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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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Agnes Cowan BOYD3,964 was born on 19 Feb 1876 in Coatbridge.3,964 She appeared in the census on 4 Apr 1881 in Old Monkland.3,964 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 33757.

11 Bruce's Land Parents: Hugh BOYD and Margaret ORMISTON.

Agnes E. BOYD3,88 was born on 12 Nov 1836 in Chester Co., South Carolina.3,88 She died on 22 Jul 1903 in Huntingdon, Carroll Co., Tennessee.3,88 She is reference number 68823. Parents: David BOYD and Martha Narciaa GASTON.

Spouse: William P. GARDNER. William P. GARDNER and Agnes E. BOYD were married WFT Est 1850-1881.3,88 Reference Number:1141582

Agnes Eleanor BOYD3,206,1275 was born on 4 Aug 1889 in Pennsylvania.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 37241. Parents: David BOYD and Lorena Agnes COPELAND.

Agnes Hall BOYD.3 Parents: Rev. James R. BOYD and Elizabeth Moseley CAMP.

Agnes Jameson BOYD2,3 was born on 2 Jul 1832.3 She was also known as Agnes Jamison Boyd.3,405,426,577 She died WFT Est 1850-1926.3,426 She is reference number 44120.


Spouse: James T. GRIMES. James T. GRIMES and Agnes Jameson BOYD were married WFT Est 1846-1879.3,426 Reference Number:783613 Children were: Lucy Boyd GRIMES, Lloyd GRIMES, Maud GRIMES, Helen GRIMES.

Agnes Louisa BOYD3,38,95 was born on 15 May 1843 in Near Monroe, Butler Co., Ohio.3,38 She died on 2 Feb 1847 in Near Monroe, Butler Co., Ohio.3,38 She was also known as Agnes Louisa Boyd.3,38 She was buried Unknown in Mound Cemetery, Monroe, Butler Co., Ohio.3,38 She is reference number 16416. She has Ancestral File Number LHVL-BJ. Parents: Andrew BOYD and Temperance Fugate POCOCK.

Agnes Louise BOYD3,473 was born on 6 Nov 1914.3,473 She died on 5 Dec 1986.3,473 She is reference number 48665. Parents: George A. BOYD and Eva J. PEASE.

Spouse: Living MAY. Children were: Living MAY, Living MAY.

Agnes M. BOYD3,474 was born on 15 Dec 1840.3,474,475 She was also known as Agnes M Boyd.3,475 She was also known as Agnes M. Boyd.3,281 She died Unknown in Y.3,281 She is reference number 47508.

Family Record, Descendants of John and Mary-Fulton-Boyd, Mo nograph, prepared by M. Hillis Boyd, Freeport, PA. Parents: James BOYD and Sarah BOYD.

Agnes Margaret BOYD3,1087 was born in 1863 in Armstrong County, PA.3,1087 She died in 1865 in Pennsylvania.3,1087 She is reference number 42777. Parents: John Fulton BOYD and Mary Eleanor BROWN.

Agnes Mary BOYD3,183 was born on 15 Jun 1899 in Butlerville In.3,183 She died on 1 Oct 2000.3 She is reference number 71961. Parents: Jesse Kane BOYD and Annette Lucinda FRENCH.

Spouse: Living RICE.

Spouse: Maurice Robert JEWETT. Maurice Robert JEWETT and Agnes Mary BOYD were married on 19 Mar 1918.3,183 Reference Number:1183069 Children were: Living JEWETT, Living JEWETT, Living JEWETT.

Agnes Mrs BOYD3,38,237 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 6050.

Spouse: Robert BOYD. Robert BOYD and Agnes Mrs BOYD were married about 1823 in <>, Ayr, Scotland.3,38,237 Reference Number:118477

Agnes Nancy BOYD3,88,89,90 was born on 29 Aug 1765 in Pennsylvania.3,88,89,90,206 She died on 23 Apr 1840 in Blount Co., Tennessee.3,88,89,90,206 She was also known as Boid. She was also known as Agnes Mary Boyd.3,206 She was also known as Nancy Boyd.3,38,237,567 She was buried Unknown in Eusebia Cem., Blount Co. Tennessee.3,88 She is reference number 68828. Parents: William BOYD and Elizabeth MCTEER.

Spouse: Charles KIRKPATRICK. They were married on 18 Oct 1791 in Rockbridge Co., Virginia.3,88,89,90 Reference Number:12120 Children were: Thomas KIRKPATRICK, Sarah KIRKPATRICK, James KIRKPATRICK, Andrew KIRKPATRICK, Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, Nancy KIRKPATRICK, Polly KIRKPATRICK, Thomas KIRKPATRICK.

Agnes Paterson Sommerville BOYD3,1117 was born on 17 Mar 1869 in Glenholm, Pebbles, Scotland.3,237,1117 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 105838. Parents: Alexander BOYD and Marion NIMMO. Parents: Alexander BOYD and Marion NIMMO.

Agnes Rebecca BOYD3,38 was born on 14 Jun 1844 in West Derby, Lanc., Eng.3 She died on 3 Feb 1904 in Salt Lake City, S.L., UT.3 She was buried on 7 Feb 1904 in City Cemetary, Salt Lake City S.L., UT.3 She is reference number 24447. Parents: Butler James BOYD and Ann ADAMS.

Agnes Sommerville Frame BOYD3,1117 was born about 1879 in Carstairs, Lanark, Scotland.3,1117 She died on 13 Jan 1944.3,1117 She is reference number 105913. Parents: Margaret BOYD.

Agness BOYD3,297 was born in 1834.3,297 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 51231. Parents: John BOYD Jr. and Rosannah HANEY.

Agness BOYD3,717,1231 was born on 16 Oct 1865 in Rathmore, Co. Antrim, Ni.3,717,1231 She immigrated in 1883 to Morrison Twp, Muskoka.3,717,1231 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 40088. Parents: James BOYD and Ellen CRAWFORD.

Spouse: Ammon BUCKINGDALE. Ammon BUCKINGDALE and Agness BOYD were married on 29 Jan 1888 in Ontario.3,717,1231 Reference Number:724445

Aida Or Alta BOYD3,372 was born on 6 Mar 1891 in Warren, Trumbull Co, Ohio.3,372 She died after 1977.3,372 She is reference number 74929. Parents: James BOYD and Minnie Guy Elma HARSHMAN.

Spouse: Alden GIOST. Alden GIOST and Aida Or Alta BOYD were married on 7 Jun 1921.3,372 Reference Number:1233912

Airon\Arion BOYD3,449 was born on 7 Feb 1834 in Greenville, Somerset, PA.3,38 He died on 26 Mar 1873 in Indiana.3,450 He was also known as Arion Boyd.3,38,450 He is reference number 20023. He has Ancestral File Number GWCP-LG. Parents: James BOYD Jr and Catherine ENGLE.

Spouse: Nancy CARNAHAM. They were married on 6 Sep 1855 in Indiana.3,450 Reference Number:406711 Children were: Ellen BOYD, Samuel BOYD, Emma BOYD, James Theodore BOYD, Mary BOYD.

Alabama Texana BOYD3,95 was born on 18 Mar 1858 in , , TX.3 She died before 1910.3 She is reference number 54129. She has Ancestral File Number 1NZF-FTL. Parents: J Walter BOYD and Margaret E MOSELEY.

Alan BOYD3 was born in Falkirk #35.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 1286.

Spouse: Janet RICHARDSON. Alan BOYD and Janet RICHARDSON were married on 27 Jun 1724 in Falkirk #35.3 Reference Number:31624

Alan BOYD3,38 was born about 1322 in Of Kilmarnock, Renfrew, Scotland.3,38 He died in Aug 1339.3,38 He is reference number 5822. Parents: Robert BOYD.

Alan Mcneil BOYD3,38 was born in 1883 in Tokomaru Bay, , , New Zealand.3 He died in 1959.3 He is reference number 50505. He has Ancestral File Number 1394-93V. Parents: George Gillespie BOYD and Riria KAWHENA.

Alan Parker BOYD3,38 was born on 27 Feb 1838 in Mercer, County, Pennsylvania.3 He died on 18 Jul 1921 in Souix, City, Iowa.3 He is reference number 24587.

Spouse: Cora Ann DOWNING. Alan Parker BOYD and Cora Ann DOWNING were married on 13 Sep 1888 in Andrew, Iowa.3 Reference Number:483252 Children were: John Newton BOYD, Frances May BOYD.

Alban Cloud BOYD3,970 was born on 13 Oct 1890 in Johnville, New Brunswick.3,970 He died on 30 Jul 1979 in Bath Hospital, Bath, New Brunswick.3,970 He was buried Unknown in Johnville Cemetary.3,970 He is reference number 50597. Parents: William BOYD and Ellen Esther STITHAM.

Spouse: Gertrude Margaret PICKARD. Alban Cloud BOYD and Gertrude Margaret PICKARD were married on 29 Jun 1920 in Woodstock, New Brunswick.3,970 Reference Number:885875 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Basil Andrew BOYD.

Albert BOYD3,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 12536. Parents: Isaac BOYD and Sarah E. BROWN.

Albert BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45658.

! (1) "Pennsylvania Genealogies, Chiefly Scotch-Irish and German," by William Henry Egle (Ge nealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore, 1969; originally pub. Harrisburg, 1896) p.117.

! Birth: (1) s/o John R. BOYD/Caroline E. TRUMAN. Parents: John R. BOYD and Caroline E. TRUMAN.

Albert BOYD3,547 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 57346. Parents: Charles Albert BOYD and Nancy JETT.

Albert BOYD3,218,793 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 108041. Parents: Adam Thomas BOYD and Virginia Louisa CHURCH.

Spouse: Ethel CAMERON. Albert BOYD and Ethel CAMERON were married. Reference Number:1684279 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Albert BOYD3,38,218 was born about 1732 in , , Ireland.3,38,95,218 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24301. He has Ancestral File Number WZJP-FP.

Children were: Robert BOYD, Hugh BOYD, Nannie BOYD, Florence BOYD.

Albert BOYD3,281,474,475,963 was born on 3 Jun 1841.3,281,474,475 He died Unknown.3,963 He is reference number 75015

Albert Boyd was a policeman in Newport Ky for many years, as told by Martha Tosso Boyd when giving her deposition for wifes civil war
. Parents: John F. BOYD and Susan SMITH.

Spouse: Alice ERTLE. Albert BOYD and Alice ERTLE were married on 3 Oct 1865.3,281,474 Reference Number:847188

Albert BOYD3,1226 was born on 18 Jun 1861 in St. Patrick, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada.3,1226 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 70826. Parents: William BOYD and Ellen BOWDEN RANKIN.

Spouse: Hannah JOHNSON. Albert BOYD and Hannah JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:1175977

Albert BOYD3,841,936 was born on 17 Sep 1872 in Richardson, Lawrence County, Kentucky.3,841 He was buried in Dec 1954.3,936 He died on 28 Dec 1954 in Thelma, Johnson County, Kentucky.3,841 He is reference number 16621.

Childers Cemetery (Boyd Cemetery) near Paintsville. Funeral Director: Preston Funeral Home, Paintsville, Kentucky. Informant on Death Certificate: G. Mack Ward.

Occupation in 1912: Section Foreman on Railroad.

1880 Lawrence County, Kentucky Census first lists Albert in the household of his father, Isom, #99.

1900 Lawrence County, Kentucky Census lists Albert in household #209 with wife Sarah, and children Lillie, Lidia, and Jessie.

li, name and deathdate from Laurie Lowe's file. Parents: Isom BOYD and Polly FITZPATRICK.

Spouse: Sarah VANHOOSE. Albert BOYD and Sarah VANHOOSE were married about 1893.3,841 Reference Number:359011 Children were: Lillie BOYD, Lydia BOYD, Jesse BOYD, Ethel BOYD, Everett BOYD.

Spouse: Dora MURRAY. Albert BOYD and Dora MURRAY were married on 18 Feb 1909.3,841 Reference Number:358786 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Elmer BOYD.

Spouse: Louise PAYNE.

Albert BOYD3,1276 was born on 15 May 1877.3 He died on 17 May 1954 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.3 He is reference number 37222. Parents: David BOYD and Arti Missa Bernice COSBY.

Spouse: Cornelia SHADER. Albert BOYD and Cornelia SHADER were married on 24 Jun 1902.3 Reference Number:688964

Albert BOYD3,38,583 was born in 1878.3,583 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 42957. Parents: Joel Marion BOYD and Lucretia PAYNE.

Albert BOYD3,183 was born in 1878.3,183 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 71518. Parents: Joseph K. BOYD and Eliza Jane FAREN.

Albert BOYD3,360,681,1243 was born in 1880 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 He died about 1945 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 He is reference number 26279. Parents: Joseph BOYD and Mary Ann COX.

Spouse: Maude VOSS. Albert BOYD and Maude VOSS were married Unknown.3,360 Reference Number:380027 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Albert BOYD3,473 was born on 2 Sep 1881 in Or 1882 Licking County, Ohio.3,473 He died on 26 Aug 1919.3,473 He was buried Unknown in Glendale Cemetery In Des Moines.3,473 He is reference number 49282. Parents: Richard BOYD and Phoebe Elnora WESTBROOK.

Spouse: Alma LINDOF. Albert BOYD and Alma LINDOF were married on 25 Mar 1911.3,473 Reference Number:867648 Children were: Living BOYD.

Albert BOYD3,38 was born about 1883 in , Bartholomew, IN.3 He died about 1884 in , Bartholomew, IN.3 He is reference number 24613. Parents: Albert Severe BOYD and Paulina Belle LEAMASTERS.

Albert BOYD3,38 was born in 1884 in , Cherokee, Texas.3,38 He died in 1924 in , Cherokee, Texas.3,38 He is reference number 21638. He has Ancestral File Number 1BTS-SMN. Parents: William Thomas BOYD and Cynthia Evelynne BLANTON.

Albert BOYD3,178,218 was born on 7 Oct 1919 in Cotton Valley, Alabama.3,178,218 He died on 15 Apr 1976 in Alabama.3,178,218 He is reference number 107876. Parents: Clarence Hilliard BOYD and Cloriana Taylor BOYD.

Spouse: Leola Sullen BOYD. Albert BOYD and Leola Sullen BOYD were married on 10 Jun 1939 in Macon County, AL.3,178,218 Reference Number:1688450 Children were: Living SLAGHTER, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living HANEY, Living FLOYD, Living BATISTE, Living BOYD, Melvin Mckinley BOYD, Franklin D. BOYD, Bruce BOYD.

Albert BOYD3,473 was born in 1931.3,473 She died in 1931.3,473 She is reference number 48676. Parents: Horace Newell BOYD and Marilla Grace VOSE.

Albert Alford BOYD3,95 was born on 15 Oct 1874 in .3 He died on 5 Jul 1902.3 He is reference number 57015. He has Ancestral File Number MRT0-JK. Parents: Harry Livingston BOYD and Marion C. ALFORD.

Albert Arthur BOYD3,281 was born on 25 Apr 1879 in Fayette, Pennsylvania.3,281 He died on 10 Apr 1882 in Fayette, Pennsylvania.3,281 He is reference number 52955. Parents: Robert Long BOYD and Amanda B. BEIDLER.

Albert Darlington BOYD Sr3,206 was born on 31 Dec 1845 in Menallen Twp, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.3 He died after 1898.3 He was also known as Albert D. Boyd.3,281 He is reference number 21831.
Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, supervised
by John W. Jordan, LL.D and James Hadden, New York, 1912 Lewis Historical
Publishing Co.

BOYDs of PA, Albert Darlington

Pg. 353 (IV) Albert Darlington, son of William (2) and Jane C (BURGESS) BOYD
was born in Menallen Twp, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, 31 December 1845. He
was educated in the public schools, alternating his winter terms of study
with summer work upon the farm. He obtained a good English education, and
when a young man taught several terms in the township schools of Fayette
county and one year in Connellsville. He supplemented his public school study
with two terms at Morgantown Academy (West Virginia) and while still teaching
began the study of law under the able preceptorship of Judge Alpheus E.
WILSON. He prosecuted his legal study with all the energy of his nature, and
in 1869 passed the required examinations and was admitted to the Fayette
county bar. He made rapid progress in his profession after locating at
Uniontown, was admitted to all federal and state courts of the district, and
commanded the patronage of the best class of clients. His natural oratorial
gifts brought him into prominence as a public speaker, which in turn so
impressed the rank and file of his party that in 1871 he was chosen the
Democratic candidate for district attorney. He was elected by a handsome
majority, serving with distinction until 1874. He then retired to private
practice, and did not again appear prominently in public life, save as
chairman of the Democratic county committee until 1898, when he was elected
state senator by an overwhelming majority from the district compromising the
counties of Fayette and Green. He ably represented his district in the
senate, served on important committees, and as a legislator added to the fame
already gained as a lawyer. He continued in active practice until his death.
Senator BOYD was learned in the law, and seemingly carried the contents of
his valuable law library in his head so ready was he with quotation of
precedent in cases of similar import, printed and used as judicial authority.
He had a large practice, and was so unselfish that his memory is lovingly
cherished by men than young at the bar whom he helped with their first cases.
Among the older strong men of the bar he stood without a superior in legal
attainment or political prominence. He began practice at the age of 24, and
in his 2nd year successfully prosecuted a murderer who was defended by the
ablest Uniontown lawyers. For many years he was engaged in nearly every noted
criminal case in Fayette county, either for the prosecution or for the
defense. He gradually withdrew from criminal practice and devoted his
talents to civil law, securing even higher position in that branch of his
profession than as a criminal lawyer. He was essentially the lawyer, his
political offices coming to him as a tribute from his fellow citizens, and
not as the rewards of a self-seeking politician. He was very popular and had
a host of loyal friends, to whom he was also most devoted. He was a good
citizen, always interested and helpful in all public improvement and a
willing worker for the public good. His estate, "Locust Hill", in the east
end of Uniontown, was purchased shortly after his marriage, and there he
spent his happiest hours.
He married, 21 Sept 1872, Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Robert PATTERSON, of
Uniontown, who survives him, a well-known lady of Uniontown. (see PATTERSON)
She was born in Uniontown, Penn, educated in Uniontown schools, now a member
of the Presbyterian church and allied societies. Children, all born in
Uniontown: 1. Edward Wilson, a well-known lawyer, associated with his father
until the death of the latter. 2. Samuel Patterson, an attorney, associated
with his father and brother in legal practice until the latter's death. 3.
Albert Darlington, a civil engineer, of Uniontown, Penn. 4. Wallace
Burgess, a civil engineer, now of Oklahoma. 5. Mary Elizabeth, wife of
Charles S.BOWMAN; one child, Charles S., Jr.

PATTERSON, an excerpt. Robert PATTERSON, was the 5th son of James and Sophia
(STEWART) PATTERSON, born on a farm named Enity, 4 March 1808, at Manor
Cunningham. He married Lucinda, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and
Ethelinda (ROBERTSON) WINCHELL. Parents: William BOYD and Jane Catherine BURGESS.

Spouse: Ann Elizabeth PATTERSON. Albert Darlington BOYD Sr and Ann Elizabeth PATTERSON were married on 21 Sep 1872 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.3,206 Reference Number:124837 Children were: Alpheus E. BOYD, Samuel Patterson BOYD, Albert Darlington BOYD, Wallace Burgess BOYD, Edward Wilson BOYD, Mary Elizabeth BOYD.

Albert Darlington BOYD3 was born after 1874.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 16299. Parents: Albert Darlington BOYD Sr and Ann Elizabeth PATTERSON.

Albert Dewitt BOYD3,960 was born on 8 Sep 1880.3,960 He died Unknown in El Reno, OK.3,960 He is reference number 34271. Parents: William Jasper BOYD and Philena DEWITT.

Spouse: Elizabeth BARNETT. Albert Dewitt BOYD and Elizabeth BARNETT were married. Reference Number:643094 Children were: Living BOYD.

Albert Earl BOYD3,38 was born on 14 Nov 1890 in Rasin Twp., Lenawee, MI.3 He died on 4 Sep 1940 in Wamplers Lake, Lenawee, MI.3 He was buried Unknown in Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI.3 He is reference number 24684. Parents: James L. BOYD and Mary KERR.

Albert Ephraim BOYD3,38 was born on 1 Mar 1860 in Alto, Cherokee, Texas.3,38 He died on 13 Feb 1893 in , Cherokee, Texas.3,38 He was buried Unknown in Old Palestine C., Cherokee, Texas.3,38 He is reference number 21615. He has Ancestral File Number 1BTS-C4B. Parents: James BOYD and Martha Ann SELMAN.

Albert Eugene BOYD3,86 was born in 1883.3,86 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 56258. Parents: George Washington BOYD and Harriett Ann KIRTLEY.

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