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Isle of Anglesey
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Bryn Celli Ddu

GPS location: 53-12-28 N by 004-14-09 W, 117 feet elevation






A prehistoric burial mound is lined with large stones inside and out. 
The ditch surrounding it is also lined with stones. 
The white standing stone outside is marked with wavy lines.


This flowering vine in Wales looks just like the vetch growing in our front field in central Texas.



GPS location: 53-12-27 N by 004-30-13 W, elevation 78 feet


This burial mound was rebuilt with a cement roof after being excavated.


Inside this mound are standing stones supporting a horizontal stone.


This burial mound is on the coast and drops off rapidly into the sea.


Beautifully crafted entrance.  One step off the trail leads straight down into rocks. 
The site overlooks a beautiful beach.


Ty Mawr
located by South Stack


These stone circles are the remains of huts with low wide stone walls, believed to have had thatched roofs.



Most large structures had a small one nearby. 


Many had an elongated entry way.




This hut still contains a stone used for grinding grains.






Other pictures of stone hut area and plaque located at the site.


Bridge over the Menai Straits leading to Isle of Anglesey.




The Hall, at Pentre Halkyn, Wales, is believed to be more than 400 years old.