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Benjamin Franklin BOYD Jr.3,645 was born on 4 Mar 1912 in Horry Co, South Carolina.3,645 He died on 28 Jun 1983.3,645 He was buried Unknown in Twin City Cemetery, Horry County, SC.3,645 He is reference number 55716. Parents: Benjamin Franklin BOYD Sr. and Nancy Idella GORE.

Spouse: Delta Lorraine SPIVEY. Benjamin Franklin BOYD Jr. and Delta Lorraine SPIVEY were married. Reference Number:961119 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Derl Defae BOYD Sr..

Benjamin Franklin Jr. BOYD3,1362,1363 was born on 10 Aug 1884 in Locksburg, Little River, AR.3,1362,1363,1364,1365 He died on 15 Oct 1951 in Aumsville, Marion, OR.3,1362,1363,1364 He was buried Unknown in Lone Oak Cem., Stayton, Marion, OR.3,1362,1363,1364 He is reference number 55027. Parents: Benjamin Franklin BOYD and Alley Elizabeth SHEPARD.

Spouse: Dora Ellin WYATT. Benjamin Franklin Jr. BOYD and Dora Ellin WYATT were married on 18 Feb 1905 in Little River Co., AR.3,1362,1363 Reference Number:950923 Children were: Mary BOYD, Henry BOYD, William Franklin BOYD, Mattie Lee BOYD.

Spouse: Fannie FISHER. Benjamin Franklin Jr. BOYD and Fannie FISHER were married on 18 Nov 1915 in Little River Co., AR.3,1362,1363 Reference Number:950934 Children were: Living BOYD.

Spouse: Daisy Elizabeth STINNETT. Benjamin Franklin Jr. BOYD and Daisy Elizabeth STINNETT were married on 17 Dec 1916 in Little River Co., AR.3,1362,1363 Reference Number:950945 Children were: Living BOYD, John Kentford BOYD, Margarite Elizabeth BOYD, George Chester BOYD, Otto Royce BOYD.

Benjamin Green BOYD3,218,345,460 was born on 23 Feb 1873.3,345,460 He died on 29 May 1924.3,206 He is reference number 77180. Parents: James Smith BOYD and Martha Locke POPLIN.

Benjamin H BOYD3,38 was born in 1880 in <, Finchford, Black Hawk, Iowa>.3 He died Unknown in , Cedar Falls, , Iowa.3 He is reference number 50471. He has Ancestral File Number SNZJ-ZD. Parents: Enoch Edward BOYD and Mary Ellen (Moll) GARNER.

Benjamin Hampton BOYD3,483 was born on 3 Feb 1881.3,483 He died on 3 Jan 1909.3,483 He is reference number 57842. Parents: Benjamin Franklin BOYD and Cynthia Susannah HOUSE.

Spouse: Temperance Ann SMITH. Benjamin Hampton BOYD and Temperance Ann SMITH were married on 9 Jul 1898.3,483 Reference Number:992016 Children were: Sam Houston BOYD, Clara BOYD, Austin Thomas BOYD.

Benjamin Harrison BOYD3,87 was born on 1 Aug 1888 in Precinct Two, Parker Co, TX.3,87 He died on 3 Dec 1929 in Weatherford, Parker Co, TX.3,87 He is reference number 46752.
!CENSUS: 9 Jun 1900 Federal Census; Precinct Two, Veal Station, sheet 134A; SD 3; ED 70; Dw\F m 71\76; ....BOYD, Benjamin Harrison, w, m, b Aug 1888, age 11, b TX, fa b MO, ma b IL, at sc hool, attended 7 months, reads and speaks
English, can't write....

!CENSUS: 8 Jan 1920 Federal Census; vol 134; ED 61; sheet 7A; line 7; 520\113\131; NOTE: .... . ; NOTE: Benj. H BOYD, boarder, m, w, age 32, single, reads and writes, b TX, fa b MO, m a b IL, lineman for the telephone company, worker.... Parents: Elliot Marion BOYD and Zelpha America DOBBS.

Benjamin Harrison BOYD3,95,633 was born on 31 Jan 1889 in Cokeville, Lincoln, WY.3 He died on 3 Apr 1950 in Piqua, Miami, OH.3 He was buried Unknown in Forest Hill Cem., Piqua, Miami, OH.3 He is reference number 57703. He has Ancestral File Number L4J4-Z3.

Source: Banner Blue Software Incorporated. CD #108 Parents: George Frederick BOYD and Violet Louise TUCKER.

Spouse: Elva Viola MCMURDY. Benjamin Harrison BOYD and Elva Viola MCMURDY were married on 19 Jul 1924 in 1388 Echo Lakedr, Piqua, Miami, OH.3 Reference Number:871036 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Benjamin Hartwell BOYD3,178,218 was born in 1864 in La Place, Alabama.3,178,218 He died in 1956.3,178,218 He is reference number 107367. Parents: Dr. C. L. R. BOYD and Sarah Angeline MASON.

Spouse: Maude TOWNSEND. Benjamin Hartwell BOYD and Maude TOWNSEND were married. Reference Number:1680810 Children were: Living BOYD, Charles Andrew BOYD, James Leroy BOYD, Laura Lucille BOYD, Minnie Clare BOYD, Benjamin HARTWELL Jr Boyd, Maude Townsend BOYD.

Benjamin J. BOYD3,474 was born on 9 May 1840.3,281,474,475 He was also known as Benjamin J Boyd.3,475 He was also known as Benjamin J. Boyd.3,281 He died Unknown in Y.3,281 He is reference number 47581. Parents: George BOYD and Rebecca JAMES.

Spouse: Margaret M. FYE. Benjamin J. BOYD and Margaret M. FYE were married on 10 May 1866.3,281,474,475 Reference Number:843005

Benjamin M. BOYD3,474 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 47822. Parents: John Milton BOYD and Anna C. HENRY.

Benjamin M. BOYD3,95 was born on 29 Sep 1859 in Salt Lake City, S-Lake, UT.3 He died on 5 Oct 1860.3 He is reference number 57515. He has Ancestral File Number 2NSX-G6. Parents: George Washington BOYD and Ellen Diana BALDWIN.

Benjamin Otto BOYD3,848 was born about 1904.3,848 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 71030. Parents: James Lee BOYD and Ellen Willmea JONES.

Spouse: Living MATHEWS. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Benjamin P BOYD3,95 was born on 4 Jul 1814 in <, Mecklenburg, N.C.>.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 63271. He has Ancestral File Number 1B71-JPN. Parents: Thomas PARKS and Susanna DARNELL.

Benjamin Reed BOYD2,3 was born about 1820.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 26626.

(2) A prominent store and tobacco plantation owner of Martinsburg, VA, now WV. Parents: Samuel BOYD and Maria STEPHENSON.

Spouse: Mary Rebecca GLENN. Benjamin Reed BOYD and Mary Rebecca GLENN were married in 1842.2,3 Reference Number:512395 Children were: Mary Glenn BOYD, Isabelle "Belle" BOYD.

Benjamin Samuel BOYD3,38,95 was born in 1865 in , Pulaski, Kentucky.3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 21023. He has Ancestral File Number 122C-J0M. Parents: Benjamin BOYD and Elizabeth BOYD.

Spouse: Elizabeth J INABNIT. Benjamin Samuel BOYD and Elizabeth J INABNIT were married on 5 Jun 1890 in , Pulaski, KY.3 Reference Number:422661

Spouse: Cordelia. Benjamin Samuel BOYD and Cordelia were married in 1909 in , Pulaski, Kentucky.3,38 Reference Number:422663

Benjamin Simmons BOYD3,487 was born in 1826.3,396,487 He was also known as Benjamin Boyd.3,396 He died WFT Est 1827-1916.3,396 He is reference number 36483.

benjamin s boyd was in civil war 14 th reg company c. Parents: Robert BOYD and DEBBY.

Spouse: Elizabeth WILLIAMS. Benjamin Simmons BOYD and Elizabeth WILLIAMS were married in 1850 in Anson Co NC..3,487 Reference Number:680947

Benjamin Stephenson BOYD2,3,629,1366 was born on 18 Jul 1804.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 22707.

! (1) "The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution," Vol. 9, p.19. (a ) Lineage of Mrs. Isabella Boyd Allen 8047.
(2) "Ancestry of Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy," Clan Boyd International (, Jul 2000).

! Birth: (1a,2) s/o John BOYD/Isabella STEPHENSON.
Marriage to Cynthia Kerr BROOKS: (1a,2) Parents: John BOYD and Isabella STEPHENSON.

Spouse: Cynthia Kerr BROOKS. Benjamin Stephenson BOYD and Cynthia Kerr BROOKS were married. Reference Number:453290 Children were: Isabella Reed BOYD.

Benjamin Washburn BOYD3,178,218 was born on 6 Feb 1895 in Shorter, Alabama.3,178,218 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 107298. Parents: James Harrison BOYD and Annie Lou WASHBURN.

Benjamin Y. BOYD3,474 was born on 26 Jul 1846.3,281,474,475 He died on 4 Sep 1847.3,281,474,475 He was also known as Benjamin Y Boyd.3,475 He was also known as Benjamin Y. Boyd.3,281 He is reference number 47745.

Parents: David M. BOYD and Elizabeth A. BROWN. Parents: David M. BOYD and Elizabeth A. BROWN. Parents: David M. BOYD and Elizabeth A BROWN.

Benjamin Y. BOYD3,474,475 was born on 9 May 1859.3,281,474,475 He was also known as Benjamin Y. Boyd.3,281 He died Unknown in Of Newton, Harvey, Kansas.3,281 He is reference number 47737. Parents: Benjamin BOYD and Ellen JONES.

Benjamin Y. BOYD3,38,583 was born on 27 Aug 1870 in .3,38 He died on 19 Nov 1876 in Comanche Co., TX.3,38 He is reference number 21387. Parents: William Y. BOYD and Sophia E. VILENMY.

Bennie BOYD3,1367 was born about 1870 in Unknown.3,1367 He died Unknown in Unknown.3,1367 He is reference number 27301. Parents: James Edward BOYD and Sarah Elizabeth PONDER.

Bennie BOYD3,1353 was born in 1877 in Giles County, Tennessee.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 23862. Parents: John BOYD and Mary Ann GATLIN.

Bennie A BOYD3,396,487 was born in Mar 1882 in Carroll Co Tenn..3,396,487 He died on 1 Aug 1968.3,396,487 He is reference number 36668. Parents: Elisha Thomas BOYD and Matilda Jane ELKINS.

Spouse: Mrs Kennie EDWARDS. Bennie A BOYD and Mrs Kennie EDWARDS were married Private. Reference Number:683599

Benton BOYD3,281 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 52942. Parents: Richard BOYD and Maria Wade STRICKLER.

Spouse: Nora Edna LEWIS. Benton BOYD and Nora Edna LEWIS were married. Reference Number:919151

Benzil BOYD3,473 was born on 24 Mar 1811.3,473 He died on 26 Jun 1871.3,473 He is reference number 48046. Parents: Stephan BOYD and Lucy CUSHMAN.

Spouse: Julia Ann RAY. Benzil BOYD and Julia Ann RAY were married on 28 Oct 1834.3,473 Reference Number:853215 Children were: Helen BOYD, Leslie BOYD, Horace BOYD, Charles BOYD, Sarah Eliza BOYD, Edward Cassius BOYD, Alice Julia BOYD.

Bernard Degen BOYD3,95 was born about 1952 in Ft.Smith, Ark..3 He died on 4 Sep 1965 in Ft.Smith, Ark..3 He was buried in Sep 1965 in Oak Cem.Ft.Smith, Ark..3 He is reference number 54801. He has Ancestral File Number 1MPD-30N. Parents: Robert BOYD Jr. and Lalene DEGEN.

Spouse: Sidney Emma Cecilia JOHNSTON. Bernard Degen BOYD and Sidney Emma Cecilia JOHNSTON were married. Reference Number:947881 Children were: Robert Sydney BOYD.

Bernard Ralph BOYD3,42 was born in 1916.3,42 He died in 1975.3,42 He is reference number 23592. Parents: Alfred BOYD and Annie MARSH.

Berneta Elizabeth BOYD3,449 was born on 16 Jul 1903 in Liscomb, Iowa.3,449 She died on 3 Sep 1967.3,449 She is reference number 17847. Parents: Norman Ward BOYD and May C. MEYERS.

Spouse: Edward E. PROCHASKA. Edward E. PROCHASKA and Berneta Elizabeth BOYD were married on 16 Jun 1926.3,449 Reference Number:378096

Bernice BOYD.3 Parents: John BOYD and NANNIE.

Bernice BOYD3,425 was born WFT Est 1860-1909.3,425 She died WFT Est 1884-1987.3,425 She is reference number 68020. Parents: Calvin BOYD.

Spouse: ? MECHLAN. ? MECHLAN and Bernice BOYD were married WFT Est 1878-1939.3,425 Reference Number:1128106 Children were: Living MECHLAN, Living MECHLAN, Living MECHLAN.

Bernice BOYD3,483 was born in 1876.3,483 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 59233. Parents: John Clay BOYD and Louise Weldon SWAIN.

Bernice BOYD3,360 was born after 1902.3,360 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 26044. Parents: David Abner BOYD and Sarah Elizabeth MOORE.

Spouse: George DE FOREST. George DE FOREST and Bernice BOYD were married Unknown.3,360 Reference Number:502803

Bernice Eldridge BOYD3,513 was born on 10 Oct 1898 in Christian Co., KY..3,513 She died on 29 Aug 1976 in Christian Co., KY. Plesant Hill Cementry.3,513 She is reference number 68521. Parents: Cyrus Albert BOYD and Melessia Helen JOHNSON.

Spouse: Joe Lowery BOYD. Joe Lowery BOYD and Bernice Eldridge BOYD were married WFT Est 1911-1944.3,513 Reference Number:1136574 Children were: Thelma May BOYD, James Albert BOYD, William Astin BOYD.

Bernie BOYD3,690 was born on 4 Apr 1915 in Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas.3,690 He died in Sep 1939 in Bakersville, CA..3,690 He is reference number 51897.

REFN: 1407 Parents: John Euin BOYD and Julia Vido GUYNES.

Berry BOYD3,453,478,479,480 was born about 1890.3,453,480 He died Unknown in Died In Military Service.3,479,480 He is reference number 47297. Parents: J. Ambrose BOYD and Louisa Jane NASH.

Bert BOYD3,292 was born about 1860 in Texas.3 He was also known as Burt. He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 53317. Parents: William Pleasant BOYD and Pollie WILKERSON.

Bert BOYD3,397 was born in 1905 in TX.3,397 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 62852. Parents: Robert A. BOYD and EVA.

Bert Or R J BOYD3,372 was born about 1888 in Southington Twp, Trumbull Co, Ohio.3,372 He died before 1922.3,372 He is reference number 74922. Parents: Robert BOYD and Julia DOWNS.

Spouse: VELMA. Bert Or R J BOYD and VELMA were married. Reference Number:1233784

Bertha BOYD3,473 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 49061. Parents: Edward L. BOYD and Florence SEBRING.

Bertha BOYD3,482 was born about 1875.3,482 She died WFT Est 1876-1969.3,482 She is reference number 29208. Parents: David BOYD and Mary Ann SWORD.

Bertha BOYD3,473 was born on 7 Oct 1876.3,473 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 48784. Parents: Henry E. BOYD and Lydia CARPENTER.

Spouse: Charles WINCHESTER. Charles WINCHESTER and Bertha BOYD were married. Reference Number:862247 Children were: Living WINCHESTER, Living WINCHESTER, Living WINCHESTER, Herbert WINCHESTER.

Bertha BOYD3,450 was born on 3 Jan 1886 in Oregon.3,450 She died on 4 Aug 1978 in Oregon.3,450 She is reference number 28596. Parents: Joseph BOYD and Mary Louise BURNHAM.

Bertha BOYD3,690 was born on 25 Dec 1900.3,690 She died on 25 Dec 1989.3,690 She is reference number 51758.
REFN: 1158
No children Parents: Andy Emmitt BOYD and Neva CHIPPLEY.

Spouse: Clark HOLLINGSWORTH. Clark HOLLINGSWORTH and Bertha BOYD were married on 24 Oct 1925.3,690 Reference Number:902430

Bertha BOYD3,42 was born on 30 May 1905.3,42 She died in Sep 1907.3,42 She is reference number 23212. Parents: Vidge BOYD and Vilanie RICH.

Bertha Alice BOYD3,970 was born in 1884.3,970 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 50626. Parents: William BOYD and Ellen Esther STITHAM.

Spouse: George RICHARD. George RICHARD and Bertha Alice BOYD were married. Reference Number:886356 Children were: Living RICHARD, Living RICHARD, Living RICHARD, Robert Boyd RICHARD, Edgar William RICHARD, Philip Leo RICHARD.

Bertha Beatrice BOYD3,415 was born on 4 Jun 1897 in Concord, Contra Costa, CA.3,415 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 83248. Parents: Joseph Arthur BOYD and Ency Althea JAQUITH.

Spouse: John James JACKSON. John James JACKSON and Bertha Beatrice BOYD were married on 8 Jun 1923 in Concord, Contra Costa, CA.3,415 Reference Number:770360

Bertha E. BOYD3,218,643 was born in Jul 1896 in Carroll County, Tennessee.3,218,643 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 108792. Parents: William H. BOYD and Lucy A. PEELER.

Spouse: W. G. JENNINGS. W. G. JENNINGS and Bertha E. BOYD were married on 10 Oct 1915 in Carroll County, Tennessee.3,218,643 Reference Number:1707554

Bertha Ellen BOYD3,371,1323 was born on 26 Feb 1867 in Prospect Twp, Marion, OH.3,371 She died on 16 Aug 1869 in Prospect Twp, Marion, OH.3,371 She is reference number 51431. She has Ancestral File Number MRSZ-M0.

Berthie Boyd, d. 16 Aug 1869, single, age 2 yrs. 5 mon. 20 days, d. Marion Twnshp of Brain Fever. Parents: Joseph John BOYD and Eveline Gill GORTON.

Bertha Elva BOYD3,203,205,206 was born on 22 Feb 1888.3,203,206 She died on 11 Nov 1944.3,203,206 She was also known as Bertha Elva Boyd.3,205 She is reference number 40824. Parents: James Robinson BOYD and Hannah Lincoln POULTON.

Spouse: George BELKNAP. George BELKNAP and Bertha Elva BOYD were married on 7 May 1913.3,203,206 Reference Number:736231 Children were: Living BELKNAP, Living BELKNAP, Living BELKNAP, Living BELKNAP, Living BELKNAP, Maxwell Alfred BELKNAP.

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