What's New on the Early Via Web Page?
What's New on the Early Via Web Page?
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    1870 Franklin Co. VA Census record listing James Via

24 Dec 2001

2 Dec 2001
    Halifax Personal Property Tax List 1809-20

25 Nov 2001

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   Although it may not look like much has been going on, work on the name index continues.  This is an attempt to place (or at least cross-reference) all the early Vias found by name.

5 Oct 2000
   Included numerous early deeds of Franklin Co. VA; thanks Judy!

18 Sep 2000

14 Aug 2000

16 Jul 2000 21 May 2000 31 Mar 2000 26 Mar 2000 Added lots of land tax records and deeds of Patrick Co. VA having to do with the brothers James and William Via--thanks Judy!

20 Mar 2000
It's our one year anniversary since going public!  It seems like just yesterday.  I am happy to report that I have finally caught up and processed all the backlogged emails, so if you think you've sent something in, but don't see it, let me know!

12 Mar 2000 5 Mar 2000 6 Feb 2000  Updated Gideon Via's name index listing.  Also added his Revolutionary War Pension application.

3 Feb 2000 Personal property tax list for Patrick Co. VA, 1810

30 Jan 2000 A little snow storm is great for getting backlogged submissions posted!

28 Jan 2000 20 Jan 20001850 Census records from Hanover Co.

10 Jan 2000 I'm still around--just busy!

25 Nov 1999 Thanksgiving updates! 23 Nov 1999 A coast-to-coast flight does wonders--lots of time to update pages!  Here are the recent postings: 12 Nov 1999 Added Francis Viah to the name index and a David Via of Buckingham Co. tax record from 1764.

11 Nov 1999 An abstract of another religious petition from 1785 that Judy made me aware of.  This is a fascinating piece from a human interest perspective, and shows the workings of democracy under the new Constitution.  Micajah (and maybe some of your non-Via relatives) signed this petition also.

28 Oct 1999 Finally! The Amer Via Research coordination page is online.

20 Oct 1999 Indexed William, son of Robert, born 1779; updated marriages of Patrick Co. VA; added will of William of Patrick Co.; added land tax records of Patrick Co.

19 Oct 1999 Updated records relating to Gideon and James; added index entries for Nancy and Sarah; added 1850 Census for Patrick Co. VA; added some marriages of Franklin and Patrick Cos. VA

13 Oct 1999 Added James Via, born 1782, to the index.  Also added siblings of Margaret Via of Henrico to the Family Charts page.  Added Buckingham Co. Personal Property Tax Lists 1784-1807.

8 Oct 1999 Added another Robert Via to the index.  Also added Margaret Via, sister of Gideon, William and Edmond.

5 Oct 1999 Added Hanover Co. VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1815.

1 Oct 1999 Added full text of will of Fanny Ann Via, widow of Robert Via of Hanover.
Also added some details to sources for Josias Via and Littleberry Via.

22 Sep 1999 Added records pertaining to Gideon Via, including an index entry, processioning records, personal property tax records, and a preliminary family chart.
Also added family chart for Robert (died 1788).

9 Sep 1999 After a long summer break, I'll start getting more source material uploaded.  Todays additions include:

14 Jul 1999 Began indexing records collected at this website thus far.

22 Jun 1999 Added Patrick Co. Tombstone Inscriptions

17 Jun 1999 Updated miscellaneous records for Augusta Co. (identifying William as the son of David and Frances Via).
    Updated the family chart page to add the John Via family and correct the David Via family.
    Added Augusta Co. Personal Property Tax lists.

4 Jun 1999 Updated the 1810, 1820 (added New Kent Co.) and 1830 (added Buckingham Co.) Censuses.  Thanks to [email protected] for submitting the census indexes.  If you can fill in the blanks on any of these census pages, please let me know.

21 May 1999 Added the first entry to the Overseas Vias page.

7 May 1999 Add some references to David Via from the Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia

6 May 1999 Upload 1830 and 1840 Census records for multiple counties; added TN Census records for 1850 and 1860.

28 Apr 1999 Added 1810 Nelson Co. VA Census

27 Apr 1999 Added additional deeds pertaining to David Via and the family of his wife, Frances Stringer.

16 Apr 1999 Added war records; also added the 1773 deed of William Via, Sr. and William Via, Jr.

14 Apr 1999 Additional comments from previous Via mail list submissions as to the number and identification of the various early William Vias.

24 Mar 1999 Uploaded processioning records from Hanover Co.

23 Mar 1999 Uploaded a draft of the 1820 Albemarle Co. Census.

22 Mar 1999 Thanks to Julie Crosswell ([email protected])  for providing a scan of the John Via of Albemarle Co. VA land plat from the early Surveyor's Book.

20 Mar 1999 This is our opening day online!  We hope you find some of this information useful.  If so, let us know.  If you have information to share, contact us.