Marston St Lawrence
Marston St Lawrence

Origin: Tun by a marsh with church dedicated to St Lawrence

Domesday: Robert holds 4 hides. There is land for 10 ploughs. In demesne are 4 ploughs, and 9 slaves;and 26 villans and 10 bordars with 6 ploughs. There is a mill rendering 8s, and 24 acres of meadow. It was and is worth 10


The village is strung out along a minor road off the road to Middleton Cheney.


The church (closed) is surrounded by old stone cottages and adjacent to it a large house, possibly the manor. Further along the road stone housing diminishes and more modern brick takes over, there has obviously been quite a lot of growth in recent years which has merely increased the village size from very tiny to tiny.



My interest is in the Gardner family who lived in the village from the mid 1600s to the early 1800s and any information on the family would be welcomed



For a description of the village in the late 1800s a Whelans Directory of 1874 is attached.