91st PA--prior service

91st PA--prior (and later) military service

[This list is incomplete.]
[See Veterans' Reserve Corps for men who served in the VRC; see transfers for men who were transferred (as opposed to mustered out and reenlisting)]

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name state regiment branch company miscellaneous
Abbott, Leroy PA 155 Inf K  
Abbott, Leroy PA 62 Inf C  
Adams, John Q US 9 Inf K Old War
Allart, John PA 10 Inf B  
Allart, John PA 51 Inf G  
Anderson, John PA 10 Inf B  
Anderson, Robert PA 52 Mil B  
Auman, Reuben PA 5 Inf F  
Baker, Ambrose PA 19 Inf G  
Bancker, Meriners PA 18 Inf E  
Bancker, Meriners NY 71 Inf I  
Banker, Ephraim PA 87 Inf I  
Barr, Samuel US 18 Inf    
Bartholomew, John CT 6 Inf C  
Beatty, Patrick PA 24 Inf D  
Bennett, Henry PA 141 Inf I  
Berkey, Annanias PA 133 Inf E  
Berkey, Annanias PA 145 Inf A  
Bergner, John MD 2 Inf A  
Black, John VA 4 Inf D  
Blanche, Edward J PA 5 Inf F  
Blazo, John NH 6 Inf H [his original regiment; transferred to 91st]
Boose, Daniel PA 87 Inf E  
Bowman, Alpheus PA 3 Art L aka 152nd PA
Boyle, Edward US 5 Art H  
Boyer, John M PA 4 Inf K  
Boyle, Robert ? ? ? ? 3 enlistments including 91st
Brandt, Christian PA 6 Inf E  
Brass, John PA 23 Inf D  
Brenizer, Washington PA 165 Inf C/L?  
Brewster, Enoch [?] PA 21 Inf I  
Bridell, Charles W        Navy--ironclad, starting Dec 1865
Briggs, Amos PA 23 Inf E  
Brittain, John US 41 Inf C  
Brosse, Louis ? ? ? ?  
Brown, Conrad US 42 Inf E  
Brown, John MA 1 Art    
Brown, John PA 45 Inf I  
Burgess, Thomas PA 183 Inf K  
Burns, John NJ 1 Inf I  
Burns, William    Navy   on Powhatan, Dacotah, North Carolina
Burr, Edwin PA 155 Inf unassigned  
Burrough, Joseph MA 1 Mil Infunattached  
Butler, David Henry M US 19 Inf F  
Butler, David Henry M US 28 Inf K  
Butler, David Henry M DE 5 Inf A  
Caldwell, Alfred PA 17 Inf C  
Cameron, Sylvester PA * Mil * William B Magnis Independent Company of Pennsylvania Militia
Cameron, Sylvester PA 1 Art I  
Cameron, Sylvester PA 22 B Inf  
Campbell, James NY 3 D Inf  
Carbough, Henry PA 165 I Inf  
Care, William H PA 114 D Inf  
Care, William H      Navy  
Carie, John PA 4 F Inf  
Carie, John PA 20 F Inf  
Carpenter, William PA 17 D Inf  
Carrick, George PA 23 E Inf  
Casey, John PA 49 D Mil  
Chandler, William PA 22 K Inf  
Clapp, Francis MD 2 ?    
Clark, James (alias for John Hawks)      Navy  
Clark, John PA 3 H Inf  
Clayton, James H US 5 B Cav  
Cloud, William      Navy Lds. on Constellation, Vermont, Minnesota
Condon, James US 5   Art  
Conrad, Samuel PA 17 D Inf  
Conrad, Samuel PA 115 I Inf  
Cook, William J US ? ? ? Gen Serv USA [perhaps after the war??]
Cooper, William PA 25 E Inf  
Coulston, Harrison PA 58 C Inf  
Cox, Edward IL 30 D Inf  
Crum, Amos PA 165   Inf [likely a mistake]
Culbertson, Andrew PA 121 C Inf  
Davis, George W PA 192 F Inf  
Davis, George W NJ 37   Inf  
Deer, John PA 178 G Inf  
Denning, John H      Navy  
Denslow, Lewis PA 77 D Inf  
Denslow, Lewis PA 77 H Inf  
Denslow, Lewis PA 118 D Inf  
Deihl, Able NH 12 K Inf [pension index has 12th Md]
Dobler, Jacob PA 43 D Mil  
Dollaway, John H PA 41 A Inf  
Donnell, John PA 26 D Inf  
Dougherty, William PA 26 C Inf  
Dyke, William PA 4 B Inf  
Dyke, William PA 20 B Inf  
Eastwick, Stephen NJ 12 A Inf  
Eastwick, Stephen NJ 12 E Inf  
Elberti, Philip US ? ? ? as hosp. stew.
Elliott, Henry PA 17 H Inf  
Epstein, William (aka Wilbur Wampole)PA 59 K Mil  
Epstein, William (aka Wilbur Wampole)PA 114 E Inf  
Epstein, William (aka Wilbur Wampole)     Navy  
Etter, James PA 20 I Inf  
Evans, Charles NY 34 G Inf  
Evans, Charles US 7 F Inf "U.S.V.V."
Evans, John [George?] L PA 20 I Inf Scott Legion
Everett, David D PA 171 B Inf  
Falls, John      Navy steamer Red Rover
Featherm Josiah PA 84 A Inf  
Findley, William [alias] PA 192 A Inf  
Finney, George PA 21 E Inf  
Fissel, William PA 165 F Inf  
Fissel, William PA     Cav Warren's Indpt Co Pa Cav
Flannigan, Edward PA 68 D Inf  
Foote, William PA 60 G Mil  
Foster, George PA 53 B Inf  
Freeman, James PA 58 G Mil  
Fuller, William PA 30 H Mil  
Fuller, William PA 35 C Inf  
Garden, John R PA 3 H Inf  
Garden, John R PA 215 H Inf  
Geary, William H PA 95 K Inf  
Geary, William H PA 54 K Inf  
Geary, William H PA 20 C Cav  
Gehrig, J Brown PA 74 E Inf  
Gehrig, J Brown PA 28 E Mil  
Gere, James NY 149 C Inf  
Gibson, George PA 20 G Cav  
Girard Albert PA 17 D Inf  
Gorbey, Robert PA 37 A Inf  
Graham, Joseph H PA   F Cav Dales Battalion
Green, Joseph PA 20 D Inf  
Greenig, Daniel M PA 59 F Inf  
Greer, Thomas R PA 196 B Inf  
Grey, John (alias Stephen Nice) PA 72 C Inf  
Griffin, William NY 189 H Inf  
Groff, John PA 2 B/A Cav  
Groff, John PA 1 B Cav (pro)  
Guthrie, Adam PA 26 I Inf transferred to F 99th
Guyer, Charles PA 193      
Hagerman, William PA 47 E Inf  
Hagerman, William PA 1 D Inf  
Hamill, John PA 17 D Inf  
Harman, George R PA     Cav Warren's Co.
Harman, George R PA   F Inf Ramsey's Battalion
Harvey, Sylvester PA 21 G Inf  
Hause, Jacob US 30 A Inf  
Heavener, Michael PA 22 C Cav  
Hebding, Charles PA 21 C Inf  
Henry, Frederick PA 4 B Inf  
Henry, Frederick PA 20 B Inf  
Henzey, William alias William Care PA 114 D Inf  
Henzey, William alias William Care      Navy USS Wabash, Wyandott, Ohio
Hess, Samuel PA 192 G Inf  
Hewitt, James PA     Mil Baldwin's Indpt Co
Hill, Paul PA 52 I Mil  
Hoffman, Joseph PA 198 I Inf  
Hoock, Joseph PA 20 C Cav  
Hoock, Joseph PA 1 C Cav "Prov Cav"
Hopkins, William H H PA 20 B Inf  
Houghton, Charles PA 124 ? Inf  
Houghton, Charles PA 214 ? Inf  
Hunley, Thomas IL 136 B/C Inf  
Ickes, Alexander PA 171 I Inf  
Irvine, David PA 17 D Inf  
Jacobs, Henry AM PA 53   Inf  
Jacobs, Jerome      Navy carpenter
Jay, Thomas PA 171 I Inf  
Jester, John F      Navy  
Jester, John F PA 124   Inf  
Johnson, Asa PA 171 I Inf  
Johnson, William PA 171 I Inf  
Johnson, William H PA 17 B Inf  
Johnston, Joseph (alias Joshua) W PA 116 E Inf  
Jones, George (alias George Wyman) PA 59 C Mil  
Kayser, Morris PA 17 F Inf  
Keely, Alexander      Navy "Congress" 1859
Keesey, Jacob PA 10 K Inf  
Keesey, Jacob PA 99 E/B Inf  
Keesey, Jacob PA 32 E Inf  
Kenworthy George PA 33 E Mil  
Kier, William PA 135 F&SInf  
Kirkoff, Mathias PA 47 E Inf  
Kite, George PA 31 F Inf = 2nd PA Reserves
Knickerbocker, Frederick PA 84 G Inf  
Kochersperger, John      Navy St Lawrence
Koshland, Nicholas N US 13 D Inf  
Koshland, Nicholas N CT 7 I Inf  
Kulp, George B PA 95 F Inf  
Laconia, Wade PA 28 K Inf  
Laconia, Wade PA 147   Inf not assigned to a company
Lafferty, Charles PA 29 B Inf  
Laporte, William PA 20 C/I Cav  
Laporte, William PA 83 I Inf  
Lathrop, George PA 197 K Inf  
Lathrop, George US 11 I Inf  
Lathrop, George US 29 E Inf  
Laughlin, Patrick PA 46 A Mil  
Leasure, John G PA 171 I Inf  
Links, Frederick KY 7 B Inf  
Little, Reuben PA       Warren's Co
Lloyd, George L      Navy  
Lohr, Daniel PA 171 E Inf  
Lohr, Daniel PA 53 I Inf  
Lowe, Henry PA 29 C Mil  
Lynch, John PA 6 B Cav  
Lynch, John PA 15 F&SInf  
Lynch, John PA 11 A Inf  
Lynch, John PA 2 B Cav Provisional cavalry
Maguigan, Edward PA 23 I Inf  
Mathers, Henry G PA 90 A Inf  
Matlack, Lewis PA 18 H Inf  
May, Thomas H alias Howard May      Navy Ldo Princeton, State of Georgia
McCleaf, Francis R PA 165 C Inf  
McClure, John A PA 20 I Cav  
McClure, John A PA 127 A Inf  
McCoy, William US 1 C Art  
McCoy, William US 2 A Art  
McCoy, William US 3 K/H Cav  
McCoy, William US 5 A Cav  
McGhee, James PA 29 D Inf  
McIlvee, William PA 194 D Inf  
McGronan, Thomas PA 59 D Mil  
McLoon, James US 14 F/G/K Inf  
McLoon, James US 21 I Inf  
McLoon, James US 32 G Inf  
McLoon, James US   C Eng  
McMannus, Charles G NY 11 I Inf  
McNamara, Matthew PA 116 A Inf  
McNulty, Barney PA 116 ? Inf uncertain
Michael, William PA 22 D Inf  
Miller, Henry PA 13 D Inf  
Mock, Jennings A PA 21 E Cav  
Moore, John C PA 49 B Inf  
Moore, Thomas PA 192 F Inf  
Moothart, John      Navy enlisted while deserted?
Morgan, Albert US 5 B Art  
Mothersbaugh, Sanford KS 1 G Inf  
Mundell, David PA 81 E G Inf enlisted while deserted
Murphy, Patrick PA 28 E Inf  
Myers, David D PA 154 A Inf  
Musselman, Aaron PA 179 C Inf  
Newman, John H NY 21   Inf  
Nugent, James PA 20 B Inf  
Olheiser, Peter PA 10 H Cav pension index card only
Owens, John (alias John Sullivan) PA 52 K Inf  
Owens, John (alias John Sullivan) US     Mar USMC
Peddicord, John PA 165 C Inf  
Peel, Reuben        Mexican War
Peyton, John CT 2 D Inf  
Phillips, Oscar J PA 35 H Inf  
Pilkington, Phillip PA 23 G Inf  
Plank, Isaac PA 87 E Inf  
Pottenturf, Jacob PA 165 F Inf  
Powell, David alias Richard Roberts PA 7 D Inf  
Powell, David alias Richard Roberts PA 6 B/M Cav  
Powell, David alias Richard Roberts      Navy  
Price, Benjamin F PA 135 H Inf  
Ratzell, Alfred PA 33 H Mil  
Reese, Robert T PA 1 D Inf  
Reilly, William PA 25 H Inf  
Reisinger, George W PA 78 I Inf  
Rivert, Edward PA 81 C Inf  
Robinson, John L PA 29 G Mil  
Rook, Maximillus PA 18 I Inf  
Rook, Maximillus PA 33 H Mil  
Royal, Samuel OH 6 G Cav  
Sanders, William PA 165 C Inf  
Savage, Amos MD 2 C Inf  
Schudy, John US 31 C Inf  
Scott, George US     Mar Marine Corps
Selser, Louis US 14 G Inf  
Shannon, Simon C PA 118 I Inf after service in the 91st
Shilling, Charles PA 165 H Inf  
Shipley, Howard PA 20 * Inf  
Shrader, Alexander PA 165 H Inf  
Simmer, Jacob US 6 D Cav  
Simons, William IN 124 C Inf  
Simpson, Charles PA     Cav Warren's Co
Simpson, James PA 3 F Inf  
Simpson, James PA 21 F Inf  
Sinex, Joseph H PA 17 D Inf (as captain)
Sinex, Robert H PA 17 D Inf  
Skipper, Elisha MD 2 B Inf  
Small, Jeremiah PA 165 * Inf  
Smith, William H ? ? ? ? 3 months service
Snoke, William H MD 7 D Inf  
Souders, George PA 2 F Inf  
Souders, George PA 155 K Inf (as 1st lt)
Sourbeer, Amos PA 30 D Inf (as 2nd lt)
Spangler, William PA 19 K Inf  
Stansbury, Hosea WV 1 A Cav  
Stanze, Christian US 2 B Cav  
Stanze, Christian PA 21 D Inf  
Stanze, Christian PA 98 D Inf  
Steelman, Albert W PA 52 E Mil  
Steffie, Andrew PA 194 C Inf  
Stewart, Homer DE 7 A Inf  
Stanze, Christian PA 20 A Mil  
Stotsenburg, John PA 116 ? Inf [no record of service there]
Tinney, John D PA 23 I Inf  
Tipton, Samuel B PA 3 E Inf  
Todd, George PA 20 I Inf  
Trimble, John NJ 12 F Inf (as 1st lt)
Trost, Henry NY 1 I Cav  
Urwiler, Jones PA 33 E Mil  
Vance, Jesse PA 9 D Inf  
Walker, Thomas G PA 171 I Inf  
Wallace, Edward PA 20 B Inf  
Wallace, Edward        Old Wars
Wallace, John PA 81 G Inf  
Welch, Richard US 1 B Art  
Waltman, William F PA 17 M Cav  
Waltman, William F PA 11   Inf not assigned to a company
Walz, Albert PA 20 I Inf  
Warford, William B NJ 4 E Inf  
Warford, William B NJ 10 H/K Inf  
Williams, Griffith PA 26      
Wolff, Andrew PA 33 E Mil  
Wolfinger, Franklin PA 98 A Inf  
Young, Robert US 6 I Cav  
Young, Robert PA 37 D Inf  
Young, Robert US 4 K Inf  
Young, Robert US 16 H Inf  
Young, William PA 8 D Cav  

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