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      Andrew PEDDY, Jr born 1757 Halifax Co VA. Died after 1841 Chatham Co NC list of Rev War Veterans. His will was probated Aug 1848 in Chatham Co NC. Andrew PEDDY, Jr fought in a NC unit, but I know of no descendant joining the DAR through Andrew.

      Jeremiah PEDDY, Sr born 1760 VA, fought NC, died 1828 Monroe Co GA. . . DAR Members through Jeremiah PEDDY:
Hazeltine PEDDY PAXTON . . . . 1922 application . . .DAR # 181063
Gussie PEDDY DOUGLAS . . 1923-24 application . . .DAR # 195757
Katie May PEDDY CUTTINO . . 1925 application . . .DAR # 205697
Iola PARKER DIETZ . . . . . . . . . .1945 application . .. DAR #357840

June HART WESTER corrected some earlier errors about (1) Jeremiah Peddy's birthplace (2) where Jeremiah fought (3) Leviney as wife, not Louisa, with her supplemental DAR application in 1996
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PEDDY shown in various Revolutionary War Pension Records.
PEDDY     See papers of Jacob TAYLOR, pages 13 and 14 and Enoch Hunt, page 16.
Alexander George PEDDY.     See papers of James Stewart, pages 10, 12, and 17 NC.
Rosanna Peddy.     See papers of her husband, John Harrison, pages 12 and 22, Georgia.
Thomas PEDDY.     See papers of Joshua Elkins page 15.
Jeremiah PEDDY.     See Thomas Townes, pages 20 and 25 VA.
Andrew PEDDY.     See Matthew McCullers pages 29, 36, 72, 96 and 97 NH.   See James Lee page 29, NC.   See Solomon Arnold page 27, NC.   See Andrew Ramsey page 18 NC.   See Joshua Elkins page 15 and 27.   See Thomas Holland page 40 and 41 NC.   See Phillip Grane page 16, 17, 20 and 22 NC.   See Meekins Carr page 21 VA,   See Joseph Glover page 5 VA.  

    Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" BRAY
born April 3 1844 TN married Andrew Jackson PEDDY in 1869 in TN. Sallie's Revolutionary War Ancestor was Henry BRAY. Henry was born about 1742 in VA or MD. He is listed in the DAR PATRIOT INDEX as he sold corn & supplies in Chatham Co NC for the militia in 1787 and he served as a Juror in 1775 in Chatham Co NC. Henry Bray married Sarah "Sally" YOKELY about 1760 in Chatham Co NC.     See DAR 789132, 688842, 335393, 524556 and BRAY NOSTALGIA Vol 3 # 2 and "BRAYS of Fisher River" by Edna B Reece.
Also see SARAH BRAY PEDDY in allied Families - B for BRAY information.   or for: SALLIE BRAY PEDDYin PEDDY GENEALOGY.

      The children of Henry BRAY and Sarah "Sally" YOKELY were: (1) James Bray born 1763-64 in Chatham Co NC married Ann Welch. (2) William Bray born 1764 in Chatham Co NC married Margaret "Peggy" Brooks. (3) John Bray born about 1765 married H. Craven. (4) Edward Bray born 1766 in Chatham Co NC. (5) Sarah Bray born 1770 in Orange Co NC married Michael Welch. (6) Eli Bray born Feb 28 1778 in Chatham Co NC married Mary Cox.   (7) Matthias (Mathus) Bray married Isabell. (8) Henry Bray married a McClastin. (9) Mary Bray married a Lambert (10) Jesse Bray married Nancy Jones (11) Hannah Bray - not listed DAR 811103 - May have died young. (12) Solomon Bray married Hannah Craven - also see # 3, John Bray.
Henry Bray and Sally Yokely
Also see DAR 688842 & 789132

      Eli Bray born Feb 28 1778 in Chatham Co NC died Oct 19 1855 - probably in Randolph Co NC.   Eli married Sept 4 1802 Orange Co NC Mary Cox born Dec 7 1783 in Chatham Co NC.   (Some DAR show Mary Cox or Hadley. She is shown as Hadley in "Brays of Fisher River").   CHILDREN:
(1) Solomon Bray born Aug 27 1802 Chatham Co NC married Sally Brooks.   Solomon died Oct 19 1848 Chatham Co NC.
(2) Matthew Bray born 1806 NC died 1848 TN married March 21 1829 in Randolph Co NC, Nancy McDaniel, born 1812 NC. She died 1884 in Lamar Co TX.
(3) Samuel Bray born April 6 1806 in Chatham Co NC married Mary Polly Hudson.   Samuel died Jan 31 1870 Henderson Co TN (now Chester Co). Mary born April 24 1807 NC died Oct 26 1858 in TN. Buried New Friendship Cemetery, Chester Co TN.
(4) Elijah Bray born May 18 1809 in Chatham Co NC married Dec 27 1832 Miss Elizabeth Patterson of Orange Co NC.   [This source shows Elijah as a son of James Bray.   Elijah Bray ]       Page 4 of BRAY NOSTALGA Vol 2 No 1, June 1986 shows Elijah Bray as a son of James & Ann WELCH BRAY. Article submitted by Steven McDaniel, 1550 California St, Suite 6113, San Francisco CA 94109.
(5) Jermiah "Jerry" Bray born Nov 27 1812 Randolph Co NC. Died July 3 1894 Chatham Co NC. Jeremiah married 1827 Elizabeth Lane born March 1 1808 Chatham Co NC. She died May 25 1864 Siler City NC. (DAR 811103)
(6) Jane Bray married John D Brown
(7) Lydia Bray married Benjamin Marley Sept 19 1832 in Randolph Co NC.
(8) Sally Bray   (May have married James Johnson Mar 27 1827 in Randolph Co NC). And also married John A Brewer.
(9) Ruth Bray born about 1818 Chatham Co NC married William Luck May 1 1838 in Randolph Co NC.



Elizabeth "Bessie" PEDDY HOYL . dau of John Wiley Peddy . DAR # 89227 (this # is for Needham Bryan, a Patriot & soldier.   Also see DAR # 84991.
Evelyn PEDDY MARTIN . dau of John Wiley Peddy . DAR # 89228 is also for Needham BRYAN.     Needham Bryan 1725 - 1784 was a member of the Provincial Congress, a delegate to the Congress at Halifax and the Constitutional Convention, 1774. He also served as Colonel of Militia in 1775.

Alma Florence HILL PEDDY, born 1881, . wife of Cecil Harris Peddy 1879-1954 .   .   DAR # 110805 is for her ancestor, Henry Cooper 1737-1840.      
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      Joseph WOODRUFF 1751 - 1826 married Anne Lindsay. See DAR 755767 for a line through son, Thomas Woodruff.     Also see DAR # 391395.
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Edward PATEETE was born in Bedford Co VA. He volunteered in 1781 from Burke Co NC and eventually became a Revolutionary War Veteran.   In 1834 he had been in Alabama 14 years.   Edward is a POTEET, not a Peddy.

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