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Sherwood Forest
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The forest as it exists today is roughly 20 miles long and 8 miles wide,
but only in patches.  It was once much larger and denser.


The great oak trail is roughly a mile long and passes some of the largest trees in the forest.


These forest giants are known to live 600 years,
and sometimes have strange shapes due to local fungus.


The largest tree in the forest today is believed to be Major Oak,
an especially large tree about 800 years old. 


Local legend says this is the very tree
Robin Hood held court under some 800 years ago.


 Obviously this tree would have been a sapling at the most in his day. 
Nevertheless, it is easy to picture those merry men gathered under this shade.


Imperial War Museum


British Mosquito Bomber, Lancaster Bomber w/Mosquito in foreground,
Sunderlund, German observations/short hop aircraft.


German Tri-motor, Concord from front hatch and rear hatch,
don't remember what it is but looked good.


German Tri-Motor, Elayne under the fuselage of a B-1 Bomber
(over 2x her height), Lancaster Bomber, Harrier jet.


Russian Hind Mi-24, P-47 Wildcat on the flight line, P-51 Mustang getting ready to take off.


British carrier plane, looking down the inside of a British Mini-Sub, Mini-Sub from the outside, early British observation and later trainer.


British Supermarine Seafire, German Me-109 that crashed with engine trouble,
don't remember right now, German Mark VI jet bomb.


Plane doing fly-bys, f-15 Eagle, cockpit of B-52 Bomber, Huey Helicopter/F-100, and B-52.


U-2 w/wing and tail of B-52 and A-10 in background,
B-29 Bomber, B-25 Mitchell, B-17 Flying Fortress.


P-51 Mustang, B-52 from other side, SR-71 Blackbird, British Tank (c. 1980's).


British Tank, Self-propelled gun, British tank.


3.7 inch Anti-aircraft gun, depot of Enemy equipment (German) with warning sign.


P-51 doing fly-bys, P-51 just touching down, another P-51 doing fly-bys.