91st PA--archival material

Archival holdings about the 91st Pennsylvania


Brief list of National Archives records

The National Archives has literally thousands of pages relating to the 91st PA. They have six "regimental books" (about 200 pages each) and five archives boxes (500 to 1000 pages) specifically relating to the 91st. I have a copy of four regimental books, and part of one other.

Record Group 94: Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1780's-1917

Record Group 21

Record Group 105

These letters sent by the Assistant Commissioner for Texas of the Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands, include letters written by Edgar Gregory.

Record Group 153 (Judge Advocate General, Army)

These records include court-martial files (for field and general courts martial).

More detailed listing of National Archives records


regimental letter, order, guard report, and furlough book

The earliest records in this are from June 1863. The 91st's headquarters wagon was captured in November 1862, with all their records. I do not know what happened to the records from then until June 1863. Tayman's request for information about commissioned officers on 18 August 1863 may suggest all regimental records were lost shortly before that.

order book, companies A-K, except D

descriptive books, companies A-E

company F-K descriptive books

regimental descriptive book and consolidated morning reports

court-martial files

(This list is derived from the National Archives Archival Research Catalog, which lists 63 courts martial (accessed 24 July 2010). I have included links to transcriptions of the files I have obtained.)

(See also courts martial of Jesse Wharton and Charles Lynde.)

(Click on a column heading to sort the table by that column.)

namerankcompanyyear and monthnote
Brosse LouisprivateI1864 05transcription
Buckley, HarryprivateI1864 06 
Callahan, JohnprivateI1862 08 
McDermot, RobertprivateK1863 03 
Boyer, J McorporalK1864 04 
Gorman, W HprivateE1862 06[no other source]
Comog, ThomasprivateI1865 06[actually in I 51 PA]
Wooden, RobertprivateE1865 01 
Walmsley, William [presumably William Warnsley]privateI1864 11[no other source]
Burkett, CharlesprivateH1863 12 
Hood, JamesprivateH1863 12 
Baker, D BlieutenantE1863 01transcription [two trials, with the related trial of James B Bonsall 126th PA]
Blum, JohnprivateK1865 01 
Baker, D BsergeantE1863 01transcription [two trials, with the related trial of James B Bonsall 126th PA]
Kotchland, NathanprivateA1863 01transcription (and 2nd court martial)
McCarty, DennisprivateE1864 09 
Galligan, John EprivateD1863 03[can't identify] [ARIAS has a John Galligan G 48th Inf 3 Mar 62 to 17 Jul 65; the Footnote index to the Pension index by unit cards has two John Galligan's: one served in E 25 Michigan Infantry and successfully applied for a pension on 15 Aug 1890 (also served I 2 Mich cav, H 44 Ill Inf, B 5 VRC, unassd det 2 Batt VRC, 155 Co 2 Battn VRC), and the other in E 37 NJ Inf, who successfully applied for a pension on 22 October 1890, died on 9 May 1914 at Orange NJ, and whose widow successfully on 20 May 1914. This is presumably Michael Gallagher]
Gallagher, MichaelprivateD1863 03[see order promulgating sentence (court-martial file LL 231)]
Neide, Charles HprivateD1863 03[no other source]
Clough, Franklin LprivateA1862 10transcription
Boyd, RobertsergeantF1863 02 
Crouse, George JprivateK1863 08 
Leidheiser, D GprivateK1863 08 
McCoy, JohnprivateD1863 08 
Findley, James AprivateF1862 01[can't identify] [ARIAS has a James Findley M 18th Cav 7 Nov 62 to ?; and James Findley F 3 Mil Inf 11 to 24 Sep 62; the index to the compiled service records has James A Findley, co. F, 208 PA Infantry--cross-reference to James A Finley (co. F, pvt, pvt)]
Kayser, MorrislieutenantB1863 07transcription
Neide, Charles HprivateD1865 05[no other source]
Selser, LouisprivateA1865 01[no other source]
Knecht, John JprivateA1864 09 
Mann, JohnprivateH1862 08transcription
Donohue, Frank P [sc. Frank P Donahue]corporalE1865 01 
Lachlin, William (alias James Howard)privateI1864 08transcription
Rhoades, F EprivateA1864 08[no other source]
Hoffman, WilliamprivateA1865 03[no other source]
Green, John WprivateE1864 11transcription
Goodman, GeorgeprivateF1865 01[can't identify] [ARIAS has several George Goodman's, none in the 91st or in any co.F; the index to the compiled service record also has no George Goodman in the 91st or in any Pennsylvania regiment in company B (but has 11 PA cards)]
Stewart, JamesprivateF1864 04 
Lowery, CharlesprivateC1863 12[no other source]
McCoy, JohnprivateD1863 08 
Tayman, B Jlieutenantf&S1863 05transcription
Clough, Franklin GprivateA1863 10 
Gallagher, Patrickprivate B1862 05 01transcription
Tomlin, IsiahprivateC1865 02[no other source]
Stewart, JamesprivateF1865 01[no other source]
Adams, WilliamprivateD1863 12[no other source]
Bowman, Alphens [sic] HcaptainB1862 08transcription
Brewster, E CarrolllieutenantF1862 08transcription
Blum, JohnprivateK1865 01 
Swire, EliassergeantB1862 05transcription
Hammeritle [sic], M [sc. John Hamill]lieutenantD1864 11transcription
Walter, Thomas FlieutenantA1865 01transcription
Robinson, JohnprivateE1865 01 
Collins, JohnprivateD1865 01 
Bergin, MichaelprivateE1864 09 
Knecht, John JprivateA1864 07 
Groff, JohnprivateK1863 03no other source; transcription
Groff, Diller BprivateK1863 03[error in the NARA Archival Research Catalog, according to a letter I received, dated 13 January 2011; file LL-214 is about Captain Diller B Groff, 104th PA Infantry; file LL-231 is about John Groff in the 91st]
Aldredge, WilliamprivateH1865 01[no other source]
Gore, Joseph RprivateA1864 12[can't identify] [ARIAS has no Joseph Gore; index to compiled service record has no Joseph Gore in PA]
Garrity, Edward [probably John Garrity]privateE1864 01 
Mootheart, John AprivateB1862 05[no other source]
Dougherty, JamesprivateD1862 08 
Keen, JosephteamsterB1862 04 27transcription
Gilbert, JohncaptainC1865 03transcription

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Some Historical Society of Pennsylvania records

See http://www.hsp.org/collections/guides/cwmss.html. I do not have copies of any of these records.

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