91st PA in November 1862

November 1862

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Throughout this month, the 91st was in the First Brigade, Third Division, Fifth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac. It took part in the movement to Falmouth Virginia during the first half of the month. [Dyer, v.3 p.1604]

? Early in this month, the regimental wagon was captured by Major Elijah V White's battalion, at Snicker's Gap. See Walter for his capture when he tried to recover it, and two Confederate accounts of the capture.
? About the middle of the month, the third division (including the 91st) moved toward Falmouth, and camped at Stoneman's Switch (on the Aquia Creek railroad). [Bates, p.187; Welch, p.501]
? John R Lynch (B) admitted to Convalescent Hospital, Fort Ellsworth, VA
1 Peter Abbott (62nd PA) transferred to co.M (perhaps Oct 1861)
Muster and descriptive roll of a detachment of volunteers forwarded for the 91st, Philadelphia PA, including John Smith (H)
2 Bivouacked near Snicker's Gap, with the 91st near the highway crossing the mountains. [Walter, v.3 #36 p.2]
Thomas Walker mustered into 171st PA
Thomas Ryan (D) deserted
3 In the morning, the 91st was ordered to the top of the mountain. Lt Col Wallace, Walter, and others went west, and observed infantry going through the Gap, apparently for reconnaissance. Walter et al. shot a hog; they had it for supper. That night a very strong wind made sleep almost impossible [Walter, v.3 #36 p.2; Confederate reports of the skirmish]
4 James Diehl detailed as aide to General Tyler
John N Hawks alias James Clark (D) treated for rheumatism (through 17th)
5 The regiment began marching again, as the rear guard of the army, going via Middleburg and White Plains. [Walter, v.3 #36 p.2]
Patrick Conway (I) discharged on surgeon's certificate
6 Nathan Heyser (G) died, Sharpsburg MD, of typhoid fever
Owen Murray (E) enlisted at Philadelphia PA by Capt Scheetz
7 They halted between New Baltimore and Warrenton. McClellan was replaced. [Walter, v.3 #36 p.2]
Joseph Everhart was captured at Snickers Gap, VA
8 muster and descriptive roll of a detachment of US volunteers forwarded for the 91st, included Owen Murry (E)
10 John L Smith enlisted and mustered in in the 118th PA
recruiting Sgt Sinexon [probably Robert Sinex] and other recruiting sergeants in Philadelphia took a band to Baltimore to greet General McClellan (who didn't arrive when expected)
[see 'The recruiting sergeants ...' (Philadelphia Inquirer 11 November 1862 page 8)]
11 William Sanders mustered in 165th PA
12 Thomas Walter and Joe (probably either Joseph Hayward or Joseph Smith) left camp on an attempt to recover the company papers etc., which had been left behind at Snicker's Gap. They rode about 20 miles. [Walter, v.3 #36 p.2]
13 Richard Wakefield mustered in co.I
After riding for about three hours, Thomas Walter et al. arrived at Snickersville, where they were captured by White's battalion. [Walter, v.3 #37 pp.1-2]
14 Walter was sent to General Sam Jones' headquarters, and then to White Post (where Jones' brigade's commissary headquarters was located). He was escorted by Mull and Wiley. [Walter v.3 #37 p.2]
George Kitchenman mustered in co A
15 Walter was moved to Stonewall Jackson's headquarters, and was turned over to his provost guard. The prisoners there were kept in two second-floor rooms of a small house near the turnpike on the west side of Winchester. [Walter v.3 #37 p.2]
16 James Wispert (H) discharged on surgeon's certificate at Warrenton VA
Benjamin Tayman (F&S) returned from sick leave
17 The Union soldiers in captivity at Winchester were paroled, and transferred to Winchester Court House, where they were kept in the large hall in the upper part. Several days later, they marched to Gordonsville, which took 8 days (120 miles). [Walter v.3 #37 p.2]
John N Hawks alias James Clark (D) ended treatment for rheumatism
[see 'The Ninety-first regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers', Philadelphia Inquirer 17 October 1862 page 8]
19 End of movement to Falmouth Virginia. [Dyer, v.3, p.1604] (Note: Walter describes the 91st as having been in camp for a week or so on 12 November.)
20 Jackson Frease (A) discharged at Washington DC on surgeon's certificate
21 Samuel Edwards mustered in co B [Bates has 21 Nov 61, which doesn't fit his not being eligible to reenlist in 1863, etc.]
George Rayon (D) deserted (perhaps 15 Oct 61)
Edward Ogden (D) discharged at Washington DC on surgeon's certificate (probably 22nd, also possibly 27th)
Tobias Hudson (D) enlisted at Philadelphia PA by J A Gregory
22 Edward Ogden (D) discharged at Washington DC on surgeon's certificate (also possibly 21st or 27th)
24 James Williams (E) discharged on surgeon's certificate
Adam Guthrie enlisted in co B at Philadelphia PA by J A Gregory
John R Lynch (B) transferred from Convalescent Hospital, Fort Ellsworth VA
25 mail would be taken to the 91st next Wednesday by Dr A Weeks, 533 Marshall St
Charles Crookington (D) discharged on surgeon's certificate, at camp in the field
William Crosby (G) died at General Hospital, Alexandria VA, "by designedly taking an external application intended for another man"; his belongings were inventoried
Nathan Heyser (G)'s belongings inventoried
Malachi Davis (H) discharged at Davids Island, NY, on surgeon's certificate
John R Lynch (B) admitted to Patent Office General Hospital Washington DC
[see 'Letters for the Ninety-first regiment', Philadelphia Inquirer 25 November 1862 page 8]
26 a captain in the 91st was allegedly arrested at a gambling establishment in Washington DC ('On Wednesday night last ...')
27 Edward Ogden (D) discharged at Washington DC on surgeon's certificate (probably 22nd; also possibly 21st)
James Reed (F) discharged at Washington DC on surgeon's certificate
muster and descriptive roll of a detachment of US volunteers forwarded for the 91st regiment Pennsylvania infantry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, included Adam Guthrie (B), Tobias Hudson (D)
28 Henry Elliott (E) discharged on surgeon's certificate
John Haines (E) discharged on surgeon's certificate (or possibly 3 Dec 62)

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