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Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset:


Shepton Beauchamp Baptisms 1813-1845

Shepton Beauchamp Baptisms 1845-1900

Shepton Beauchamp Marriages 1813-1837

Shepton Beauchamp Marriages 1837-1900

Shepton Beauchamp Burials 1813-1877



Kelly's Directory:

Shepton Beauchamp 1875

Shepton Beauchamp 1939

Dr Campbell's Index:

Dr Cambell's Index for the surname MALE (includes some Shepton Beauchamp Entries)

Settlement and Bastardy Orders:

Settlement and Bastardy Orders – MALE (includes a couple of Shepton Beauchamp Entries)

Settlement Examination BRISTER Robert & family Shepton Beauchamp to Kingsbury Episcopi 1826

Settlement Examination HALLETT Elizabeth Shepton Beauchamp-Kingsbury Episcopi 1832

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Newspaper Articles:

29 May 1817 Taunton Courier Sale of Land includes Fivehead Swell Curry Rivel Isle Abbotts Shepton Beauchamp

05 Nov 1869 Western Gazette and Flying Post Chard includes William MALE Crewkerne MALE various Ilminster MALE various Taunton includes Elizabeth OATEN

26 Nov 1869 Western Gazette and Flying Post Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Stanford MALE Barrington Assault

18 Jun 1880 Western Gazette Pitney Fivehead Isle Abbots Shepton Beauchamp

31 Dec 1880 Western Gazette Barrington Curry Rivel Drayton Fivehead Hambridge Huish Episcopi Ilton Seavington St Michael Shepton Beauchamp

16 Jan 1885 Western Gazette Fivehead Hambridge Kingsbury Episcopi Seavington Shepton Beauchamp Taunton

06 Jun 1888 Taunton Courier Ilminster Ilminster Petty Sessions includes Herbert ROWSWELL and Sarah Best of Shepton Beauchamp and Wm CROCKER of Fivehead

09 Nov 1888 Western Gazette Dowlish Wake Fivehead Ilton Kingsbury Episcopi Seavington St Mary Shepton Beauchamp

08 Sep 1894 Chard and Ilminster News Burglary by a Young Girl at Shepton Beauchamp Elizabeth CLARKE from Bristol

08 Sep 1894 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes MALE of Kingsbury Joseph MEAD of Barrington Charles TUCKER of Fivehead

25 Feb 1895 Chard and Ilminster News South Petherton includes the Late Mr J. ENGLAND

06 Nov 1895 Taunton Courier Ilminster inc Petty Sessions PAUL PRIDDLE Curry Mallet BEALEY Shepton Beauchamp MALE WILMINGTON Isle Abbots GENGE Fivehead

05 Oct 1898 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Fivehead Shepton Beauchamp Middle Lambrook Curry Rivel Muchelney Ilminster Petty Sessions

04 Oct 1901 Western Chronicle Shepton Beauchamp Inquest Levi MALE a Timber Thrower of Shepton Beauchamp

05 Oct 1901 Chard and Ilminster News Bridgwater A Timber Throwers Terrible Death Levi MALE of Shepton Beauchamp

01 Aug 1903 Chard and Ilminster News Ilminster Petty Sessions includes MALE and ROWSWELL of Barrington WOODLAND of Stocklinch and HARRIS of Shepton Beauchamp

04 Jun 1904 Chard and Ilminster News Shepton Beauchamp Friendly Society Festival Serious Accident

22 Apr 1905 Chard and Ilminster News Shepton Beauchamp A Mystery Strange Disappearance of a Farmer Herbert ROWSWELL

16 Sep 1910 Shepton Beauchamp Kingsbury Episcopi Curry Rivel Marriage of new vicar Rev George W. SAUNDERS to Miss EDWARDS

25 Nov 1910 The Western Chronicle Ilton Shepton Beauchamp Puckington Kingsbury Episcopi Hambridge Curry Rivel Fivehead

16 Aug 1916 Taunton Courier Shepton Beauchamp Parish Council Meeting includes Mr. J. LEAN and Mr ROWSWELL

08 Jun 1917 The Western Chronicle Shepton Beauchamp includes Private Joe CORNELIUS Private Cecil GRAY Edwin William WELCH and Henry MALE of Barrington

17 Oct 1917 Taunton Courier Langport Petty Sessions includes Albert FOURACRE Picts Hill Huish Episcopi Shepton Beauchamp High Ham

03 May 1918 The Western Chronicle Yeovil Rural Tribunal includes Gilbert G. MALE of Martock and Thomas W. POWELL of Shepton Beauchamp

12 Jun 1918 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal

22 Feb 1924 The Wells Journal Remarkable Family Record Death Mrs Ann FUDGE Native of Stocklinch Grandfather Joseph ENGLAND of Shepton Beauchamp Died Aged 101

21 Jun 1930 The Langport and Somerton Herald Shepton Beauchamp Friendly Society

22 Feb 1933 Taunton Courier Shepton Beauchamp Shell-shock Death James LAWRENCE

15 Mar 1933 Taunton Courier Shepton Beauchamp Death George POND of Pound Cottage Death Mrs Edith ROWSWELL Adopted Daughter of Mrs E. ASH of Seavington

23 Aug 1933 Taunton Courier A Well Known Agriculturist Death of Mr William Wheadon JACOBS of Hurcott Farm Seavington St Mary

15 Aug 1934 Taunton Courier North Petherton Shepton Beauchamp Huish Episcopi

15 Oct 1834 Taunton Courier Two Drownings in the River Parrett ALLEN near Muchelney Ford and Jacob ENGLAND of Shepton Beauchamp

26 Sep 1936 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Late Mrs Selina PRIOR at Buddle Shepton Beauchamp

03 Oct 1936 Somerset County Herald Barrington Death and Funeral of Mrs Mary COOK includes MALE

27 Feb 1937 Taunton Courier Shepton Beauchamp Coronation Arrangements Committees Appointed

27 Mar 1937 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Funeral of Mrs Mildred Elizabeth GRAY Middle Street

19 Jun 1937 Somerset County Herald Barrington Death and Funeral of Mrs. Georgina MALE

03 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Diamond Wedding Celebration Mr Joseph CORNELIUS and Emma ENGLAND

03 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Kingsbury Episcopi The Late Mrs Beatrice Maud BEST includes MALE

13 May 1939 Somerset County Herald Seavington A Shepton Beauchamp Bridegroom Wedding of Mr James M. ROWSWELL and Miss Margaret SWAIN

26 Aug 1939 Somerset County Herald Somth Petherton Father and Son Drowned James William and Michael John HARRIS Funeral at Kingsbury Episcopi

28 Oct 1939 Somerset County Herald Pitney Fivehead Curry Mallet Seavington Curry Rivel

30 Dec 1939 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Wedding of Mr Hugh GUMMER to Miss Olive POND

10 Aug 1940 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Funeral of Mrs Agnes Mabel MEAD of 1 Stankley View Shepton Beauchamp Wife of Mr Frank MEAD

23 Aug 1941 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Death of Mr Charles MALE of 51 East Street

23 Jul 1945 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Death Caroline BRIDGE Shepton Beauchamp Seavington Death of Mrs Christiana SCOTT

29 Dec 1945 Somerset County Herald Whitelackington Late Mrs Alma MALE

07 Jun 1947 Somerset County Herald Ilminster Funeral of Mrs Julia Anna MARSHALSEA Wedding of Geoffrey George CORNELIUS and Miss Marjorie Edith Florence BISHOP

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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