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Just outside of Heraklion (Iraklio) on the island of Crete in Greece.

The palace of Minos, king of Knossos of the Minoan civilization.


One of 3 cisterns for water storage, foundations of homes and shops.


The central courtyard, partially reconstructed section of the palace.


Color schemes and construction styles are similar throughout the palace.


The horns of the bull, symbol of the city.


Beautiful walls and solid foundations form lasting beauty.


This painting is a reconstruction, the original being placed in the museum.


Archaeologists call this stairway with a central opening a light well.


Sunlight could shine down into lower levels.


One of the throne rooms with its courtyard.


Large jars and columns were common everywhere.


The famed dolphin room.




large storage jars


                          inside a light well                                  another throne room


beautiful details of a third throne room




Food storage system in the palace includes rows of long rooms with drainage


specially built for huge storage jars.


copies of artwork found in the palace




ceremonial entrance to the palace