Peatling Magna
Peatling Magna

Origin:Peotla's people

Domesday:Godwine the priest holds of the king in Peatling Magna half a carucate of land, and has there half a plough, and 1 1/2 acres of meadow. It was and is worth 5s.

Robwert de Bucy holds of the king 3 carucates of land in Peatling Magna. There is land for 2 ploughs. There is 1 villan, and 8 acres of meadow. It was worth 2s; now 5s.

Countess Judith holds in Peatling Magna 4 carucates of land. There were 2 ploughs. Now 4 sokemen with 2 bordars have there 1 plough. There are 8 acres of meadow

Robert holds of the count 4 1/2 carucates of land in Peatling Magna . There was 1 plough. There 3 sokemen have half a plough. There are 10 acres of meadow. It was worth 4s; now 5s. Osmaer held it freely.

Approached by the gated road from Arnesby the church and the adjacent red brick house (rectory?) are lovely.



Parts of the church date back to the13 th century. From the exterior (the church was locked) it is apparent it has been extended at various times and has lost its pitched roof. The interior must be special, the church appears in a "Best churches in England" guide.



Little now stands out about the village (positive or negative) but it had its excitement in the past when in 1265, following the defeat of Simon de Montfort's revolt, the king's armed men went to the village and the local inhabitants told them to get out because they were against the community of the realm. Not something you would expect villagers to do when faced with a newly empowered king! Fines were levied, hostages taken and imprisoned and a court case held. (A good summary of events is in "In Search of England" by Michael Wood).

More recently Samuel Johnson married Elizabeth (Tetty) Jervis who was born in the village.

For a description of the village in the 1860s White's Directory of 1863 is attached