Origin: The By of Iarund

Domesday: Bishop of Coutances held 2 ½ carcucates of land and 1 bovate. Wulfric held it of him. Land for 2 ½ ploughs. In demesne 1 plough with 1 slave, 3 villans and 2 bordars have 1 plough. William Peverel held ½ hide and 3 bovates. Land for 7 ploughs. 2 of Williams men with 14 villans and 3 bordars have 7 ploughs Meadow 4 furlongs long and as broad.

A small village bypassed by the Husbands Bosworth to Leicester road (A 5119).


The most visible sign from the road is a large windmill, which has been converted, attractively, into a house. The windmill stands on the road to Peatling Magna and the majority of the village is in turn off this road.



You wouldn't go through the village to get anywhere so it is remarkably quiet. Turning towards the church there are two lovely thatched cottages on the left with the majority of the village being well-weathered red brick.


The church I was surprised to find down a hill, normally the church chose the high ground.



Overall you get the feel that a visitor from 1900 would not notice too many changes (except I suspect house prices, clearly there are not too many agricultural labourers living in the cottages at present).

To see the village as it was in the 1860s a copy of White's Directory for 1863 is attached.

My ancestors were the Kenny, Simons and Ward families who lived in the village late 1600s/early 1700s. William Simons was a farmer (so his will says) and would have been born about 1680 (I don't know where). If anyone knows anything about these families please contact me on: