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91st PA--officers

Official Army Register

[This is the 91st's entry in the Official Army Register. After a brief list of battles (which seems not to include the last battles; see note 1 for a possible explanation), it lists the officers when the regiment was mustered out (see note 2). It then lists the other officers who served in the 91st.]

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(This regiment was organized at Philadelphia, Pa. from September 9 to December 4, 1861, to serve three years. On the expiration of its term of service the original members (except veterans) were mustered out, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits, retained in service until July 10, 1865, when it was mustered out, in accordance with orders from the War Department.)


Edgar M. Gregory.....4 Dec. 61
  (Brevet Brig. Gen. 30 Sept., 1864.)
Lieutenant Colonel.
Eli G. Sellers.....31 Oct., 64
John F. Casner.....3 Apr., 65
  (Brevet Major 27 Oct., 1864.)
William H. Carpenter.....11 Aug., 64
John S. Donnell.....18 Oct.,
Theodore A. Hope.....31 Oct.,
William E. Michael.....31 Oct.,
John C. Partenheimer.....4 Jan., 65
George P. Finney.....4 Jan.,
Joseph Gilbert.....24 Feb.,
William Spangler.....20 Mar.,
John L. Bell.....1 May,
George G. Coster.....17 May,
First Lieutenants.
John L Graham.....31 Oct., 64
John R. Allen, Adj't.....3 Nov.,
Joseph Everhart.....3 Nov.,
William Knapp.....4 Jan., 65
William Letourneau.....10 Mar.,
George McMullin.....18 Mar.,
Archib'd Nimmo, R.Q.M......1 May,
Henry W. Erdman.....1 May,
James J. Donnelly.....1 May,
William Beaver.....25 May,
Edwin Hause.....29 May,
John F. Casner.....6 June,
Second Lieutenants.
William H. Chandler.....26 May, 65
John J. Griffith.....26 May,
George A. Souders.....26 May,
John McGinnis.....8 June,
William G. Keir.....21 Apr., 64
Assistant Surgeon.
James H. Hewitt.....29 June, 65
[no chaplain is listed]


Promoted, (2.)

First Lieut. David H. Lentz, R.Q.M., June 27, 1864 to Captain and A.Q.M.

Assistant Surgeon Charles W. Houghton, September 12, 1862, to Surgeon 124th regiment Pennsylvania vols.

Resigned, (13.)

Captain Charles S. Brown, March 5, 1862.

Captain Albert C. Felter [sic; Bates has Fetters], August 1, 1862.

Captain Peter D. Keyser, August 15, 1862.

Captain James E. Sulger, October 27, 1862.

Captain Franklin B. Gilbert, January 18, 1863.

First Lieut. Lewis T. Matlack, January 19, 1863.

First Lieut. Morris Kayser, February 16, 1864.

First Lieut. David B. Baker, March 5, 1864.

First Lieut. James B. Diehl, July 24, 1864.

Second Lieut. Edward J. Phillips, March 4, 1862.

Second Lieut. Ansel Hamberg, June 3, 1862.

Second Lieut. Randolph M. Smith, December 13, 1862.

Second Lieut. John Q. Dyke, December 30, 1862.

Mustered out on expiration of term of service, (8.)

Captain Matthew Hall, September 29, 1864.

Captain Francis H. Gregory, October 13, 1864.

First Lieut. John G. Brass, October 4, 1864.

First Lieut. Benjamin J. Taymon [sic], Adj't, (Brevet Captain August 18, 1864.) December 4, 1864.

Second Lieut. Edward J. Maguigan, September 28, 1864.

Second Lieut. Howard Shipley, December 1, 1864.

Second Lieut. Justus A. Gregory, December 2, 1864.

Second Lieut. Theodore A. Snyder, December 3, 1864.

Discharged. (19.)

Lieut. Colonel Edward E. Wallace, January 10, 1863.

Lieut. Colonel Joseph H. Sinex, July 11, 1864.

Major John D. Lentz, September 28, 1864.

Captain John P. Carie, February 10, 1863.

Captain John H. Weeks, April 26, 1863.

Captain Charles Henry, April 27, 1863.

Captain Alpheus H. Bowman, September 26, 1863.

Captain Henry Francis, September 22, 1864.

First Lieut. Adam Murphy, March 1, 1863.

First Lieut. James Delavan, November 24, 1863.

First Lieut. William H. Fraley, April 4, 1865.

Second Lieut. Stephen Eastwick, May 22, 1862.

Second Lieut. John Sage, December 22, 1862.

Second Lieut. Benjamin B. Eyre, February 2, 1863.

Second Lieut. Joseph T. Jones, September 23, 1864.

Surgeon Isaac D. Knight, April 15, 1864.

Assistant Surgeon George S. Oldmixon, March 27, 1865.

Chaplain Joseph Welch, January 19, 1863.

Chaplain Alem Brittain, July 28, 1864.

Died, (8.)

Major George W. Todd, December 19, 1862, of wounds received in action at Fredericksburg, Va.

Captain Theodore H. Parsons, June 26, 1863, of wounds received at Chancellorsville, Va.

Captain Horace B. Faust, December 16, 1863, at Bealton, Va.

Captain James H. Closson, November 22, 1864, of wounds.

First Lieut. George Murphey, killed in action at Fredericksburg, Va., December 13, 1862.

First Lieut. George W. Eyre, R.Q.M., December 31, 1862, of disease, at Philadelphia, Pa.

First Lieut. George Black, May 6, 1863, of wounds.

First Lieut. John Edgar, jr., killed in action February 6, 1865.

Dismissed, (4.)

Second Lieut. Enoch C. Brewster, September 28, 1862.

Second Lieut. William R. Milligan, May 14, 1863.

Assistant Surgeon John Young, May 14, 1863.

Assistant Surgeon Thomas C. Thomas, May 14, 1863.

Cashiered, (2.)

First Lieut. John Hamill, December 1, 1864.

First Lieut. Thomas F. Walter, April 16, 1865.

NOTE 1.--No brevet appointments are entered on this register except those announced in General Orders before October 14, 1865.
NOTE 2.--The roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out.

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