Florida. She was the daughter of John Wiley Peddy and Frances Elizabeth Harris.   Annie died Jun 22 1922. She married John Emory DUSKIN, born Aug 24 1883. He died Nov 17 1966.
John Emory Duskin registered for the draft Sept 12 1919. He lived at 15 Burton Ave, Montgomery, Montgomery Co, AL. He was age 35, born Aug 24 1883. he was a white citizen. He was self employed in real estate at 6 1/2, Dexter Ave, Montgomery AL. His nearest relative was Annie Theo Duskin.
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