91st PA--deaths

91st PA--chronological list of deaths


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Deaths in chronological order

20 Oct 1861David Irvine (D)Philadelphia PA, of "cramp colic". perhaps 9 Oct 61 [have certificate]
27 Dec 1861John Walters (H)[have certificate]
8 Jan 1862John Thompson (E)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Jan 1862William McLaughlinPhiladelphia, PA
15 Feb 1862Thomas Albertson (E)(possibly 20th). Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
17 Feb 1862James Gilliland (F)Philadelphia PA, by drowning [have certificate]
19 Feb 1862Willis, William (E)Camp Stanton, DC [have certificate]
20 Feb 1862Richard Earl (F)Camp Stanton, of measles (burial record 19 Feb 62)
22 Feb 1862Fetzer, Aaron (F)Columbia Hosp., Washington DC, of typhoid fever
13 or 14 Mar 1862Smith, William (C)of chronic bronchitis; bur. Mt [?] Christ Cem., Washington DC
16 Mar 1862Clark, James (E)Washington DC [possibly Philadelphia]
17 Apr 1862McIlvain, Charles (H)Philadelphia PA (after discharge)
13 Apr 1862Bernstein, Gustavus (A)Indiana Hosp., Washington DC, of typhoid fever; possibly 14 Apr [have death certificate]
21 Apr 1862Adam CookerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
25 or 26 Apr 1862Howell, John (G)Indiana Hosp., Washington DC, of injuries received in a fall
26 Apr 1862Mallon, John (K)at Alexandria VA, by drowning [have certificate]
11 May 1862Harkinson, John (C)of consumption; body sent to parents
11 May 1862Lever, Elias (I) 
16 Apr 1862Humphries, Lawrence (H)at Washington DC
22 May 1862Charmelia, Silas (D)
31 May 1862Campbell, William (H) 
1 June 1862Aitken, Thomas P (A)of exposure at Alexandria VA
4 July 1862Vaughen, Benjamin (B)at Alexandria VA [have certificate]
28 July 1862McChain, Lewis W (F)in 91st's hosp., Alexandria VA, of delirium tremens; bur. Alexandria Nat'l Cem, Alexandria, VA
4 Aug 1862George Alkmus (E)??. bur. Cypress Hills Nat'l Cem, Brooklyn, NY
10 Aug 1862Finnegan, Miles (H) 
18 Aug 1862Whitman, William (D)of typhoid fever, Alexandria VA [have certificate]
20 Aug 1862Scott, David (D)of heart disease, Alexandria VA. perhaps 15 Aug 62
6 Nov 1862Heyser, Nathan (G)at Sharpsburg MD, of typhoid fever
7 Nov 1862James SulgerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
25 Nov 1862Crosby, William (G)at General Hosp, Alexandria VA, by suicide
13 Dec 1862Baumgardner, WH (I) 
13 Dec 1863Brown, William (C)near Fredericksburg VA of wounds
13 Dec 1862Collins, Newton (I) 
13 Dec 1862Godfrey, Amos (A) 
13 Dec 1862Hallowell, Thomas (D)killed at Fredericksburg
13 Dec 1862Johnson, John P (C) 
13 Dec 1862McGilley, John (I) 
13 Dec 1862Murphy, George (I)Fredericksburg VA [have certificate]
13 Dec 1862Patterson, James (D) 
13 Dec 1862Rodgers, Richard (I) 
13 Dec 1862Troutwine, William (C)Fredericksburg VA; body left on field
13 Dec 1862Wilds, William (D) 
14 Dec 1862Chambers, Samuel (K)Annapolis MD [possibly 15th] [have certificate]
19 Dec 1862Todd, George (f&s)
26 Dec 1862Grier, Samuel (D)in Philadelphia PA, of wounds rcvd in action [possibly 14 Mar 1863] [have certificate]
31 Dec 1862Eyre, George W (f&s)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Jan 1863Elder, William (B)at Washington DC, of wounds rcvd at Fredericksburg
4 Feb 1863Hurst, Jerret (A)of typhoid fever, in Division Hospital (possibly 5 or 6 Feb, or 7?)
16 Feb 1863John WaltonWashington DC
14 Mar 1863Grier, Samuel (D)in Philadelphia PA, of wounds rcvd in action [probably 26 Dec 1862]
15 Mar 1863Christian LawrencePhiladelphia PA (after discharge) [have certificate]
23 Mar 1863Robert SimpsonWashington DC (after discharge)
17 Apr 1863James McGuireWashington DC (after discharge) [have certificate]
3 May 1863Patterson, Thomas (B) 
3 May 1863 Lynn, Jacob A (B)
3 May 1863 Maidre, Rudolph (A)
3 May 1863 Badini, Sebastian (B)
3 May 1863 Banning, John (C)
3 May 1863Barnes, Israel H (G) 
3 May 1863 Bisbing, John (C)by musket ball; body left on field
3 May 1863 Chambers, Eugene (K)
3 May 1863 Connelly, Michael (K)
3 May 1863 Gebler, Joseph (F)Chancellorsville VA [have certificate]
3 May 1863 Johnson, Joseph (D)
3 May 1863 Kessler, Joseph (D)
3 May 1863 Wilson, Samuel (A)
3 May 1863 Bryson, William (E)
3 May 1863 McMakin, Francis C (E)
3 May 1863 Miller, Robert (E)
3 May 1863Steel, Samuel (D)Chancellorsville [Bates reports wrongly as 13 Dec 62, Fredericksburg]
6 May 1863 Black, George (H)
25 May 1863 [?] Cooker, John (I)
9 June 1863Enoch BrewsterPhiladelphia PA [uncertain id] [have certificate]
17 June 1863 Mills, Joseph (A)in Washington DC, of wounds received at Chancellorsville [have certificate]
26 June 1863 Lammey, Lewis (K)
26 June 1863Parsons, Theodore H (C)Georgetown DC [have certificate]
2 July 1863Molyneaux, J. W. (B) 
3 July 1863O'Connor, Patrick J (D) 
3 July 1863Selah, Samuel U (G)Gettysburg PA
4 July 1863Rae, James [or Raja, James] (E) 
5 July 1863 Smith, George H (D)Newbern NC
13 July 1863Shinkle, Edward (C) 
13 July 1863Donnolly, John (C) 
20 July 1863Gebler, MathiasPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
29 July 1863Dell, Francis O [or Francis Odell] (E) [have certificate]
8 Aug 1863Spear, John (G)in camp, near Beverly Ford VA, of apoplexy [?]
11 Aug 1863Trotter, John (G)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Nov 1863Todd, James Allen (I)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
14 Nov 1863Van Buren, Peter (F)Washington DC, of chronic diarrhea
Dec 1863Roberts, William (H)died of wounds rcvd in battle, after being discharged
10 Dec 1863Goodwin, John (H)Div Hosp, Bealton Station [have certificate]
16 Dec 1863Faust, Horace B (D)Bealton Station, VA [have certificate]
29 Dec 1863Edward OgdenPhiladelphia PA (discharged 1862) [have certificate]
10 Jan 1864Frederick Lehman (G)Lincoln Hosp, Washington DC. in VRC
18 Jan 1864Francis Cole (C)of typhoid fever, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
25 Jan 1864Dougherty, James (D)Philadelphia PA (possibly 24th or 27th) [have certificate]
9 Feb 1864John HainesPhiladelphia PA [after discharge] [have certificate]
20 Feb 1864Bender, Louis (H)Chester Barracks PA
23 Feb 1864Aaron Derr (F)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
25 Feb 1864Johnson, John (B)Harrisburg Hospital
1 Mar 1864George Whistler (K)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Mar 1864Korkoff, Matthias (D)
8 Mar 1864Chitlick, Henry (C)of delirium tremens, at Warrenton Junction VA
2 Apr 1864Borlan, George (D)of disease, near Warrenton Junction, VA
2 May 1864Redifer, Benjamin (A)
2 May 1864Henry, John A (E)Chester, PA [have certificate]
6 May 1864Lutz, William (D) 
7 May 1864McGeehan, John (D)
8 May 1864Connard, William (F) 
8 May 1864Cox, John (C)by musket ball, Spottsylvania; body left on field
8 May 1864McDermot, James (A) 
8 May 1864Kane, Michael (K)killed in action by being wounded in left breast
10 May 1864O'Conner, William (K)
11 May 1864Armstrong, Robert (H)Chester Barracks PA [have certificate]
12 May 1864Haughey, Charles (E)
12 May 1864Appel, Jacob (K)
12 May 1864Riley, Thomas D (E)
12 May 1864Monteith, John (E)
12 May 1864Andrews, Joseph H (A)killed in action at Spottsylvania Court House VA
12 May 1864Tierney, James (C)on picket; body left on field
14 May 1864Hewitt, David (E)
19 May 1864Burkett, Charles (H)Fredericksburg
20 May 1864Miller, Frank (A)
20 May 1864Morris, Thomas (C)by musket ball, North Anna; body left on field
20 May 1864Drew, Michael (C) 
1 June 1864Baird, Alexander (E)VA [have certificate]
2 Jun 1864Chism, Robert (K)bur. Nat'l Cem., Arlington
6 June 1864Leidheiser, Daniel B (K)
9 June 1864Reese, Joseph (D)in the field VA; of wounds rcvd in action; perhaps 12 May 64
9 June 1864Reynolds, Joseph (D)in Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Jun 64Patrick Gallagher (B)died at W. Phila. Hosp
18 June 1864Sweeney, Samuel (H)
18 June 1864Thomas, Charles (A)
18 June 1864Keen, Samuel (D) 
18 June 1864Cahill, Patrick (F)
18 June 1864McDermot, Thomas (A)
18 June 1864McNulty, Barney (E)Petersburg VA [have certificate]
18 June 1864Miller, William B (C)
18 June 1864Gray, Henry (F)
18 June 1864Hall, David (F)
18 June 1864Hooven, William (C)
18 June 1864Johnson, William H (K)possibly 19 Jun; killed in action by being shot in head
18 June 1864Lamb, Samuel (F)
19 June 1864McKee, William (B)
19 June 1864Hood, James (H)
19 June 1864Brown, Andrewof wounds rcvd near Petersburg
19 June 1864Mellor, Charles O (E)
21 June 1864Prickett, Joseph H (E)
22 June 1864Rusk, John (D)City Point VA, of wounds rcvd in action. perhaps 23 Jun 64
22 June 1864Stewart, John (1 sgt, C)City Point VA [have certificate]
22 June 1864McKinney, James (D)on transport. bur. David's Island NY [possibly 26th]
22 June 1864 Quick, Albert J (A)US Gen'l Hosp, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
23 June 1864 Brophy, Louis (E)
23 June 1864 Keys, John (H)
23 June 1864 Thompson, James I (H)
24 June 1864 Crice, Henry C (H)
27 June 1864 Whinna, Stephen (H)David's Island NY [have certificate]
3 July 1864 Stackhouse, William (D)Chester Hosp, PA [have certificate]
10 July 1864 Wolf, William (H)Alexandria VA. bur. Alexandria Nat'l Cem, Alexandria, VA
23 July 1864 Parks, John (E)
24 July 1864Mathers, Henry G[in 90th PA; buried in Montgomery Cty PA]
5 Aug 1864 Hoffnagle, John (C)Andersonville GA
8 Aug 1864 Anorson, John (C)
17 Aug 1864Varnasdale, Aaron (D)of disease, in hospital
19 or 20 Aug 1864Webb, George W (E)Philadelphia, PA [have certificate]
21 Aug 1864 Earnest, Alexander (E)VA [have certificate]
31 Aug 1864Smith, Charles (B) [possibly 21 Oct 64]bur. Nat'l Cem., Alexandria VA
2 Sep 1864Steele, James (K) 
22 Sep 1864Ellingsworth, Robert (E)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
30 Sep 1864Baker, Ambrose (C) 
30 Sep 1864Alvin Clark (27th Mass)Andersonville GA
2 Oct 1864Hutchings, James (E) 
18 Oct 1864Steinmetz, Andrew (H)of chronic diarrhea, Carver Hosp, Washington DC
21 Oct 1864Smith, Charles (B) [possibly 31 Aug 64]bur. Nat'l Cem, Alexandria VA
27 Oct 1864Bennett, Henry A (H)killed in action, Boyndton Road VA
27 Oct 1864Corle, Francis (G)of wounds received in battle. possibly 29 Oct
27 Oct 1864Corle, Jonathan (G) 
27 Oct 1864Costello, John (K)killed in action by being shot in head
27 Oct 1864 Dougherty, William (E)
27 Oct 1864 Stineman, John (B)
27 Oct 1864 Wood, Joshua (E)
28 Oct 1864Simpson, Thomas (A)  
28 Oct 1864Hamilton, John (K)killed in action by being shot in head
3 Nov 1864Martin BlakeWashington DC
6 Nov 1864Homan, Samuel C (E)City Point VA [have certificate]
18 Nov 1864Phillips, George (H)Washington DC, of wounds rcvd in action [have certificate]
22 Nov 1864Closson, James H (H)City Point [VA] [have certificate]
26 Nov 1864Angel, Harry (H)Bates Hospital, Alexandria VA, of wounds in action
27 Nov 1864Charles Coates (C)near Petersburg VA. buried at home
17 Dec 1864James WilliamsPhiladelphia PA
31 Dec 1864James P LewisPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1865Knox, James (C) 
1865Johnston, William J (B)[bur. York County PA]
28 Jan 1865Buck, Peter (H)shot himself while on picket, Petersburg VA
6 Feb 1865Edgar, John, Jr. (G)
6 Feb 1865Fitzsimmons, James (K)killed in action by being shot in head
8 Feb 1865Charles A WielandPhiladelphia PA (after discharge) [have certificate]
28 Feb 1865David Bachtel (F)Philadelphia PA (after discharge) [have certificate] uncertain id]
31 Mar 1865Flynn, John (E)
26 Apr 1865Williamson, Samuel (G)"suddenly", Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
3 May 1865Clutterbuck, John (E)
8 May 1865Ginther, David (A)typhus fever, David Island NY Harbor
12 May 1865Welsh, Richard (I)pleurisy, pneumonia; Armory Sq Hosp
20 May 1865Barnhart, Zachariah (C)
23 May 1865Carrigan, Francis (E)
29 May 1865Mervins, Robert (C)bur. Alexandria Nat'l Cem, Alexandria, VA
3 June 1865Whartonby, Daniel (I)typhoid fever; Armory Sq Hosp
5 June 1865Shriner, Benjamin (A)meningitis, Campbell Mil Hosp, Washington DC
12 June 1865Ross, William (H)division hosp., Washington DC, of typhoid fever
18 June 1865Nelson, Carl (E)
18 June 1865McCarty, Dennis (E) 
21 June 1865Carpenter, William (C)Trenton, Mercer Cty, NJ [have death certificate]
22 Jun 1865Stufft, Michael (G)prob. after discharge
23 June 1865Strauser, John (H) 
24 June 1865Heller, William (F) 
26 June 1865Hummel, Benneville (H)Hough Gen'l Hosp, Alexandria VA, of typhoid fever
26 June 1865Simon C ShannonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1 July 1865Stahl, Annanias (B) 
2 July 1865Hugh Mullen (E)uncertain
10 July 1865Nesbit HanlonWashington DC
16 July 1865Jesse Kersey CookAlexandria VA [uncertain id]
17 July 1865Peter Cressline (C)bur. Arlington VA
27 July 1865Daniel Orner (H) 
2 Aug 1865Adam Deihlbur. Colerain Twp Bedford Cty PA
2 Aug 1865Patrick O'Malley (K)Philadelphia PA [have death certificate]
4 Aug 1865Henry ErdmanPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
5 Sep 1865Elliott McPherson 
29 Sep 1865Thomas O'Neill 
2 Jan 1866John H KennedyPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
27 Mar 1866George McMullinPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
21 May 1866Adam GuthriePhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
1 Aug 1866Thomas B ScottPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
1 Oct 1866Elias SwirePhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
21 Oct 1866William H FraileyPhiladelphia PA
11 Nov 1866Philip ToushantPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
4 Dec 1866Cornelius Ricebur. Somerset County PA
24 Dec 1866John LangerbartelPhiladelphia PA
13 Jan 1867Isaac D Knight (F&S)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Feb 1867Isaiah Collins[buried Bedford Cty PA]
27 May 1867William HoovenPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 June 1867John StotsenbergPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Sep 1867John Brown (H)Philadelphia Pa [have certificate]
19 Sep 1867Samuel WorlPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Oct 1867Martin Imler (B)Union Township, Bedford County, PA
17 Oct 1867John Buzby (G)[bur. Montgomery County PA]
4 Nov 1867Harold Partenheimer (B)Goose Creek, Dakota Territory
28 Nov 1867Rolin Rowe (B)[have certificate] can't identify
29 Dec 1867Israel LazarusGloucester City, Camden Cty, NJ
3 Jan 1868Charles H NeidePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 Jan 1868Samuel AustinPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Jan 1868John HilseePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
5 July 1868David G LentzPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
22 Dec 1868Joseph DouglassPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1869James Bernardperhaps Central Branch, National Soldiers Home
9 Jan 1869Henry DunnPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
9 Jan 1869John DykePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Jan 1869Isaac Kressler[buried Easton, Northampton Cty, PA]
25 Mar 1869James ManniessPhiladelphia PA [have certificate] [uncertain identification]
18 May 1869George W EhnPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Nov 1869William MooneyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
12 Nov 1869Abraham BankerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Dec 1869David McNeely 
28 Apr 1870August KlarPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
9 May 1870Alexander LairdPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
20 June 1870William Henry ("Henry") Bushman 
27 June 1870Robert H Sinex SrMedical Ward, Blockley Alms House, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
11 July 1870William McAleerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
17 July 1870William McNallyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Aug 1870Augustine MontgomeryPhiladelphia PA
26 Oct 1870Charles ClimePhiladelphia PA
Apr 1871William LaporteNY
14 May 1871John D AckermanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Jun 1871Mordecai ShinnPhiladelphia PA [have certificate extract]
19 Jun 1871Joseph M JohnstonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
14 Aug 1871William AndersonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate] [very uncertain]
2 Oct 1871James C PennypackerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
16 Oct 1871William AldridgePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Nov 1871Edgar M Gregory (f&s)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
1872William Benford 
8 Feb 1872Henry GorgasPhiladelphia PA [have certificate] [uncertain identification]
21 Feb 1872Otto BrandeckerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
3 Apr 1872Peter Wilson 
7 Jun 1872James O'KainNat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH
30 Jun 1872William H MyersPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Jul 1872John WorlPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
22 Feb 1873Matthew C Wilson 
28 Feb 1873Alexander McDougallPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Apr 1873Charles Manning (H)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
15 May 1873George H GashPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
11 Oct 1873Thomas J MarplePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
12 Oct 1873Peter McCulloughPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Dec 1873John Dollaway[bur. Philadelphia PA]
24 Apr 1874Charles King (A) 
29 May 1874John Dort (K)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
25 July 1874Charles Eckhart 
24 Sep 1874Theodore A HopePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Oct 1874William G CasnerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Nov 1874William H GrahamPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Dec 1874Albert Manuel (G)bur. Christ Evang. Luth. Cem., Orvilla PA
1875Simon W KnowlesPotter Cty PA
12 Jan 1875David Lingenfelter 
13 Jan 1875James WispertPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
17 Apr 1875David Mansfield[buried Morris Cty KS]
11 May 1875Noah MallenPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
31 May 1875Charles W BridellPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 June 1875David LeedomPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
24 [?] Oct 1875John Markley 
31 Dec 1875John BiddlePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1876George S Dawson[bur. North East, Erie, PA]
1876John Peyton[bur CT]
30 Apr 1876Jacob Vanderslice (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Aug 1876Charles LeipoldPhiladephia PA [have certificate]
6 Mar 1877Francis H Gregory 
30 Jun 1877John H Douglass (G)Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH
20 Feb 1877John Garrity 
29 Sep 1877John L GrahamPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Dec 1877William LindsayPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1 Jan 1878John McFarland (K)buried in Pittsburgh PA
16 Feb 1878John ConnellyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Mar 1878Cyrus Cartledge (E)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
28 May 1878Joseph Pearson 
8 June 1878William McGlency (E?)Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH
14 July 1878Ralph B Montgomery (F)Camden NJ
1 Aug 1878Skein, David (D)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
19 Sep 1878Charles HenryPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Oct 1878John McGonigle (D)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Nov 1878Samuel BurnsPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
4 Dec 1878Thomas Read[bur. Delaware Cty PA]
28 Dec 1878Abner Smouse 
1879David Smith (I)bur. Blair Cty PA
1 Feb 1879Daniel McGuckin (I)Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton OH
24 May 1879Amos M Mooney (D)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
18 June 1879William Sprowl (G)bur. Kennebec County Maine
29 Oct 1879John Whitaker (I) 
13 Jan 1880Thomas WallacePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Jan 1880Charles G CotterPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Apr 1880George DuncanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 May 1880James McGuckin (I)Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton OH
9 June 1880Albert RutterPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
12 June 1880Joseph L HaywardPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
15 June 1880Francis J BleeChester, Delaware County, PA
9 July 1880John GormanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Sep 1880James GesslerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Sep 1880Thomas McCombsPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
4 Oct 1880Stephen Godfrey (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
24 Jan 1881George Kenworthy (C)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Feb 1881Ralph Welsh 
12 Mar 1881John Aemigh (G)bur. Cambria Cty PA
3 Apr 1881William Stettler (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Apr 1881Henry Bartells (C)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 [?] May 1881Benjamin StrangPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1 June 1881Robert Carrick (F)bur. Philadelphia PA
6 Aug 1881Robert T Reese (K)bur. Northampton Cty PA
13 Aug 1881George Grubb 
8 Oct 1881John Bateman (H)Philadelphia PA
1 Nov 1881Jacob GeisenhofferPhiladelphia PA
3 Nov 1881Jacob P FisherPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
12 Nov 1881John A BeaverPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
9 Dec 1881Edward FarrellPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
28 Dec 1881David Cooley 
19 Feb 1882Jacob B Kaepplinger[bur. Delaware Cty PA]
8 Apr 1882John ChesterPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 May 1882Charles BaileyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 July 1882Henry G ShaeferPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 July 1882Franklin BracelandCounty Prison Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Aug 1882John CollinsCentral Branch National Home
14 Aug 1882William ShiefferPhiladelphia [have certificate]
26 Nov 1882William Andrews (H)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
1883Thomas Conroy[possibly 26 Aug 1887]
1 Jan 1883Daniel FoltzPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
12 Feb 1883John A MoothartPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Mar 1883John J RussellPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
20 Mar 1883Thomas R GreerPhiladelphia PA
9 April 1883John Boxbergerprob. Philadelphia PA (uncertain ID)
9 May 1883John R McClintockPhiladelphia PA (possibly 8 May) [have certificate]
7 July 1883Samuel Stewart (E)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
18 July 1883Daniel Doster (C)Philadelphia PA
30 July 1883Matthew McFetridge (K) 
7 Aug 1883Samuel Williams 
12 Aug 1887David Fordsman (F)bur. Watsontown Northumberland Cty PA
21 Nov 1883Leroy Abbott 
13 Dec 1883Henry ClothierPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Dec 1883Robert C FletcherPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Dec 1883Robert Gray (C)Southern Branch National Home
28 Dec 1883William Lowery Central Branch National Home
14 Feb 1884John Cupples[bur. Mifflin Cty, PA]
5 Mar 1884Donald Knox[bur. Dickinson Cty KS]
8 Apr 1884Zachariah Shafer[bur. Bedford Cty, PA[
13 May 1884Adam OstenwalderPittsburgh, Allegheny, PA [have certificate]
6 June 1884William RinickPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
11 Sep 1884William G KierPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Oct 1884John Eisenberger (A) 
23 Oct 1884Isaiah TomlinPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
20 Nov 1884Robert Boyd 
14 Dec 1884Monroe Bowne (F)Philadelphia PA
1885Benjamin F Frederickbur. Altoona Blair Cty PA
1885William H Lloyd alias Thomas H Smithbur. Wilmington New Castle DE
5 Feb 1885Martin Van Meterbur. Friendship Finley United Meth. cem., Upper Deerfield twp, NJ
20 May 1885Lowery, Johnbur. Dedham Mass
21 May 1885David B Thomas 
1 [?4] July 1885Benjamin Baker 
6 July 1885George Ubil[bur. Chester Cty PA]
week ending 24 July 1885John B ScovellPhiladelphia PA [uncertain ID]
19 Sep 1885William McClungPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
29 Oct 1885Charles HolcombPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 Nov 1885John AllenNat'l Home, Dayton, Montgomery Cty, OH
12 Jan 1886Charles LoweryPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Mar 1886 [?]James B Diehl 
28 Mar 1886Edward OwensDayton, Montgomery County, OH
24 Apr 1886William E Watkins[buried Harrisburg PA]
25 Apr 1886David B BakerPhiladelphia PA
16 May 1886Francis Breighnerof acute cystitis
12 Jun 1886Daniel MattixPhiladelphia PA [have certificate] [uncertain id]
13 Jun 1886George Blake 
9 Sep 1886Barthollous Fleetwood (A) 
18 Nov 1886George L LloydLake Superior, near Ashland WI
8 Jan 1887William B Warford (A) 
11 Jan 1887Charles Walker (B) 
24 Jan 1887Andrew J Hill 
22 April 1887Lawrence McGrath 
14 May 1887Patrick FerryPhiladelphia [have certificate]
2 Aug 1887John C Partenheimer (B)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Aug 1887Thomas P Young (H) 
12 Aug 1887David Fordsman (F)bur. Northumberland Cty PA
26 Aug 1887Thomas Conroy (B)[possibly 1883]
7 Dec 1887Joseph McKeeverPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
17 Dec 1887Theodore S YoungPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Dec 1887Frederick Berger 
30 Jan 1888William Carson (H)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
Feb 1888 [?]William Lindsay (K + 62nd PA)bur. 24 Feb 1888 Union Dale Cem., Pittsburg PA
12 Mar 1888Jacob BolenHeidlersburg, Tyrone Twp, Adams Cty, PA
29 Mar 1888Charles DillonScranton, Lackawanna Cty, PA
19 May 1888Franklin Collison 
31 May 1888Jerome Small (F)bur. St Patrick's Catholic Cem., York PA
30 June 1888John WilliamsEastern Branch National Soldiers Home
13 July 1888David AgnewPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 July 1888Alexander McDermottSouthern Branch National Soldiers Home
4 Aug 1888George Miller 
3 Sep 1888Philip F Stotsenberg 
12 Sep 1888John Coster (A) 
21 Sep 1888Samuel Barnett (D) 
1 Oct 1888William B Van Hondon 
1889Franklin Osborne 
11 Jan 1889William C StackhousePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
29 Jan 1889Steven Kelly (E)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Feb 1889Patrick BeattyCentral Branch National Military Home
29 Mar 1889William TInneyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Apr 1889Aaron G Lewis (A)Trenton NJ [?]
9 May 1889William Volkmar (A) 
22 May 1889Joseph Campbell 
29 June 1889 or 1 July 1889Benjamin Tayman (F&S)Nat'l Soldiers Home, Hampton VA; "disease of brain resulting in apoplexy"
17 Jul 1889Philip Hertzig (A)Nat'l Soldiers Home Hampton VA [have certificate (?)]
Aug 1889Henry Budge (A)bur. 5 Aug 1889, Academy Cem., CA
6 Sep 1889John Kane (K)Central Branch National Soldiers' Home
1 Oct 1889John M Boyer (B) 
1 Oct 1889Merrit McCann (B)Southern Branch National Soldiers' Home
9 Nov 1889Alem Brittain (F&S)Bloomsburg PA; bur. Pine Grove Cem., Berwick PA
31 Dec 1889George KitchenmanPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate] (probable identification)
10 Feb 1890John Brittain (A)  
26 Feb 1890Samuel S GriffithPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
10 Apr 1890William Keller (C)bur. Blair County PA
11 Aug 1890William Dougherty 
29 Aug 1890Charles YeattsMechanicsburg PA
29 Sep 1890Samuel EllisPhiladelphia PA [have death certificate]
3 Oct 1890Jerome B Jacobs 
22 Oct 1890Peter Abbott (K)at West Newton, Westmoreland Cty PA
31 Oct 1890Thomas TaylorPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
24 Dec 1890Frederick ReesePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Jan 1891John Baker 
28 Jan 1891John A MillerCleversburg PA
18 Feb 1891John W Krause 
12 Mar 1891William W McElweeGlasgow, Jefferson Co., Iowa
21 Mar 1891William H H Hopkins 
30 Mar 1891Franklin CloughPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
31 Mar 1891John Falls (D/H)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Apr 1891John Falls (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
14 Apr 1891William Rookstool (G)West Point, NY
17 Apr 1891Archibald McKain 
19 Apr 1891John BarnesPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Jun 1891William H Kintzel (A) 
19 Jun 1891Joseph Mayhew (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Aug 1891Louis KuertPennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home
10 Aug 1891George FinneyPhiladelphia PA
15 Sep 1891Albert Fetter (F)Moore, Delaware County, PA [have certificate]
19 Sep 1891Thomas Birmingham (B)Dayton, Montgomery Cty, OH
3 Oct 1891Joseph Bayley[probably Philadelphia]
16 Oct 1891James Forsythein line of duty as firefighter, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
22 Oct 1891Joseph RementerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Nov 1891Hugh GreenPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Nov 1891Malachi Davis 
22 Nov 1891Francis ManniessPhiladelphia PA [have certificate, uncertain identification]
6 [?] Dec 1891Leaf, George[prob Baltimore MD]
11 Dec 1891William Michinerprobably Philadelphia PA
23 Dec 1891Reuben PealeNorth Platte, Lincoln Cty, NE
6 Jan 1892Francis HarriganPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Jan 1892George C RubicanCamden NJ
8 Jan 1892Martin JonesPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Jan 1892Alexander Shrader 
16 Jan 1892Thomas E CoylePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 Jan 1892James CarrickPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Jan 1892Samuel NickelPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
20 Mar 1892James DelavanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
22 Mar 1892George DetterlinePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
22 Mar 1892John H RussellShy Beaver PA
25 Apr 1892David StackmanEast Providence Township, Bedford County, PA
14 May 1892Charles EckhardtPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 May 1892Thomas McGronanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
1 Jun [?] 1892Samuel SeifertHeidlersburg, Adams Cty, PA
31 Jul 1892Edward Flanegan (I)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
1 Aug 1892John WoolsonPhiladelphia PA [?] [have certificate]
11 Aug 1892Freeman KneedlerSouthern Branch National Home, Elizabeth City County, VA
21 Sep 1892John S Donnell (I)Southern Branch National Home, Elizabeth City Cty, VA
23 Sep 1892William MealeyPhiladelphia PA
24 Sep 1892John Bailey (I)bur. Napa County CA
6 Oct 1892Joseph H SinexPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 Oct 1892William SoumellionSouthern Branch National Soldiers Home
22 Nov 1892John ShaefferWestern Branch National Solders Home, Kansas
21 Jan 1893Samuel AmeyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
20 Feb 1893James RobinsonNew Oxford, PA
22 Feb 1893John J JohnsonBedford County PA
22 Apr 1893Daniel BlackPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
2 May 1893Harrison CoulstonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
28 May 1893Edwin NeffWarriors Mark PA
4 June 1893Isaac SmithAlum Bank, PA
18 June 1893Griffith WilliamsPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
24 June 1893William McMichaelPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Aug 1893Franklin WolfingerPhiladelphia PA
27 Aug 1893David McCandlessMyoma, [Butler Cty,] PA
15 Oct 1893William McCalla 
7 Dec 1893John MillerEast Tyrone, Blair Cty, PA
1894Emanuel Brown 
9 Jan 1894David JamiesonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 Feb 1894Henry McKanePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
4 Mar 1894Elijah McGregorAlum Bank, Bedford Cty, PA
8 Mar 1894John N Hawks alias James ClarkCentral Branch National Soldiers Home
9 May 1894Ephraim BankardSouthern Branch National Soldiers Home
22 May 1894Joseph CohenPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 July 1894Mansfield WoodPhila. Alms House
28 Jul 1894George HollickPhiladelphia [or 27 Aug 94] [or Central Branch National Soldiers Home]
28 Aug 1894Edward P Wood (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Sep 1894Daniel LivingstonBendersville, PA
8 Sep 1894John FennRedwood City, San Mateo Cty, CA
6 Oct 1894William Harvey[buried in NJ]
1895Henry Carbough[bur. Franklin Cty PA]
7 Jan 1895Frederick Stolte 
25 Jan 1895John AllartOsceola Mills, Clearfield, PA
26 Apr 1895Charles Hebding (A)bur. New Cathedral Cem., Philadelphia PA
16 May 1895Emanuel MackSouthern Branch National Soldiers Home
June 1895David W KellyFort Seneca OH
28 Jun 1895Abner Bertolet (B)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Jul 1895Sanford Mothersbaugh (B) 
10 Oct 1895Howard Shipley (G)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
14 Oct 1895Edward GillespieSouthern Branch Nat'l Soldiers Home
1 Nov 1895Joseph Bennett 
4 Nov 1895Franklin Gilbert (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
20 Dec 1895Joseph Shane (F)[buried in Arlington]
1896Solomon Starnerprob. Adams Cty PA
11 Mar 1896Matthew McNamaraSouthern Branch National Soldiers Home
28 Mar 1896Patrick DwierPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Apr 1896John AndersonPA
19 Apr 1896Michael HiltyPittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
27 Apr 1896George Fritz Sr 
12 Jul 1896David Vance (B)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
17 Aug 1896William HarrisPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
9 Sep 1896Emanuel JohnsonElbinsville, Bedford PA
13 Sep 1896Henry Zane (F)Philadelphia, PA
17 Sep 1896James Defibaughprob. Bedford Cty PA
23 Sep 1896Jesse VanceNational Soldiers Home
25 Sep 1896William Tries (B) 
8 Oct 1896Jeremiah StotsenburgPhiladelphia PA [have certficate]
11 Oct 1896George Baumeister (I)[bur. Northampton Cty PA]
31 Oct 1896John Kochersperger (A)of accidental fall; Chicago IL
27 Nov 1896James Rulon (B) 
3 Dec 1896George FinleyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 Dec 1896Edward Matchett 
29 Jan 1897James Clark 
12 Feb 1897Nathan Koshland[bur. CA]
17 Feb 1897Otho Elbin (I)bur. Bedford County PA
5 Mar 1897John Cochran (C)bur. Camden County NJ
9 Mar 1897Peter Keyser (C)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Mar 1897Samuel Laforge (B) 
13 Mar 1897William P Hagerman 
31 Mar 1897Samuel H HessPhiladealphia PA [have certificate]
7 May 1897Joseph E SmithCentral Branch National Military Home
24 Jun 1897John F Casner SrPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
4 Jul 1897Isaac GoodmanSouthern Branch National Military Home
18 Jul 1897Justus Gregory (B)Denver Colorado [have certificate]
10 Aug 1897Michael Shutzle (H)buried in Schulkill Cty PA
26 Aug 1897William Snoke 
2 Sep 1897Andrew WolffPhiladelphia PA
22 Sep 1897Samuel Otwaybur. Allegheny Cty PA [have certificate]
23 Sep 1897John BurnsNational Soldiers Home, Ohio
26 Sep 1897Charles Bournonville[buried MT]
29 Sep 1897Harvey E Reinhartburied Waterford Saratoga NY
11 Oct 1897Henry Nearhoof (I)bur. Blair County PA
10 Nov 1897Jacob Barclay (B) 
28 Dec 1897Deweese, Draper (H)bur. Delaware Cty PA
5 Jan 1898William Robison (B) 
2 Feb 1898James Nugent (F)Philadelphia (possibly Southern Branch National Military Home) [have certificate]
24 Feb 1898George Carrick (F)Philadelphia [have certificate]
26 Feb 1898John F Walters (B)Central Branch National Military Home
27 Feb 1898Elias BurketQueen, Bedford Cty, PA
13 Apr 1898John Nullburied Vineland, Cumberland, NJ
15 Apr 1898Charles MegonigalPhiladelphia PA [uncertain identification]
21 May 1898John L EvansPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 May 1898Andrew G GeorgeMiddletown, Middlesex, Connecticut
11 May 1898Alexander McDonald (H)Harmony [Minden??], Nebraska
25 May 1898Frederick HenhoefferPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
28 May 1898Henry E SelahNew York NY [have certificate]
20 June 1898Hezekiah Zeiber[buried in Montgomery County PA]
25 July 1898Francis TonerPhiladelphia, PA
3 Oct 1898David Meals (G)bur. Adams Cty PA
11 Oct 1898James McCulloughNat'l Soldiers Home, Elizabeth City Cty, VA
21 Oct 1898John GriffithsPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
11 Nov 1898John FridayTyrone, Blair, PA
18 Nov 1898Jesse Rex (A) 
10 Jan 1899William H SmithHaynesboro [?] PA
11 Jan 1899George KiscaddenLancaster PA
24 Jan 1899Frederick DeiningerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Feb 1899George A Clime 
2 Apr 1899Samuel HawksPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Apr 1899John McCormickCentral Branch Nat'l Soldiers Home
8 May 1899Bernard Vanhorn 
9 June 1899George YoungPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
10 June 1899Samuel WilsonSaint George, Maine
10 Jun 1899Benjamin Reed 
5 Jul 1899David Butler (B) 
1 Aug 1899Henry W McCool (C)[probably Philadelphia PA]
8 Sep 1899Charles Willis (A)Philadelphia PA
12 Sep 1899George Tewell (F)Bedford Cty PA
27 Sep 1899William O Harris 
12 Oct 1899Rinard AnthonyUnion Twp Jeffersty Cty PA
26 Oct 1899Valentine StakesPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Nov 1899Henry Francis (F)bur. Arlington Cem
25 Nov 1899George W KitePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Dec 1899Jacob Browning (A) 
7 Dec 1899Frederick Becker 
18 Dec 1899George W CrossleyPottsgrove, Union County, PA
11 Jan 1900Stephen Nice 
24 Feb 1900Philip Clark 
3 Mar 1900William K Lecrone 
3 Mar 1900George W Smith 
22 Mar 1900Edward WamboldPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Mar 1900Theophilus PalmerPhiladelphia Hospital, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Apr 1900Jacob BenderErie PA
7 Apr 1900Lewis Young (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Apr 1900James E Freeman 
18 Apr 1900Michael Gallagher 
29 Apr 1900Salathiel CoxNorristown, Montgomery Cty, PA [have certificate]
30 Apr 1900Henry Jacobs (B)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
3 May 1900Oliver StewartHuntingdon, Huntingdon Cty, PA
8 May 1900Samuel Bricker (B) 
28 June 1900Alfred Stapleford alias Thomas SteadmanBaltimore MD
7 Aug 1900John LentzPhiladelphia PA
11 Oct 1900William DavisPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
17 Oct 1900Henry H Krider 
15 Nov 1900James Chism (B)Central Branch, National Soldiers Home
1 Dec 1900Andrew Greggbur. Brookville, Jefferson Cty, PA
10 Dec 1900John Eyre (B)Huntingdon Cty PA
11 Dec 1900James GormanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Dec 1900George OttPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
13 Jan 1901John SageWoodbury, Camden Cty, NJ [have certificate]
13 Jan 1901Thomas Linton 
14 Jan 1901John Weber 
11 Feb 1901George Getz 
15 Mar 1901George Justice (D)bur. Merion Square Cem., PA [have certificate]
24 Mar 1901John Pomeroy (C)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
28 Mar 1901George Surrick (B)bur. York Cty PA
21 Apr 1901Thomas BurgessWashington DC
10 June 1901Charles Harmer 
26 June 1901George Pilkington 
22 July 1901John N Davis 
23 July 1901John Finn 
27 July 1901John Roxworth 
2 Aug 1901James MallonNational Home, Hampton VA
27 Aug 1901William DykePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
3 [?] Sep 1901Edward Hart (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Nov 1901David Faunce (B)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
9 Dec 1901James Beeman (H)Terry Twp Bradford Cty PA
16 Dec 1901Ansel Hamberg (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
1 Jan 1902Blocher, William W 
11 Feb 1902John Schwartz 
18 Mar 1902Benjamin VandeverSouthern Branch National Soldiers Home Elizabeth City Cty VA
12 Apr 1902Christian Brandt 
24 Apr 1902Amos Briggs (B) 
8 May 1902Henry Sinexprob. Philadelphia PA
27 June 1902William Beaver 
16 Aug 1902James C Sunderland 
17 Sep 1902Hamilton Fetters (B) 
13 Oct 1902Samuel Peberdy (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
15 Oct 1902Thomas ChristyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
3 Nov 1902Frederick Rhoades (A) 
17 Nov 1902George A Souders 
30 Nov 1902Edward Hoskins (A) 
28 Dec 1902William Pentland 
1903Hiram Perdew (F)bur. Memory Cem., New Market IA
20 Jan 1903John George JaussPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
30 Jan 1903Amos Sourbeer 
5 Feb 1903Hezekiah MullenBendersville, Adams Cty, PA
7 May 1903Charles HigginsPhiladelphia Hospital, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
6 July 1903Charles O'Connellbur. Union Cemetery, Bakersfield CA
24 July 1903William P Johnson 
30 July 1903Daniel Tranckler 
8 Sep 1903Kreil, Lorenzo 
16 Sep 1903John Anderson (K)bur. Centre Cty PA
18 Oct 1903Amos Yeatts 
19 Oct 1903Jacob TopperEmmitsburg, Frederick Cty, MD
20 Oct 1903Charles C PowellPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
24 Oct 1903John L KeeverPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Oct 1903Jones F Urwiler 
28 Oct 1903Edward Sykes (B) 
3 Nov 1903Elisha Skipper[bur. Baltimore MD]
18 Nov 1903David AdamsWaynesboro, PA
9 Dec 1903Lewis Camplainbur. Adams Cty PA
20 Dec 1903Robert R StewartPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Jan 1904Francis ColkittPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
25 Jan 1904James Etter (D/F)Washington DC
4 Feb 1904John LottDarby, Delaware Cty, PA
16 Feb 1904William KirshnerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
16 Feb 1904Daniel Embody[buried Pottstown, Montgomery Cty, PA]
18 Apr 1904William Kane 
7 May 1904Joseph Everhart (C)bur. Norris City Cem., Norristown, PA
16 May 1904Robert EarnestPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
24 Jun 1904George SweedsPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Jul 1904Aloysius Marshall 
21 Jul 1904Edward GambleCentral Branch National Home
25 July 1904Charles DavenportPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
27 Sep 1904Charles W Roberts 
16 Oct 1904Washington Brenizer 
17 Oct 1904John Roster[bur. Berks Cty PA]
22 Oct 1904George Haines 
8 Nov 1904Charles BrownPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Nov 1904Charles G SanderPittsburgh, PA
21 Nov 1904Conrad Brown (B)Hollywood PA
3 Dec 1904Chrysostum Eppleman[bur. Adams Cty PA]
1905John Doan[bur. Preble County OH]
1905Henry Foust 
1905Charles Garner 
1905Thomas Hymes 
1905John Irwin (A) 
1905Homer C Stewart (A) 
10 Jan 1905Isaac GoldbackerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
21 Jan 1905Joseph J StephensSouthern Branch National Home VA [have certificate]
10 Feb 1905James Devine (B) 
11 Feb 1905William VanceNational Soldiers Home Central Branch
15 June 1905Albert W SteelmanKalamazoo Cty, MI
18 Aug 1905Eli SellersPhiladelphia, PA [VA pension index has 1906] [have certificate]
1 Sep 1905Thomas WhelanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
16 Oct 1905William Snyderbur. St Paul's UM Ch., Paulsboro NJ
19 Oct 1905John BlazoParsonsfield, York, ME [have certificate]
13 Nov 1905Arthur Bloomley 
13 Dec 1905Stephen BachmanShickshinny, Luzerne, PA
16 Dec 1905Josiah Feathers 
20 Dec 1905Absalom RiceWaterloo, Juniata County, PA
25 Dec 1905George MettigerCentral Branch Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton, Montgomery, OH
1906George Mettiger[probably 25 Dec 1905]
9 Jan 1906John YakeBerwick Twp, Adams, PA [have certificate]
11 Jan 1906John BlackNational Home, Hampton, VA
12 Jan 1906Wilfred BywaterSan Joaquin Cty CA
17 Jan 1906John A PeddicordWaukegan IL
19 Feb 1906Thomas JohnstonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
25 Jan 1906Lewis Bond 
27 Jan 1906Daniel Stoner 
5 Feb 1906Philip H PeltzPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Feb 1906William H ChandlerCamden NJ [have certificate]
20 Feb 1906Henry Bozier[bur. Bridgeton Cumberland Cty NJ]
19 Mar 1906Jeremiah GrazierAltoona Blair PA [have certificate]
28 Mar 1906Maxillus Rooke 
4 Apr 1906Thomas KeithMartinsburg, Blair Cty, PA
19 Apr 1906John D HightHuntingdon Cty PA [have certificate]
19 May 1906Henry Weigle[bur. Adams Cty PA] [sent for death cert]
10 Jun 1906Charles MyersPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 Aug 1906John SomervilleGAR Home, Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
15 Oct 1906Andrew BroughAdams Cty PA [have certificate]
22 Oct 1906Daniel Braun, JrAllegheny Cty PA [have certificate]
1907Martin V Dowd 
1907George Gay 
1907Samuel Malcomson 
16 Jan 1907William FaustPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
16 Jan 1907William CloudNew York NY
24 Jan 1907Jacob Pottenturfbur. Adams County PA
26 Jan 1907Andrew GradwohlMontgomery Cty PA [have certificate]
2 Feb 1907Francis LawrenceMcSherrystown, Adams, PA
4 Feb 1907Charles KingWest Conshohocken, Montgomery, PA
13 Feb 1907Jervice EdesReading Berks PA
17 Feb 1907Adam Murphyd. San Francisco, California. bur. Mt. View Cem.
4 Mar 1907William FootePhiladelphia [have certificate]
5 Mar 1907Henry Trost? Danville Branch Nat'l Soldiers Home
12 Mar 1907William SpanglerPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
29 Apr 1907Patrick CampbellDoyelstown, Bucks, PA [have certificate]
23 Mar 1907James Smith? Southern Branch Nat'l Soldiers Home
5 Apr 1907Joseph DonellyDoylestown, Bucks Cty, PA [have Philadelphia certificate]
15 Apr 1907Randolph Smith? Mountain Branch Nat'l Soldiers Home
29 Apr 1907Howard McCansTyrone Twp, Adams Cty, PA
30 Apr 1907Charles StarnowskyDauphin Cty, PA
1 Jun 1907William AustinLewistown, Mifflin Cty, PA [sent for death certificate]
2 Jun 1907John P CariePhiladelphia PA
28 Jun 1907Samuel Mock 
13 Jul 1907Montgomery Burr 
27 Aug 1907John Taggart[bur. Montgomery Cty PA]
2 Oct 1907John M BoyerWhitemarsh, Montgomery Cty, PA [have certificate]
18 Nov 1907Adam WispertPhiladelphia PA
9 Dec 1907Franklin W ConyersPhiladelphia PA
24 Dec 1907Daniel BooseMechanicsburg, Cumberland Cty PA [have certificate]
1908Jacob Hause 
1908John H Weeks 
2 Jan 1908Edward E WallacePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
17 Jan 1908Samuel Fordney[bur. Beverly, Burlington Cty, NJ]
29 Feb 1908William W Burnsprob. Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Mar 1908Daniel Lohr[bur. Somerset Cty PA]
3 Mar 1908Reuben ChaffeeMercer Cty PA [sent for death cert]
30 Mar 1908James Browning 
31 Mar 1908James Huston 
2 Apr 1908Jeremiah Nablebur. Lycoming Cty PA
20 Apr 1908Jeremiah Smallbur. New Oxford Cath. Cem., New Oxford, Adams Cty PA
30 Apr 1908George H BurnsTioga Cty PA [have certificate]
May 1908Adrian Beaugureaubur. Oxford College, Oxford, Butler Cty, OH, 10 May 1908
22 May 1908Archibald Nimmobur. West Laurel Hill Cem., Bala Cynwyd PA
4 June 1908Edward J Doolittlebur. Bradford County PA
6 June 1908James Nelson? Central Branch Nat'l Mil Home
13 June 1908John H WeeksWaterbury CT
17 Aug 1908Penrose ForsytheSomerville, Middlesex, MA
30 Aug 1908John Jeremiah Weigle[bur. Adams Cty PA]
4 Sept 1908Thomas FlynnNat'l Soldiers Home VA
11 Sep 1908David Lentz (f&s)Vets home, CA
9 Oct 1908John Wharton (C) 
10 Oct 1908John Dougherty 
19 Oct 1908John R LynchPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
14 Nov 1908George A KellerNat'l Military Home, VA
14 Nov 1908Isaac Cox (B) 
9 Dec 1908McCoyer, Thomas (F)National Soldiers Home, Sawtelle California
13 Dec 1908Russell, David (D)Liberty, Bedford, PA [have certificate]
21 Dec 1908Hiram AshtonNational Soldiers Home, VA
1909William L LeTourneau 
1909Joseph H SmithNational Soldiers Home, VA [have certificate]
1909George Stahl (B) 
1909Henry C Taylor (A) 
1909William Wolfgang 
21 Feb 1909Issaacher MorganPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 Feb 1909Robert McFeetersPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Mar 1909George W Reisinger[buried in Allegheny County PA]
17 Mar 1909John WislerButler Twp, Adams County, PA
5 Apr 1909William HainesPhiladelphia [have certificate]
9 Apr 1909George Tomlin (E)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
20 Apr 1909John Bell (A)Denver Colorado
22 Apr 1909Lewis MatlackPhiladelphia PA
28 Apr 1909William Epstein alias Wilbur/William WampolePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 May 1909William Mock (I)Fairfield NE
20 May 1909Jacob Affleback (E)Salem County NJ
22 Jun 1909John WeiserArmstrong Cty PA [have certificate]
1 July 1909Joseph Adam HoffmanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
25 July 1909William Bibby alias James ClarkPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
16 Nov 1909Edward J MaguiganPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 Nov 1909William T FullerDyberry Wayne Cty PA [have certificate]
12 Dec 1909John BrassPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
25 Dec 1909David Garland 
30 Dec 1909Abraham Petersburied in Greenwood Cty Kansas
1910Edward Blanche 
1910John [Andrew?] Burke alias John Hanton 
1910Henry Millerperhaps 15 Dec 1909, Allegheny Cty PA [sent for death cert]
1910Jacob Weinert 
2 Jan 1910William Griffin 
22 Jan 1910George Lathrop 
25 Jan 1910Joseph Gilbert 
8 Feb 1910Joseph Summers 
19 Feb 1910Oscar PhillipsTioga, PA [have certificate]
9 Mar 1910David BairdPhiladelphia, PA
27 Mar 1910Jennings Mock (I)Orting WA
30 Mar 1910John GrahamHampton, VA [have certificate]
11 Apr 1910Joseph WhitakerLogan, Blair, PA
12 Apr 1910Robert WilsonSouthern Branch Nat'l Mil Home
14 Apr 1910William Cox (G)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
30 Apr 1910Samuel RoyalMercer Cty PA
17 May 1910Abel Johnson (A) 
1 Jun 1910Thomas Fox (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
31 July 1910Hosea StansberryMorgantown WV [have certificate]
4 Aug 1910William H Simpson (C)Penns Grove, [Salem,] NJ
7 Sep 1910William McCoy (H)Washington DC
8 Sep 1910George R HarmanShippensburg, PA
1 Nov 1910Albert GirardPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Nov 1910John A McClure (A)Harrisburg PA
17 Nov 1910Robert H Sinex Jr (D)Hazleton PA [have death certificate]
2 Dec 1910Robert H HoustonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
30 Dec 1910Isaac Plank (D) 
6 Jan 1911Isaac Matlock (B) 
8 Jan 1911William R MilliganPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
24 Jan 1911John McGovern 
25 Jan 1911John W LashleyIron County MO
26 Feb 1911John M LangabartlePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
7 Mar 1911Israel Eberly 
17 Mar 1911George StewartPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
6 May 1911Isaac RussellShy Beaver, PA
28 May 1911Henry Privet 
11 June 1911James J DonnellyAtlanta GA
11 June 1911Jesse ConnardPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Jul 1911George Shellenberger (B)Juniata Cty, PA
5 Jul 1911Martin Knittle (K)bur. Allegheny Cty PA
5 Jul 1911Samuel SwartzQuakertown PA
23 Aug 1911William HarveyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
31 Aug 1911Francis [William] FariesPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
2 Sep 1911Edward GardenPhiladelphia PA [have death cert]
2 Sep 1911William RumbaughTacoma, Pierce, WA
14 Sep 1911John Deerr 
24 Sep 1911Joseph B GehrigSchuylkill Haven, Schuylkill, PA [have certificate]
23 Dec 1911William MorrisLos Angeles CA
1912William Wiley 
24 Jan 1912Adam Imler (B) 
27 Jan 1912Amos SavageFayette County PA
25 Feb 1912John F Casner[probably near Philadelphia]
26 Feb 1912James H Hewitt (f&s)Lebanon, IL
10 Mar 1912Thomas F Walterbur. Erie PA
7 Apr 1912Alexander FrazierEastern Branch Nat'l Mil Home
14 Apr 1912Aaron Musselman (H) 
7 May 1912William Smith (A)West Vincent PA
13 May 1912Daniel KellyPottsville, Schuylkill Cty PA
14 May 1912Robert LovelessLakeville PA
29 May 1912Joshua Brendlinger (B??)Montgomery Cty, PA
18 Aug 1912Daniel MarkleyYork Springs, Adams, PA
3 Sep 1912Valentine HouseworthUpper Black Eddy PA
13 Sep 1912Jeffries, William (A)Camden NJ [have death certificate]
7 Oct 1912Henry Seher (F)Rockledge, Montgomery Cty, PA [have certificate]
16 Nov 1912Michael BergenSoldiers' Home, TN
18 Nov 1912Emmor E Lewis 
26 Dec 1912Levi Boyer (B)Quakertown, Bucks Cty, PA [have certificate]
1913Peter Stutz (A) 
12 Jan 1913Jacob LeedyFranklin County PA [ordered death cert]
21 Feb 1913George W HiltyPittsburgh [Allegheny] PA
3 Mar 1913George G GordonPavia, Bedford, PA
4 [?] Mar 1913Sebastian VeihdorferLewistown, [Mifflin,] PA
13 Mar 1913John G LeasureChaneysville, Bedford, PA
14 Mar 1913John StackhouseMercer County, NJ
4 April 1913William C ReiffNew Mexico
4 April 1913John C MooreHuntingdon PA
14 April 1913Thomas CrozierPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
3 May 1913Sylvester RittenhousePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 May 1913Lando Clauser (B) [have certificate]
22 May 1913Henry Shubert 
3 June 1913William KirkpatrickLanghorne, [Bucks Cty,] PA
16 July 1913George GablePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
26 July 1913William FreedHilltown, Adams Cty, PA
31 July 1913Sylvester CameronHampton VA
7 Oct 1913Nicholas Million (B) 
19 Oct 1913Alexander KeeleyPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
19 Oct 1913Henry A SheaffPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
16 Nov 1913John BartholomewStillwater, Oklahoma
4 Dec 1913Joseph H BurroughsSanford ME (or Kennebunk, York Cty, ME)
4 Jan 1914Charles Cole alias Charles Hamilton (B)Bristol PA
14 Jan 1914George L PooleNational Soldiers' Home VA
30 Jan 1914Wade LaconiaShenandoah, Page Cty, VA
8 Feb 1914John WoodKearny, Hudston County, NJ [perhaps Martinsburg WV] [have certificate]
21 Feb 1914James MoynahanPhiladelphia PA
22 Feb 1914David Buchanan 
3 Mar 1914Benjamin Franklin WeigleAdams Cty, PA [have death cert]
15 Mar 1914Edward RivertSpencer, Worcester, Massachusetts [have certificate]
18 Apr 1914Frederick Henry 
24 Apr 1914Andrew Friend (B)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
24 Apr 1914Michael HeavenerCushing [?], OK
9 May 1914Matthew Hall (E)Erie PA
2 June 1914William YoungPhiladelphia PA
15 June 1914William Henzey alias William H Care 
17 July 1914William H JeffriesPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
23 July 1914William J ClarkPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
31 July 1914George WilkinsonHanover PA
2 Aug 1914William Megogney alias William McGogneyNational Military Home OH
15 Aug 1914Alfred D W Caldwell 
15 Oct 1914John DeBarrySomers Point, NJ
28 Oct 1914William CookPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
9 Nov 1914John BarthNational Home, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
13 Nov 1914James TroutmanClearville, Bedford, PA
13 Nov 1914William SwankLiberty, Clay County, Missouri
15 Nov 1914Harry H DunhamPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
18 Nov 1914Stephen EastwickChester PA
26 Nov 1914Jeremiah DerrMilton PA
29 Nov 1914Jacob FisherPittsburgh PA
25 Dec 1914Daniel YinglingRipley County, Missouri
1 Feb 1915Henry Lowebur. Hampton Nat'l Cem VA
10 Feb 1915George GibsonSoldiers' Home, PA
11 Feb 1915Benjamin CraneBald Eagle [Blair Cty] PA
1 [?] Mar 1915Samuel StineHuntingdon [?] PA
10 Apr 1915William Sanders (A)Edgeport [?] PA
11 Apr 1915Joseph H BuddNew York, NY
16 Apr 1915William Knousenear Brysonia, Adams, PA
19 Apr 1915John B HershAbilene KS
7 May 1915Alan Hill alias Albert HillPhiladelphia PA
19 May 1915Henry PhelpsWenonah, [Gloucester County,] NJ
20 May 1915Charles SmaltzPompeii, Michigan
26 May 1915Franklin SpanglerYork Springs, PA
1 July 1915William KilburnDriftwood PA
21 Aug 1915John Feaster alias John G Feighter (B)Fishertown [?] PA
15 Oct 1915William H Rookstoolprob Philadelphia PA
11 Dec 1915Joseph Hoock (B)Rockdale Valley [?]
16 Dec 1915George RodearmelPhiladelphia PA
1 Jan 1916Isaac Hamlin (B)Kansas City MO
2 Jan 1916John EringerCentral Branch National Military Home
8 Jan 1916Philip Elberti[bur. Dauphin Cty PA]
23 Jan 1916Benjamin EyreState Soldier's Home, Erie PA [death cert ordered]
26 Jan 1916John J Trimble(Home) Danville IL
29 Jan 1916Robert MorleyDanville IL
30 Jan 1916George JacksonMagherball [?], Ireland
7 Feb 1916Huver, John P (E??)Philadelphia PA
13 Feb 1916William Widdefield 
4 Mar 1916Harry A BealePhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
6 Mar 1916Alfred Ratzell (B)Pindall Arkansas
20 Mar 1916Reuben BergerArmstrong Cty PA [have certificate]
12 Apr 1916Elias Rinker (I)Stroudsburg, Monroe County, PA
4 May 1916Henry KuhnPhiladelphia PA
28 May 1916Charles LaffertyNational Military Home, OH
5 June 1916Chester M JohnsonJerseytown Columbia Cty PA
7 June 1916Thomas MooreSt Louis MO
7 June 1916Charles France (A)Philadelphia PA
28 June 1916Benjamin F Yeager (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 July 1916Jeremiah IkeAltoona, Blair County, PA
7 Aug 1916Jacob DoblerWilliamsport, Lycoming, PA
9 Oct 1916Robert WilkinsonPhiladelphia PA
16 Oct 1916William Berkheimer (B)Osterburg PA
18 Oct 1916William H Lofft 
12 Nov 1916Carl Czerny (C)California
21 Nov 1916John ZinnGettysburg, Adams, PA
21 Nov 1916Dietrich PentzelPhiladelphia PA
29 Nov 1916James AaronsFlintstone, MD
3 Dec 1916Charles Thompson (E)bur. Mt Hope Cem., Aston PA
26 Dec 1916Thomas HunleyCastle, Oklahoma
Dec 1916Joseph Jones 
16 Jan 1917Oscar Printzler (K)Pittsburg PA
31 Jan 1917Daniel Deitrick (G)bur. St Mark's Luth Ch Cem, Heidlersburg, Tyrone Twp, Adams Cty, PA
15 Feb 1917William Burket (B)Warriors Mark, Huntingdon, PA
17 Feb 1917Adam Ickes (I)Lincoln, Lancaster Cty, NE
9 Mar 1917Howard YeattsYork Springs PA
9 Apr 1917Ananias Berkey (B)Friedens, Somerset County, PA [have certificate]
9 Apr 1917Samuel DoughertyPhiladelphia PA
16 May 1917Alexander MallochGlenolden [Delaware Cty] PA
31 May 1917Ellis IddingsHuntington PA
6 June 1917Charles W Houghton (f&s)Philadelphia PA
21 June 1917Elisha StoughtonKarns City, [Butler Cty,] PA
20 July 1917David BaughmanLimestone Twp, Clarion, PA [have death cert]
16 Aug 1917William James Dorsey (E)McKeesport, PA, bur. Allegheny Cem., Pittsburgh PA
22 Oct 1917Henry S Abbott (C)bur. Hatboro Cem., Hatboro PA
15 Nov 1917James Luffberry (A)Camden NJ
4 Dec 1917Jesse PetersGuernsey, Adams County, PA
6 Dec 1917William Weller (B)Johnston, PA
7 Dec 1917 [?]Johnson Agnew (A) 
7 Dec 1917Thomas WalkerAlum Bank, [Bedford,] PA
18 Dec 1917Robert BoyleFranklin Twp, Huntingdon, PA [have death cert]
21 [?] Jan [?] 1918Hiram Shaalas (B)Somers [?] PA [?]
24 Jan 1918George Henhoeffer (A)Philadelphia PA
29 Jan 1918Thomas JayBedford Cty PA
2 Feb 1918Adam StitzmanElkhart IN
5 Feb 1918Robert GorbeyChester, [Delaware Cty,] PA
11 Feb [?] 1918George S HamptonPhiladelphia PA
22 Feb 1918Robert R AndersonPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
23 Feb 1918Edwin EisenhartQuakertown, [Bucks Cty], PA
7 Mar 1918Jefferson MillerPhiladelphia PA
23 Mar 1918William McClainBaltimore MD
23 Apr 1918John Lackey (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
8 Aug 1918Joseph Bilhartzprob Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
10 Aug 1918Thomas Kelly (f&s)National Soldiers' Home, VA
21 Sep 1918George Cross (A)Westminster MD
2 Nov 1918Sylvester HarveyPhiladelphia PA
17 Nov 1918William Fisselbur. Cairo, Pratt Cty KS
2 Dec 1918woyer (B)Berks Cty PA [have certificate]
11 Dec 1918Andrew Strong (I)Lake Benton, MN
25 Dec 1918Paul HillQuakertown PA
12 Jan 1919Henry BennettEverett PA
27 Jan 1919Samuel E ConradPhoebus [?], VA
Feb 1919John R GardenAltoona PA
8 Feb 1919Samuel NicodemusMartinsburg, Blair Cty, PA [have certificate]
18 Feb 1919Francis KehrerPittsburgh, Allegheny Cty, PA [have certificate]
2 Mar 1919Samuel W SeybertW Montery, [Clarion Cty,] PA
17 Mar 1919James CondonPhiladelphia PA
3 Apr 1919Meriners BanckerSpringfield Mass
5 Apr 1919Howard MayPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
15 Apr 1919Milton WertzNew Chester, Adams Cty, PA
21 Apr 1919John A B Wallace (A)Wilkes-Barre, PA
13 May 1919Henry ElliottCamden NJ
24 May 1919Henry LandenburgCollegeville PA
20 July 1919William SpadeSummit, [Cambria Cty,] PA
26 July 1919George S BennettFlintstone MD
12 Sep 1919James StrattonMorgan Park, IL
Nov 1919Xopher Hoak (B)Warriors Mark PA
17 Dec 1919William MichaelPhiladelphia PA [*need certificate!]
26 Dec 1919William Knapp (B)Philadelphia PA
18 Jan 1920Joseph Welch (f&s) 
25 Jan 1920James H ClaytonMasonic Home, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Cty, PA
6 Feb 1920William JonesBradley Beach NJ
22 Feb 1920Samuel B TiptonAltoona, [Blair Cty,] PA
26 Feb 1920Lewis Denslow (A)Larrabee, Cherokee Cty, IA
5 Mar 1920David D SmithMount Joy, [Lancaster Cty,] PA
5 Mar 1920Morris EckerBethlehem PA
9 Mar 1920James Simpson (A)Philadelphia PA
4 Apr 1920Sylvester JordanEast Brady, Clarion County, PA
28 Apr 1920Abel Deihl 
2 June 1920Alva BowenEverett Bedford Cty PA [have certificate]
16 June 1920Charles McManusBrooklyn NY
9 July 1920Frederick LincksVan Boron Arkansas [or 13 Dec 1920]
14 Oct 1920John Grey, alias Stephen Nice (B)Philadelphia PA
14 Oct 1920Andrew Reid HillApollo [Armstrong Cty] PA (or perhaps Washington Twp, Westmoreland, PA?)
20 Nov 1920William E EganPerry Cty PA
1 Dec 1920Albert MorganNational Soldiers' Home, VA
6 Dec 1920Joseph GreenPhiladelphia PA
12 Dec 1920Charles BeaversHarrisburg PA [sent for death cert]
9 Jan 1921George Jones alias George Wyman (B) 
14 Jan 1921Alexander Ickes (B)Imler PA
28 Jan 1921Charles YoungPittsburgh PA
3 Feb 1921William H GeigerToledo OH
6 Mar 1921John Rickroad 
10 Apr 1921Charles W PetermanPhiladelphia PA [have certificate]
11 Apr 1921John Smith (E)[could be 1 Apr?]
18 Apr 1921William Imler (B)Imler Bedford Cty PA
12 May 1921Thomas TaylorPhiladelphia PA
21 June 1921James HealeyNational Soldiers Home, VA
13 July 1921Isaac W SmithRidgeley, Mineral, WV
14 July 1921John H CauffmanMt Holly Springs, PA
14 July 1921Hazlett CrealmanPhiladelphia PA
14 July 1921George Murphy alias George HodgeErie PA
19 Jul 1921Herman Kurtz (B)Millville NJ
29 July 1921John HeiseyHarrisburg PA
7 Aug 1921Edward AgnewNat'l Soldiers Home VA
12 Aug 1921Samuel Oster (B)Elmore OH
7 Sep 1921John R Allen (f&s)West Chester, Chester, PA [need death cert]
14 Sep 1921Franklin Pearce (f&s)Brookline Massachusetts
29 Sep 1921William Kilpatrick (f&s)Philadelphia, PA[*need certificate!]
6 Nov 1921John DelamaterCamden NJ
28 Nov 1921Philip SeilerNational Military Home, Dayton OH
4 Jan 1922Charles WilkensArlington NJ
26 Jan 1922David EverettHammondsport NY
30 Jan 1922John ClarkSansdowne, PA
26 Feb 1922Lewis M SmithCumberland MD
13 Mar 1922George FlemmingPhiladelphia PA
4 Jun 1922John BlumPittsburgh Allegheny PA [havecertificate]
23 Jul 1922Simeon L ZaneSalem NJ
26 July 1922Samuel BarrDixon MO [note inconsistent pension application]
19 Aug 1922William S ShawMillville Cumberland NJ
10 Oct 1922Henry PossingerWilkes-Barre, [Luzerne Cty,] PA
7 Nov 1922Abraham WeigleAdams County, PA [have death cert]
14 Dec 1922George W BlackPhiladelphia PA [have death cert]
31 Dec 1922Daniel StahlderOley PA
13 Jan 1923Elisha ButtLos Angeles, CA
5 Feb 1923Samuel A MockAlum Bank [Bedford Cty] PA
11 Feb 1923Edward W Fox (A) 
15 Feb 1923Amos CrumHarrisburg, Dauphin, PA
15 Mar 1923William WeigleHeidlersburg, Tyrone Township, Adams County, PA
19 Mar 1923John R SmithElizabethtown, PA
27 Mar 1923David Powell alias Richard RobertsBuffalo, WY
8 Apr 1923Adam CornwellPhiladelphia PA [have death cert]
27 Apr 1923Augustus StillwagonKulpsville Montgomery Cty PA
4 July 1923Charles ShillingNew Oxford, PA
25 Aug 1923Newton WallaceHuntington, Mass
3 Sep 1923John L RobinsonChester PA
29 Oct 1923William WaltmanSandusky OH
21 Nov 1923Henry CouchBridgeton NJ
18 Jan 1924Osborn Booth (A)Philadelphia PA [have certificate]
5 Mar 1924James Cartledge (E) 
9 Mar 1924Dillman J ZieglerAtlantic City NJ
26 Mar 1924Charles ClarkPhiladelphia PA
22 June 1924Matthew HannaChillicothe OH
23 June 1924Joseph S Miller Jr (A)Washington DC
4 July 1924George G Coster (K)National Home, OH
11 Jan 1925Amos TrumanSpring City, [Chester Cty], PA
17 Jan 1925Morrison BilbySharon, [Mercer Cty,] PA
2 Mar 1925Edwin DykeMount Royal, NJ
4 Mar 1925Daniel M GreenigPhiladelphia PA
7 June 1925Edward HublerSchuylkill Cty PA [have certificate]
24 Sep 1925William Carpenter (D)San Bernardino CA
26 Oct 1925Herbert ReevesGrand Rapids, Michigan
26 Oct 1925Edwin Hause (F)Dubois, Clearfield, PA
15 Nov 1925John L Kissick alias William LaneLansdowne [Delaware] PA
17 Nov 1925Joseph H Graham (A)US Pittsburgh, PA
14 Jan 1926David W LoganMcAlevys Fort PA
18 Jan 1926George HeckenluberArendtsville, Adams Cty PA
17 Apr 1926Reuben LittleGardners, Adams Cty, PA
9 Aug 1926William IckesRoaring Spring, [Blair Cty,] PA
26 Sep 1926David Innis (B)Ligonier, PA
10 Oct 1926Richard T McCarterStratford PA
22 Oct 1926David ClineGardners, Adams Cty, PA
5 Nov 1926William R PriceMountainhome, [Monroe Cty,] PA
10 Nov 1926Alpheus Bowman (B)Washington DC
1 Jan 1927Samuel WeaverSaxton [?], [Bedford], PA
4 Feb 1927John SchudyElizabethtown PA
8 Apr 1927William Beal (C)bur. Northwood Cem., Philadelphia [ordered certificate]
14 Apr 1927Asa JohnsonJonathan Cr Twp, Moultrie County, IL
13 June 1927Christian MardorfCheswick, PA
10 Oct 1927George BayleyGlenolden, Delaware PA [have death cert]
30 Nov 1927Henry Ache (A/I)Hellertown PA
9 Dec 1927William R IrvingLansdowne Delaware PA [ordered certificate]
18 Feb 1928Thomas DelaneySchenectady NY
20 Feb 1928George DavisShenandoah, [Schuylkill Cty,] PA
7 Mar 1928Gordon, James M (A) 
8 Mar 1928Oscar FoustIola KS
24 Mar 1928Samuel McClunnyMontpelier Indiana
24 Apr 1928John C KrisherManchester KS
3 June 1928George RamseyLicking MO
12 July 1928Henry HauseMilton PA
15 July 1928Henry StrockKenosha WI
28 July 1928Jacob KeeseyLancaster PA
29 Aug 1928George W DavisSoldiers' Home, CA
22 Sep 1928Andrew Pennell (F)Rainsburg PA [possibly 29th?]
21 Nov 1928John D MauchLancaster PA [have certificate]
6 Dec 1928Benjamin Davis (A)Nat'l Soldiers Home, VA
28 Dec 1928Joseph Coleman (B)Stoyerstown PA
5 Jan 1929William H GearyPleasantville NJ
18 Jan 1929Albert Walz (C)Philadelphia PA
22 Feb 1929George AdamsForsythe IL
1 Mar 1929Eli LeachSwarthmore, [Delaware Cty,] PA
1 June 1929Charles H SimpsonCarrolton MO
29 June 1929George W ScottPhiladelphia PA
1 Dec 1929Daniel Eck (A)Fairfield PA
17 Apr 1930Oscar WestcottGrand Rapids Michigan
4 Sep 1930Michael Sheehan alias Michael ShaneNational Soldiers Home, Elizabeth City County VA
12 Mar 1931Joseph C DavisVancouver, Washington
19 Apr 1931Henry EllwangerNational City CA
13 Nov 1931Norman Wrightbur. Box Elder County Utah
7 Dec 1931James A ClarkPhiladelphia, PA
11 Jun 1932Garn, DanielLakewood, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
27 Dec 1932Charles De YoungPhiladelphia, PA
29 May 1933Morris Kayser (B)New York NY
21 Sep 1933Francis Klotz (H)Dauphin Cty, PA [have certificate]
28 Mar 1934Calvin JonesDelaware Cty PA [sent for death cert]
30 Mar 1934Adolph Bankerd[buried Pittsburgh PA]
16 May 1934Philip Demmelperhaps California or Nevada
31 Oct 1934Patrick LaughlinAltoona Blair Cty PA
9 Mar 1935John Clemens 
10 July 1935John BrociousRingtown, Schuylkill Cty PA [have certificate]
4 Sep 1935J A Aulabaugh 
9 Dec 1935George W BowmanLaurel, Sussex, DE [have certificate]
5 Jan 1936William H Kigerburied in VA
11 Mar 1937Andrew AnkeneySomerset Cty PA [have certificate]
29 Dec 1938David Stiefel alias David SterleLyon County MN
24 July 1939George Kulp[bur. Calhoun County Michigan]
7 Dec 1940Michael KingFayette Cty PA [have death certificate]

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